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What is an RDA?-Infographic

Welcome to the Vaping360 best RDA list.

Whether you are looking for quality RDAs suitable for beginners, RDAs for flavor, or for clouds and flavor, our goal with this list is to help you navigate that terrain with products that run the gamut in functions, building options and user-friendliness. And of course, we will have our choice for best cheap RDA!

It’s always fun to find out what new RDAs are coming out, but it’s also nice to know which ones are already tried and tested.

If you want a little primer course on what an RDA is and what an RDA vape is about, see our article here: An Introduction to RDAs and Dripping, or read further down on the page. Our Best RDA list will be for RDAs that are accessible, of reliable performance and quality manufacturing. Whether inexpensive or high-end, we will only vouch for quality RDAs.

So please enjoy our list for the Best RDAs. Vape on! Read on.

Best RDAs

  • Stepped airflow system
  • Super easy to build
  • Includes squonk pin
  • Includes 2 drip tips
  • Awesome flavor
  • Good value for price
  • Cons
  • Top cap hard to take off
  • Specifications

    • Diameter: 24 mm
    • Standard 510 Pin (raised bottom feed pin included)
    • 510 drip tip adapter
    • 810 drip tip fitment
    • 9 mm bore acrylic drip rip
    • 10 mm bore ULTEM drip tip
    • Gold plated 510 contact
    • Stepped airflow design
    • 10 airholes per side fully close-able ``T`` shape
    • Four post build deck
    • Single terminal per post
    • Side mounted flathead screws
    • 3.5 mm each terminal
    • PEEK insulator

    The Drop RDA brings a lot to the table. Brian of The Vapor Chronicles made sure to put his name on an impressive device. It features a brilliant T-shaped stepped airflow system to dial in your exact setting. Its flavor is some of the best you can get on a rebuildable dripping atomizer.

    The four-post build deck makes it easier than ever to install coils. Simply drop your coils in, tighten up the screws and cut your leads. The way the posts are designed, you can clip your leads with ease. The Drop is 24 mm in diameter and comes complete with a 510 squonk pin.

  • Massive airflow
  • Innovative build deck
  • Excellent flavor
  • Squonk pin included
  • Comes with 3 drip tips
  • Solid build quality
  • Deep juice well
  • Affordable
  • Multiple color options
  • Cons
  • Stiff airflow adjustment
  • No extra hex screws included
  • Specifications

    • 24 mm diameter
    • 7 mm deep juice well
    • Superior 303 stainless steel construction
    • 24K gold-plated build deck
    • Unique two-post design - fixed screw clamp post design
    • Outer terminals - top-secured via slotted flathead screws
    • Inner terminals - top-secured via clamp mechanism
    • Parallelogram airslots on each side
    • Direct-to-coil chamber effect
    • 18 mm wide 810 resin widebore drip tip
    • 17.5 mm wide 810 ULTEM widebore drip tip
    • 16 mm wide delrin widebore driptip
    • 510 drip tip adapter
    • Squonk-ready 510 pin
    • Gold-plated 510 connection

    Want huge clouds and superb flavor? Meet the Bonza. Designed in collaboration with the Vaping Bogan, the popular Australian YouTuber. The Bonza RDA is 24 mm in diameter and features a deep 7 mm juice well. It comes in five different colors and include a bottom feed pin.

    The Bonza utilizes a side airflow system to prevent leakage. It won’t flood if you overdrip or oversquonk. The build deck is gold plated and can handle the biggest and most exotic of coils. The Bonza RDA includes a Delrin and ULTEM drip tip in addition to a 510 drip tip adapter.

  • Very affordable
  • Easy to build and wick
  • Leak resistant
  • Perfect for squonking
  • Low profile design
  • Excellent flavor
  • Cons
  • No dual coil option
  • Specifications

    • 22 mm diameter
    • Big deck for easy building
    • Unique adjustable airflow system
    • Bottom filling design with exchangeable squonk bottom pin
    • ULTEM heat resistant top cap
    • Compact design
    • 22 mm stainless steel design
    • Deep juice well

    Big things come in small packages. The Wasp Nano by Oumier low-profile RDA designed for single coils. It has a narrow deck, which contributes to its excellent flavor production. The Wasp is 22 mm in diameter and only 22.5 mm tall without the drip tip, yet still provides tons of airflow.

