Sigelei Turns to Western Companies For its Vaping Future

    A look at Sigelei's relationships with American vape companies Suprimo Vape, Guo Vape, and Eleveighted Design Works.

    USA vs China

    Sigelei Gets Eleveighted

    Earlier this week, Sigelei signed Chris Budano to design vaping products for the company. Budano is the owner of Eleveighted Design Works, a design firm that has created several popular vaping devices, most recently for Surefire Vapor. Sigelei’s relationship with Budano is the most recent of several collaborations the company has with American vape designers. In this article, I’m going to look at why this trend is a big win for Sigelei, its Western partners, and vapers all over the world.

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    Why Go West?

    Chinese companies like Sigelei enjoy tremendous manufacturing advantages. Shenzhen, where the company and many other consumer electronics companies are based, is renowned for being the best place in the world to manufacture quality products cheaply and quickly.

    While its manufacturing capacity is unquestionable, Sigelei’s products haven’t always looked the best (remember the TMax and VMax?). This isn’t a problem specific to Sigelei, but Chinese consumer electronics companies in general. Whether its vaping devices, mobile phones, or other gadgets, many people find Chinese aesthetics boring at best and…unpleasing at worst. Visual design is a weakness for many Chinese consumer electronics companies.

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    This is one reason these partnerships with Western vaping companies are so smart. Look at the Sigelei 213 and Moonshot RTA, for example. Both products were designed by San Jose, California’s Suprimo Vape. The 213 has a sleek and elegant design that makes the TMax look like a cheap Fischer Price toy. The Moonshot RTA is a beautifully understated atomizer. To my eyes, they are easily the best-looking products Sigelei has ever released

    The company’s reasons for partnering with Western companies go beyond visual appeal. It’s helping Southern California’s Guo Vape market and manufacture the Altus line of atomizers. The Altus T1 features cutting-edge technology that has the potential to save vapers a lot of money on consumables. While past Sigelei products featured serviceable tech or licensed chips that were a step down from the very best, the Altus T1 is one of the few products Sigelei has been involved with that I’d call progressive.

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    In both cases, Suprimo Vape and Guo Vape are benefitting greatly from Sigelei’s manufacturing capacity and global distribution reach. Both companies will be able to offer exponentially more units to more places in the world than if they were to go at it alone. On the Sigelei side, the company gets superior design and innovative technology to work with. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved, including everyday vapers.

    Best of Both Worlds


    As a fan of Eleveighted Design Works’ previous products, I’m looking forward to seeing what Chris Budano whips up for Sigelei. At the macro level, I applaud the company for having the savvy to partner with Western vaping companies. Matching Chinese manufacturing with Western design makes a ton of sense. While all of the companies involved benefit, at the end of the day these collaborations give vapers more great hardware choices at affordable prices.

    Raymond Padilla
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