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Best Products of 2020 – This page is a collection of the top-rated products across different product categories in the nicotine, THC and CBD vaping markets. Be sure to browse the different best-ofs to find the perfect product for you.

best cbd patches thumbnail
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Transdermal cannabinoid patches release CBD directly to your skin for localized relief. Here are the best CBD patches for pain and a variety of other uses.
Best quit smoking vapes US thumbnail
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Success at anything requires the right tools. Vaping to quit smoking is a perfect example. Find the vapes that can help you quit smoking, even heavy smokers.
Best 510 thread vape batteries - thumbnail
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510 thread batteries have evolved over the years. Today, they’re mostly used for vaping THC and CBD oil. Find out the best ones right now and why you should get one.
Best CBD Oil for Anxiety and Depression thumbnail
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Learn how CBD oil can be used to treat anxiety, stress and depression, and see the top high-strength CBD oils for anxiety based on our research and testing.
best weed pens thumbnail
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The best weed pens for vaporizing cannabis oil in a discreet and convenient way. Get the most out of your THC cartridges and oil with these slim and lightweight devices designed for oil.
Best Pod vapes and juul alternatives - thumbnail
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Find which pod and mini vapes are right for you. Our list of top choices is based on extensive and continuous testing of the best products on the market.
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Are you after a cool, refreshing vape juice? These are our seven favorite ice-cold menthol vape juices for 2020.
best tobacco e-liquids thumbnail
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On the hunt for a great tobacco e-juice? Check our team’s picks and read the mini guide we prepared to help you navigate the market.
best quit smoking vapes for EU and UK thumbnail
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A look at the best beginner vapes and e-cigs available in the UK and the EU for smokers looking to switch or any vaper searching for a compact and easy to use device.
best disposable vapes thumbnail
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If you're a smoker and looking for the easiest vape, check out the best disposable e-cigs so you can get started immediately.
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