    For the price, you’re not going to find a better single coil RDA. It puts drippers that cost double or triple the price to shame. The Wasp Nano also works great as a squonking atomizer too. Now you can have an affordable squonk setup. Pair it with any of your favorite bottom fed devices.

  • Easy to build
  • Single or dual coil options
  • Includes squonk pin
  • Side-mounted flat head screws
  • 5-mm deep juice well
  • Gold-plated posts
  • Affordable
  • Smooth top-side airflow
  • Cons
  • Leads may need to be pre-measured when building
  • Specifications

    • Brand: Hellvape
    • Model: Dead Rabbit
    • Type: rebuildable dripping atomizer
    • Material: resin / stainless steel
    • Thread: 510
    • Product weight: 0.0400 kg
    • Package weight: 0.0900 kg
    • Product size (L x W x H): 3.80 x 2.40 x 2.40 cm / 1.5 x 0.94 x 0.94 inches
    • Package size (L x W x H): 11.30 x 7.80 x 3.60 cm / 4.45 x 3.07 x 1.42 inches

    The Dead Rabbit is a 24 mm RDA by Hellvape and Vaping Heathen. It features a top terminal, four-post build deck with gold-plated posts. With a 5 mm deep juice well, the Dead Rabbit’s posts are trapped by hex or flat head screws which are side mounted. Airflow is designed for big flavor while reducing leakage.

    With the device you receive two 810 drip tips, one that is made of delrin and the other one resin. It even comes with a 510 drip tip adapter and a gold-plated bottom feed pin. The Dead Rabbit RDA can be used in both single or dual coil mode, whether you are dripping or squonking it. With stunning performance, the Dead Rabbit is one of our favorites this year.

  • Post-clamp system
  • Two posts
  • Easy build
  • Room for big coils
  • Cloud-comp ready
  • Versatile airflow
  • Open & even draw
  • Clean machining
  • Deep juice-well
  • Hybrid compatible
  • Cons
  • Best suited for exotic coils
  • Specifications

    • 24 mm In diameter
    • Half-Inch drip-tip
    • Standard 510 connection
    • Copper 510 pin
    • Gold-plated bridge posts
    • Gold-plated clamps
    • Hybrid safe
    • PEEK insulator
    • Positive & negative bridges

    The Goon is an RDA that feels like it should be $100+, and it is the RDA coil builders have been waiting for. With a two-terminal clamp-style build deck and a 24 mm diameter, this atomizer will take any build you throw at it.  On top of that, the plates and terminals are all gold-plated which significantly increases conductivity.

    The quality of the Goon far exceeds the price, it stands up to–and crushes many–of the $100+ atomizers on the market with its fantastic build quality.  The airflow is very versatile and allows for a wide-range of draws.  Due to the size of the chamber, this atomizer is better suited for high power builds and exotic wire builds, hence the intermediate to advanced recommendation (though beginners could easily use this RDA, it’s best suited for those with experience in building).

    If you’re looking for an atomizer that allows a lot of creative freedom for builds, look no further, the Goon is the atomizer for you.  The Goon comes in SS, brass, copper and black.  The Goon is easily one of our top picks for build quality, versatility, performance, and price!

