September Team Handcheck!

Here's some of the vape gear that the Vaping360 team has been enjoying in September 2016.

Chris Handcheck September

Welcome to Vaping360’s monthly “handcheck” feature. Every month, the Vaping360 team will write a bit about the vape gear they’ve been enjoying on their personal time. These are not subjective reviews, but personal accounts of the vaping hardware and e-liquids that are making the Vaping360 team happy. After you’ve checked out each writer’s picks for the month, please feel free to post a handcheck of your favorite setup in the comments section.

Kyle Formeck

September Handcheck Kyle
September Handcheck Kyle

My favorite setup this month is Vapur Logic’s A-R_Y RDA with a Nolli Designs drip tip sitting on top of a Hellfire black delrin Phantom. This mod has become my favorite since it’s so small and feels great in the hand, not to mention it uses my favorite chip, the YiHi SX350J v2. The A-R_Y provides an extremely smooth draw, fantastic flavor, and takes barely any time to build.

My favorite build to rock in the A-R_Y is a single coil using 0.4 mm Sweet Spot Vapors titanium wire with eight spaced wraps around a 2.4-mm screwdriver; it comes out to around 0.29 ohms. I am running this build at 480 degrees Fahrenheit and pushing it with 19.8 joules of power. The vape is warm, dense, and super flavorful. This is without a doubt one of the best RDAs I’ve used since the NarDA was released.

As for juice, I’ve really been loving D’Nish, which is basically a cherry danish flavor. It’s definitely the best cherry flavor I’ve ever had and it’s pretty addictive. It’s one of the few flavors I’ve been able to vape for over a week straight and still want more afterwards.

Chris Kendell

Chris Handcheck September

Attack of the pod vapes! This month I have been vaping on a number of different pod mod/vapes. A pod vape is a simple plug-and-play type vaping device that uses a pod style system. These devices are extremely convenient and simple to use — perfect for beginners or those who want a no hassle vape. Out of the three devices I vaped on over the last month (Von Erl, Juul and V2 Vertx), the Juul has been the winner. It is the most consistent and provides the best throat hit. I have to say, given I have very little spare time, that the simplicity of these devices has been a real breath of fresh air. Whilst experienced vapers might think the market is taking a step back with these devices, I completely disagree. High quality and affordable pod vapes will be absolutely essential to introducing smokers around the world to vaping and getting them off cigarettes. I also think we will see a lot of more experienced vapers reverting back to these smaller more practical vaping set-ups!

There are now 10 or so different pod vapes on the market. Make sure to check out our pod vapes roundup by Raymond for more information on what is out there.

Dave Kriegel

September Handcheck Dave
September Handcheck Dave

As many of you may already know, I primarily use RDAs on a regular basis as my main vape. Lately, I have been messing with the Griffin, one of the first tanks to kick off the “Great RTA Boom of 2016.” Ever since it came out, all I have been hearing is “Griffin this” and “Griffin that.”

Well does it live up to the hype? Yes! Save for the juice-flow control function, which allows the whole tank to spin freely. Other then that, I have been getting huge, delicious clouds from this badboy. With a mechanical mod, sometimes I literally forget that I am not using a dripper!

As for the SOI Shorty, I was originally using it as a combo with the Subzero RDA, which was giving me some of the best flavor I have ever experienced. However, I haven’t been dripping as much since I got this Griffin. A bit late to the party I admit, but hey, better late than never!

The e-liquid of choice this month has been between Steep Pop Deez, Zenith Orion, and FRYD Banana. I have been sticking with the classics lately, with the occasional random impulse buy. I hope to try some more good ones and report back to you about it in the upcoming months.I can see myself getting back into RTAs now that they are made to accommodate sub-ohm vaping and big beefy builds. Been looking at the Aromamizer RDTA, which is your favorite?

Raymond Padilla

September Handcheck Raymond
September Handcheck Raymond

For the last few weeks, I’ve been vaping large with the iJoy Limitless LUX. This dual-26650 box-mod offers fantastic battery life in a form factor that will surprise most people. It’s certainly not a small box mod, but for a dual-26650 it’s smaller than many people would expect. I love the optional faux wood sleeve for the LUX. It reminds me of a ’70s station wagon. Plus, it has no company logos, which makes me happy. Though in this particular case, the logos would help it as a conversation piece when talking about the nasty breakup between iJoy and Limitless.

The atomizer on top of the LUX is a FreeMax Starre Pure. The tank offers nice flavor and a surprising amount of vapor for a top-airflow sub-ohm tank. The top-airflow system makes it virtually leakproof for me, since my everyday activities do not include Nightwing-type acrobatics. The FreeMax Starre Pure has been one of my favorite vaping surprises of 2016.

Lastly, the juice in the tank is Cyberliquids’ Shortshake. I like it, but don’t love it. The truth is that I recently moved and have yet to unpack all of my things. Most of my e-liquid collection is boxed up, waiting to be rediscovered. This bottle just happened to be in one of the few boxes I’ve unpacked. Hopefully I’ll come across a flavor I love soon.

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