Pro-Wrestler Willie Mack Talks Vaping

Lucha Underground pro-wrestler Willie Mack talks about how he started vaping, the vaping hardware he uses, and the e-liquids he enjoys.


Willie Mack: Pro-Wrestler, Vaper

Known as “The Mack” on Lucha Underground, Willie Mack is one of the most dynamic pro-wrestlers on the independent circuit. He’s also an avid vaper. At VPX Las Vegas, I chatted with Willie about how he got started vaping, the hardware he uses, and the vaping e-liquids he enjoys. Learn all about Willie Mack’s vaping story and about other pro-wrestlers that vape in the video interview above.

Willie Mack's Filipino Connection

Willie Mack Pro-Wrestler and Vaper
Willie Mack Pro-Wrestler and Vaper

While he was living in Southern California, Willie Mack was a bouncer at a San Gabriel Valley bar. A lot of the bar’s patrons were Filipino vapers. One of them introduced The Mack to vaping. If you’ve ever been to a SoCal vape shop or vape meet then you know that there are a comical amount of Filipinos that vape. I’m going to go ahead and take credit for The Mack becoming a vaper, on behalf of my father’s people.

Willie’s vape journey followed a progression that’s familiar to many vapers. He started on cig-alikes, but found them unsatisfying. He had a better time with a eGo-styled vape pen. Eventually, he moved onto RDAs and mechanical mods, becoming a full fledged vaping enthusiast. These days, he’s mostly on box mods and sub-ohm tanks.

As for e-liquid, the flavor that made Willie Mack become a vaper for good was E-Liq Cube’s Oober Goober. The e-liquid is based on ube, a Filipino dessert made from taro root. With so many Filipino vapers in SoCal, ube flavors are quite popular and it’s hardly surprising that a Filipino vaper gave Willie an ube e-liquid to try.

Be sure to check out my chat with Willie Mack to hear the full details of his vaping story and to learn about other wrestlers that vape. Some of the vaping pro-wrestlers might surprise you (hint: one of their names sounds like Raymond Stereo). In addition to wrestling for Lucha Underground, you can catch Willie at independent wrestling shows around the world. Follow him on Instagram to find out when and where he’ll be performing next.

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