Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Review

Audrey has a look at the Vapeston Cloudnus, an RDTA with a rebuildable deck reminiscent of the Goon.

Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA

Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Intro

Vapeston was a relative newcomer in 2015, but now in 2016 they are making a splash with innovative vaping products like their recently released Cloudnus RDTA. It is the first rebuildable tank atomizer to feature the Goon deck instead of the industry standard Velocity-style deck, and it has enormous airflow. Let’s find out how suitable the Cloudnus name is!

Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Gallery

Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Cloudnus RDTA
  • One extra Pyrex glass tank
  • Extra o rings
  • Extra screws
  • post plate
  • two Clapton coils
  • Organic cotton
  • Screwdriver
  • User manual


  • 25 mm Diameter
  • 65 mm Height
  • Dual coil design featuring the Goon style deck
  • Top fill design
  • E liquid flow control
  • 4 ml Capacity
  • Dual
  • adjustable 17 mm x 2.5 mm side airflow slots

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Drip Tip

The Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA is a very nicely machined atomizer! The threading is all buttery smooth with no scratches or marks. The bottom cap, top cap and airflow control (AFC) ring all have helpful notches to give users grip to remove or adjust them. In addition, the AFC clicks into place as the user opens or closes the airflow so is not at all prone to adjusting itself accidentally. The drip tip is 510 compatible so the user may use any 510 drip tip s/he chooses to.

Build Deck and Ease of Build

Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Deck

The Goon style deck is perhaps the most intriguing feature of the Vapeston Cloudnus. It has both a large positive and large negative block, and each has a metal plate on top held down by two screws. Both coils’ positive leads are captured under one plate on the positive block; likewise both coils’ negative leads are captured under one plate on the negative block.

The Cloudnus deck feeds juice much the same as Steam Crave’s Aromamizer RDTAs and Augvape’s Boreas. The juice flows up underneath the deck to four holes on the base of the deck (two holes per side) to feed the wicks. Vapeston recommends in the manual to plug the four juice feed holes with cotton, but I had a poor experience doing so, which led to dry hits. I would only advise plugging the juice holes with wick for users running high PG juice. I decided to rewick with shorter tails and let the very ends of my tails just sit on the deck right over the juice feed holes, and my experience improved dramatically.

The Cloudnus deck then snaps into place in the chamber so that your coils line up with the side, adjustable airslots, like the UD Bellus. Many other manufacturers have adopted this feature because it’s simple and smart. It also allows the user to remove the deck at any point to rewick or rebuild without losing the juice in the tank.

The Cloudnus also features adjustable juice flow control (JFC). This is a very helpful feature on the RDTA so users can tailor how quickly their juice feeds the deck, and is invaluable for top filling. Vapeston labeled the Cloudnus with the words “Open” and “Close” to make it easy for the user to know which way to turn the JFC.

Airflow and Controller

Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Pin

Airflow is where the Cloudnus truly shines! It has enormous, dual side air slots I measured at 17 mm by 2.5 mm fully open, allowing this atomizer to win the airflow contest. In addition, the chimney stem retains a wide bore so as not to choke off the incredible airflow as the user vapes. Although the airflow can be closed down, the Cloudnus is a flavor RDTA for the direct to lung (D2L) vapers, and I feel the mouth to lung (M2L) vapers would find it does not suit them. The Cloudnus lives up to it’s name with incredible vapor production, so tootle puffers may want to look elsewhere.


Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA

I was concerned about the aesthetics of the Cloudnus when I first saw photos of the prototype as it had huge, gaudy writing and logo. I was pleased when it arrived to find that Vapeston listened to criticism about that from early reviewers and toned it down considerably. Some may be bothered by the three different patterns of notches for grip between the top cap, bottom cap and AFC ring, but the Cloudnus is such a fine vape that trumps the looks for me. That being said, I feel the Cloudnus is handsome compared to some of my others!


Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Top Fill

The Cloudnus can be top or bottom filled. It was designed to be a top filled atomizer, and is very easy to do so. Turn the juice flow control to the closed position, remove the top cap and fill via two generously sized fill slots. Close the top cap and open the JFC to your desired setting, and it is ready to go. Rather quickly though I decided to switch to bottom filling just because I can get quite a bit more juice into it that way. I have been unscrewing the bottom cap and filling through the fully open JFC )juice flow control) slots. I suggest you try both methods and decide for yourself which you prefer. Top filling allows you to leave the atomizer on your mod, and bottom filling gives you more capacity. Either method works well, and the Cloudnus is easy and quick to fill.


Vapeston Cloudnus RDTA Bottom Cap

The Cloudnus, with it’s gigantic airflow, is one serious cloud chucker of an atomizer! I am quite certain it can keep up with any wattage available on current mods. Vaping it at 150W is an easy walk in the park, and I have no doubt with the proper wicking and build it could handle 300W if you wish. However, despite it’s incredible airflow, the flavor is superb! I am loving the thick, tasty clouds of vapor, and recommend this RDTA to anyone who values a flavor atomizer with huge airflow.


Amazing airflow
Spectacular flavor
Something different than the standard Velocity deck
Clicky AFC ring
Ease of filling top or bottom
Anytime deck access


A bit of a learning curve with coiling and wicking (although I’m being picky here as I can’t think of many cons)
Included drip tip gets hot easily


The Vapeston Cloudnus is an excellent choice for vapers who want an RDTA with incredible airflow and excellent flavor in the same atomizer. The sub $25 price tag from Chinese vendors makes it an amazing value as well. I feel beginners can learn to build this RDTA although perhaps not on the first try with wicking. Intermediate and advanced builders shouldn’t have any problems. The Cloudnus has quickly become a favorite in my collection!

Audrey Saccogna aka "Roxynoodle" is a retired math teacher who enjoys art, music, and remodeling her old farmhouse. While she is devoted to her horse, dog and four parrots, she is also dedicated to helping others discover the miracle of vaping because she kicked a 35 year smoking habit.
  • Mirza

    Nice tank. Has all nice good features. Interesting deck for rdta. I guess vertical builds are no no on goon deck?

    • Audrey Saccogna

      Hi Mirza, I think you could do a vertical, but will have to bring your bottom leads up to reach the blocks. Put 2 90 degree bends in them. I have a feeling horizontal will work best with the air slots though unless you were going to close them down some.