  • Squonk pin included
  • Two drip-tip options
  • Well-machined
  • Goon-style drip tip compatible
  • Easy to build
  • Quiet
  • Smooth airflow
  • Gold plated 510
  • Deep juice wells
  • Knurled thumb screws
  • Cons
  • Drip tip is a tad bit loose
  • Flathead screws not very deep
  • No extra clamps included
  • Specifications

    • 24 mm Diameter
    • Two-post build deck
    • Clamp snag system
    • Knurled thumb screws
    • Phillips head
    • Convenient and secure assembly
    • 2.5 mm x 3 mm slot space
    • 24K gold-plated deck
    • PEEK insulator
    • 20 mm diameter deck
    • 6 mm deep juice well
    • Adjustable dual airslots
    • 12 mm x 2 mm
    • Adjustable via top cap
    • Rounded internal top cap
    • Smooth vapor delivery
    • 24K gold-plated 510 contact
    • 304 stainless steel
    • 810 drip tip fitment
    • ULTEM drip tip (10 mm bore)
    • Delrin drip tip (10 mm bore)
    • CNC engraved

    The Augvape Druga is a unique 24 mm RDA that features a special clamp snag system that can be tightened down with your fingers, or a flathead screwdriver. It has a fully 24 K gold-plated deck for conductivity as well as flavor. Not only does the deck look nice, but it’s easy to build on.

    This atty is a simple and sleek alternative to the Goon. The flavor is on point, and it will even fit your favorite Goon drip tips. The juice well is 6 mm deep, so it holds a ton of e-liquid and the airflow slots are 12 x 2 mm, adjusted by the top cap. Last but not least, this device comes with 2 x 10 mm drip tips made of ULTEM and delrin. Goon lovers are going to love the Druga!

  • Well machined
  • ULTEM ring protects against leakage
  • Accommodates large coil builds
  • Rounded top cap enhances the flavor
  • Easy to build
  • Includes two different top caps
  • 24 mm deck
  • 25 mm top caps
  • Gold-plated 510
  • Cons
  • Proprietary drip tip (fits original Recoil drip tip)
  • Not squonk-compatible
  • Specifications

    • 24 mm deck
    • 25 mm top caps
    • 304 Stainless steel
    • PVD coated (gold / black)
    • Gold-plated brass 510 pin
    • 2 x 3 mm airflow holes on cloud cap
    • 4 x 3mm airflow holes on secondary AFC cap
    • Ultum Insert to prevent leaking
    • Spare o-rings and hex screws
    • Peek insulators

    Grimm Green and OhmBoyOC are back with a new installment of the Recoil RDA. If you’re an overdripper, this one has your name written all over it. Featuring an ultem ring that goes around the deck, to prevent leakage due to overfilling. Your dry mod will thank you.

    Ideal for dual coilers who enjoy big beefy coil builds. Its stacked staggered post design is easy to build. Just like the original Recoil RDA, they’ve included two top caps. One of them is designed for clouds, the other for flavor. The Recoil Rebel implements a rounded top which translates into smooth, delicious vapor. If you liked the Recoil, you’re gonna love this one!

  • Good heat dissipation
  • Spacious build deck
  • 24K Gold plated copper 510
  • Great flavor
  • Deep juice well
  • Well machined
  • Accommodates any type of wire
  • Squonk pin included
  • Extra mouthpiece and goodies included
  • Cons
  • Airflow can whistle a little bit
  • Wicks differently than most RDA's
  • No 510 drip tip adapter
  • Specifications

    • 510 threading
    • Size: 24 mm
    • Finish: Stainless steel or matte black
    • Postless build deck for flavor and clouds
    • 4 mm lead inserts
    • 24K gold-plated deck
    • 24k gold plated copper pin

    The CSMNT by District F5VE has been called a “builder’s dream” because it’s 24 mm postless deck means more room for building. That means you can fit larger diameter coils in it’s beautiful fully 24 K gold plated deck, with huge 4 mm lead inserts. Huge clouds and flavor for days…

    The Cosmonaut also has a gold-plated 510 connection for extra conductivity and comes with two drip tip options in addition to a bag of other goodies. This RDA is easy to build wick, once you get the hang of it’s unique deck. The CSMNT wicks similar to the SOI Sub Zero RDA.

    It is no coincidence why this is one of the most sought after drippers to this day, even though it was actually released late 2016. District F5VE took every vaper into consideration to create an incredibly versatile dripper that caters to big builders, top cap drippers and flavor chasers alike!

