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Best Vape Mods 2021
Last updated: June 2, 2021

Best Squonk Mods 2021

A look at the best squonk mods available in 2020
1st Place
Vandy Vape Pulse V2 BF squonk mod
Vandy Vape Pulse V2 BF

The Vandy Vape Pulse V2 is a 2×700 squonk mod that can fire up to 95 watts. It comes with a long list of updates, including an innovative bottle filling design.

Dovpo Topside Dual
Dovpo & TVC Topside Dual
Dovpo Topside Lite
Dovpo Topside Lite

Squonking is officially taking the world by storm. Squonk mods have actually been around for quite some time but have only recently hit the mainstream. A squonker is a special type of vape mod with a built-in bottle containing e-liquid. It allows you to pump e-juice into your wicks and coils on demand. They are also known as bottom-fed devices because the liquid is fed upwards through the bottom of the atomizer.

Squonk mods can store more e-juice than even some of the larger-capacity tanks, while providing the same flavor intensity as a dripper. See our full guide below to learn more about squonk vapes and how they work — or read on to find out the best squonkers you can get right now.

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 BF squonk mod

Vandy Vape Pulse V2 BF

The Pulse V2 is the latest squonk mod to come from the collaboration between Vandy Vape and Tony B. It is a 2×700 mod that fires up to 95 watts and features an innovative bottom-filling design. The Pulse V2 is compatible with the Vandy Vape app and comes in a variety of colors, including resin and carbon fiber designs.

Dovpo & TVC Topside Dual

Dovpo Topside Dual

The Topside Dual is Dovpo’s dual-18650 edition of the Topside squonk mod. Designed by Brian from The Vapor Chronicles, the Topside Dual fires up to 200 watts and features the innovative top-fill design that made the original Topside mod so popular. Its bottle fits up to 10 mL of e-liquid, more than most squonk mod bottles out there.

Dovpo Topside Lite

Dovpo Topside Lite

The latest addition in the Topside line is a single-21700 squonker with a super-lightweight body and a modular design. Designed by Brian from TVC, the Lite is constructed from polycarbonate and PCTG and its removable squonk compartment allows you to transform it to a regular mod in a matter of seconds.

Dovpo & TVC Topside

Dovpo Topside

The first mod to ever be designed by Brian from TVC, the Topside is a single 2×700 squonk mod capable of 90 watts. The Topside introduced and innovative top-filling mechanism, allowing users to fill their squonk bottle without removing it from its chamber. The mod fits 25 mm atomizers without overhang and comes in ten color configurations.

Wotofo x Mike Vapes Recurve 80W

Wotofo Recurve 80W

Wotofo and Mike Vapes come together once again for the Recurve 80W squonk mod. Featuring a rubberized zinc alloy body and a comfortable pistol-style grip, the Recurve is an unregulated mod with a built-in protective chipset that offers a variety of safety features. Compatible with 18650/20650/20700/21700 batteries.

What is a squonk mod and what is squonking?

What is a squonk mod?

A squonk mod is a vape mod with a built-in squeeze bottle used to feed e-liquid to an atomizer, usually a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA), up through the 510-connection. In essence, a squonk mod eliminates the need for dripping through the mouthpiece and “transforms” a bottle into a tank section for your atomizer. Press the bottle, wait for your wicks to saturate, and vape: you are squonking!

Squonking Is in fact nothing new. It all started with ECF’s user TheCarlos49 back in 2009 with his handmade Juice Box. Soon after, REO was the first company to bring a squonker to the market with their REO Grand squonk mod.

Squonk mods stayed in the high-end enthusiast territory for some time, until Yiloong came out with their Geyscano squonker in 2015, followed by Steam Crave’s 60W squonk mod. But it wasn’t until KangerTech brought it to the $30 territory with their Dripbox mod, that squonking started becoming a thing again. The Dripbox along with the Eleaf Pico Squeeze were the two mods that brought squonking to the masses, and the rest is history.

Types of squonk mods

There are many ways to categorize squonk mods, but probably the most common is regulated vs. unregulated.

Unregulated squonkers are providing the atomizer with the raw power of the battery depending on the resistance of the build. Users have to build according to their batteries’ safety limits using Ohm’s law and battery safety knowledge. Some of the massively produced unregulated squonk mods come with built-in protections that will prevent shorts and potentially dangerous user errors, but others are in essence mechanical mods and carry no such protections.

Regulated squonk mods come with fully-featured VW/VV chipsets that let the user pick the wattage or voltage they wish to go with. The majority of them come with a wide array of safety features and eliminate most of the concerns regarding battery safety. They are generally considered the safest option when it comes to squonking — and the only viable option if you are a temperature-control vaper.

Bottom fed atomizers: the other half of the equation

A squonking or bottom-fed atomizer is nothing more than a rebuildable atomizer with a few modifications to facilitate the feeding (squonking) and reclamation (draining) of juice. The 510-positive pin of the atomizer is hollow, allowing e-liquid to pass through.

With squonk mods being so popular nowadays, you will be hard-pressed to find an RDA without a bottom-feeding pin. In fact, all the best RDAs in our best-of list are squonkable, with some of them having the BF-pin already installed by default.

Should you get a squonker?

Squonk mods are definitely not suitable for those new to vaping. However, if you enjoy vaping on RDAs and don’t want to carry vape juice bottles around — or maybe you just don’t always feel like dripping — then yes, you should get yourself a squonker. With many squonk mods carrying the same cost as traditional vape mods, and the vast majority of RDAs coming with bottom-feeding pins, squonking is actually a bonus feature. Feel like dripping when sitting at your desk? No problem. Want to go out and about without having to carry bottles with you? Fill your squonk bottle and you are ready to go!

Squonk mods are also great if you like collecting vape gear. But be prepared; many of the higher-end, handmade squonk mods are produced in very limited numbers and are highly sought after, making securing some of them a daunting proposition. Acquiring a lot of the higher end mods often requires joining a waiting list or through various other mechanisms typically available only through the modder’s Facebook page or group.

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