    This RDA isn’t exactly cheap, but for the price, it’s worth every penny.

  • Excellent build quality
  • Gold plated deck and 510 pin
  • Intense flavor at low wattages due to reduced chamber
  • Versatile build deck
  • Squonk-compatible
  • Smooth airflow
  • Minimal moving parts
  • Cons
  • 810 Drip tip (not 510 compatible)
  • Drip tip collects condensation
  • Specifications

    • 24 mm diameter
    • Postless deck
    • Four terminals at base of deck
    • 2.5 mm each terminal
    • Side-mounted hex screws
    • 3 mm deep juice well
    • Double o-ring secured
    • 24 K gold-plated deck
    • PEEK insulator
    • Length extended airflow system
    • Dual adjustable side airflow
    • Airflow angled towards coils
    • 4.5 diameter each air hole
    • Single airflow capable
    • 8 mm bore 810 ULTEM drip tip
    • Bottom feed pin
    • 24K gold-plated 510 connection

    Now you can drip like a pro. The DPro by Coil Art is a 24 mm dripper with a 24 K gold-plated postless deck and 510 pin. Featuring a 3 mm deep juice well and an extended airflow system, the Coil Art DPro is more than capable of putting out big, tasty clouds of vapor.

    Other standout features include an 8 mm bore 810 ultem drip tip, peek insulation and an angled airflow system to create a flavorful vape even at lower wattages. Dual adjustable airflow with 4.5 mm in diameter air holes, side-mounted hex screws and even an option for the single coilers.

  • Great flavor when configured properly
  • Tubular side direct airflow prevents leakage
  • Can also be used as a standard dripper
  • Works great as a single/dual coil squonker
  • 810 drip tip compatible
  • Bottle barrel locks into place
  • Cons
  • Vapor may hit your face when purging
  • Specifications

    • 22 mm diameter
    • Deep juice well
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Pyrex glass reinforcement
    • Postless dual terminal design
    • PEEK-insulated positive terminal post
    • Negative terminal post
    • Single coil configurations
    • Side-mounted Kennedy-style airflow
    • Dual-slotted side air slots
    • Quad airflow tubes inside chamber
    • 14 mm wide delrin wide bore drip tip
    • 510 drip tip adapter

    A bottom fed, top airflow device, with excellent flavor production and clouds for days. It works just as good as in single coil mode as it does in dual coil mode. Smooth and abundant airflow. Tony, of The Vapor Trail channel on YouTube, collaborated with Vandy Vape to to help design it.

    The tubular side direct airflow system protects against leakage. When lined up properly, the flavor is up there with some of the best flavor-chasing attys. In squonk mode, the Vandy Vape Pulse’s unique design evenly juices your coils and works great as a regular, flavor chasing RDA.

    Save 15%
  • Authentic MTL draw
  • Superb flavor
  • Precise airflow
  • Includes squonk pin
  • Easy to build
  • Affordable
  • Cons
  • No dual coil option
  • Can't drip through mouthpiece
  • Specifications

    • Size: 22 x 32.4 mm
    • Coil: single
    • Material: PMMA/stainless steel/Delrin
    • Thread: 510 threaded
    • 6-level side airflow system
    • Unique limitless screw airflow control
    • PMMA/Delrin material for anti-heat
    • BF pin adapter included
    • Easy single-coil building deck
    • Deep juice well

    If you’re a mouth to lunger, then you know how hard it is to find an affordable MTL dripper. Here it is! The Vapefly Galaxies is a fantastic option for vapers who want that tight, cigarette-style pull from their dripper. The Galaxies is a 22-mm RDA designed for flavor chasers and single coilers.

    The adjustable airflow system on the Galaxies RDA is precise. Dial in your perfect MTL setting, or open it wide open for a restrictive lung hit. The Galaxies can also be used in squonk mode with an included bottom feed pin. It’s an affordable and great-performing mouth to lung RDA.

    Introduction to RDAs

    Styles of RDAs

    There are three styles of rebuildable atomizers: RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers), RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers) and Genesis atomizers. A recent new category of atomizer has been developed as well called an RDTA (Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer). RDTAs combine an RDA type deck design with a tank that drips e liquid or acts as a large well. Rebuildable atomizers use a coil, or coils, made by the user by wrapping wire around a small rod, 2-4 mm in diameter. Common wire types used are Kanthal (FeCrAl), titanium (Ti Gr1), nickel (Ni200) and stainless steel (SS). Kanthal can be used on all mods in variable wattage (VW) mode due to its stable resistance when heated. However, titanium and nickel must be used in temperature control (TC) mode due to their varying resistances when heated. Stainless Steel varies only slightly when heated so may be used in both VW or TC modes. Usually wicks for coils in RDAs are made from cotton or rayon.

    RDA vape explained

    An RDA has a building deck where the user places the coils at the bottom of the atomizer. While an RTA, RDTA or genny have a tank, RDAs have a well to hold e liquid just below the build deck, and the wick tails are placed into the well to transport the juice to the coil(s). Generally the well does not have as much capacity as a tank style atomizer and the vaper must add more e liquid often. Unlike RTAs or sub ohm tanks, an RDA does not have a chimney section. Instead a top cap sits on the build deck and vapor rises up to the drip tip. Airflow may be fed to the coils from the bottom, sides or top, or a combination of these. Typically, the user can adjust the airflow to suit his/her vaping style.

    Different types of RDAs

    RDAs come in a variety of sizes and styles. They range in size from a diminutive 14 mm in diameter up to a whopping 46 mm. The build deck may allow for one up to 8 coils, though most are single or dual coil designed. Many RDAs work well for both horizontal or vertical coils. Airflow may be suitable for mouth to lung (MTL) or direct to lung (DTL) vaping styles. They are available in a variety of metal types from stainless steel to brass or copper, and some offer several color choices.

    RDAs may come with an optional hollow positive pin to allow their use on special bottom feeding mods called squonkers. A squonk mod has a plastic bottle for e liquid that a vaper squeezes to feed juice to the atomizer. Although they have always been popular to alleviate the constant dripping of juice, a huge number of squonkers have to come to market recently by several manufacturers.

    Cloud RDAs vs. flavor RDAs

    Most vapers categorize RDAs as being primarily for clouds or flavor. Cloud chasing RDAs have room for coils of heavy mass and large diameter like Clapton, Alien and other fancy, creative wire designs. Cloud RDAs also have huge airflow to generate immense, thick clouds of vapor, and appeal to direct to lung (DTL) vapers. Some users even enter their RDAs in contests to determine who can create the largest, thickest vape cloud. On the other hand, a flavor RDA tends to have less airflow, and is suitable for the mouth to lung (MTL) vaping style. A flavor RDA will hold only a single or dual coil design, and tend to be 22 mm in diameter or less. As expected, the primary objective is excellent flavor though many create a decent cloud of vapor as well. Of course, many RDAs create both fantastic flavor and respectable clouds.

    Advantages of RDAs

    Many vapers prize their RDAs for their exemplary flavor, and feel they excel in this category over other types of atomizers. Certainly, they are the easiest style of atomizer to wick. A quick rinse off much fewer parts than tank style atomizers, and it is ready for re-wicking. RDAs do not have wick channels, so they do not require the sometimes delicate balancing of wick tails between flooding and dry hits like an RTA does. Nothing beats an RDA for trying new e-liquids. A few drops of juice lets a vaper know whether that new bottle of e-liquid will stay or be passed on to a friend (or enemy). Additionally, RDAs allow for trying several e-juice quickly.

    For those who do not wish to purchase a squonking mod, but want more juice capacity than the typical RDA, many RDTAs may be the ticket. They essentially provide an RDA tank. With a dripper style build deck and top cap they offer the experience of building and vaping an RDA, yet have the advantage of a very large well in the form of a tank beneath the deck. Wicking is similar to an RDA but with longer tails immersed into the tank section.

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