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Best Delta 8 THC Products
Last updated: January 31, 2024

Best Delta 8 Disposable Vapes 2024

Chill out with the top delta 8 disposable vapes. Pick up these pens to indulge in smooth, terpene-rich hits and a mild high.
1st Place
Secret Nature D8 Delta 8 Disposable Pen
Secret Nature D8 Disposable

Taste and experience hemp at its peak with Secret Nature’s delta 8 disposables. These pocket-sized pens dole out a rush of clear euphoria, even on the go.

Canna River D8 Highlighter
Canna River D8 Highlighter Delta 8 Disposable Pen
Koi Delta 8 Live Resin 5g
Koi Delta 8 Live Resin 5g Delta 8 Disposable Pen

Given their ease of use and accessibility, it’s unsurprising that disposable vapes have become a popular delta 8 product. They’re quick to learn and great for new weed vapers.

Sure, connecting delta 8 carts to a power source is simple… but when it comes to convenience, delta 8 disposable vapes are unbeatable. Each pen has a built-in battery and comes prefilled with delta 8 oil. It’s as easy as chewing a delta 8 gummy, but the effects hit much more quickly.

If you’re already a fan of D8 products like delta 8 tinctures, carts, and edibles, try giving the top disposables a shot.

Secret Nature D8 Delta 8 Disposable Pen

Secret Nature D8 Disposable

Savor natural cannabis flavor with Secret Nature disposable vapes. Each one-gram device is devoid of cutting agents, but rich in hemp extract and authentic terpenes. Puff on this draw-activated pen whenever you need to calm your mind. All Secret Nature vapes are third-party lab tested and guaranteed to deliver quality.

Canna River D8 Highlighter Delta 8 Disposable Pen

Canna River D8 Highlighter

It’s hard to beat two grams of premium delta 8 distillate wrapped in a sleek package. The D8 Highlighter by Canna River is produced from non-GMO hemp and packed with flavorful, USP grade terpenes. With 17 available strains, there’s a blend for everyone. This rechargeable pen balances flavor, potency, and affordability.

Koi Delta 8 Live Resin 5g Delta 8 Disposable Pen

Koi Delta 8 Live Resin 5g

If you vape through oil in no time, you’re ready for the Koi live resin disposable. Enjoy a whopping five grams of D8 live resin and botanical terpenes. Despite its size, this long-lasting disposable fits snugly in your pocket. Top it all off with pre-heat functionality and a rechargeable 380 mAh battery.

TRĒ House Live Resin Delta 8 Disposable Pen

TRĒ House Live Resin Delta 8

If you’re looking for an energy boost, Green Crack is the hard-hitting sativa strain for you. This D8 pen by TRĒ House produces a strong body buzz and all the euphoric effects of delta 8 THC. Pre-loaded and pre-charged, there’s no wait to take your first puff. Third-party testing ensures quality from start to finish.

Exhale Delta 8 Disposable Vape Pen

Exhale Delta 8 Disposable

Find herbal bliss with Exhale Wellness’s OG Kush disposable vape. Available in two sizes, there’s an option to match your pace. Every all-in-one pen is rechargeable, third-party lab-tested, and ready to vape right out of the box. Exhale Wellness sources its products from locally grown hemp to ensure quality.

What are delta 8 disposable vape pens?

Delta 8 disposables are vape pens that come prefilled with delta 8 THC oil. These devices require little to no preparation to use; the battery, atomizer, and chamber are all built into the pen.

While delta 8 occurs naturally in cannabis, it’s not extracted directly from the plant. Cannabidiol (CBD) is found in much larger quantities; for the sake of cost-effective production, psychoactive delta 8 is converted from this legal, non-intoxicating cannabinoid. That’s how commercial delta 8 products are manufactured, from delta 8 carts to yummy delta 8 gummies and edibles.

Like CBD, delta 8 THC saw a huge rise in popularity following the 2018 Farm Bill’s passage. This law allowed the production and sale of hemp products in the United States, so long as they contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

Disposable vape pens are the most convenient way to enjoy the effects of delta 8 THC. They arrive pre-charged and ready to use right out of the package. Certain disposables can be recharged. Rechargeable products have seen a recent spike in popularity.

If you prioritize convenience and want a fast-acting, mild high, delta 8 disposable vapes are ideal. Disposable vape pens are small and compact, making them a good choice for someone seeking discretion. They’re highly portable and can slip inside your pocket.

How to use a delta 8 disposable vape

There’s a trait that all delta 8 disposables share: they’re as low-effort as it gets.

With a standard delta 8 cart, you’ll need to connect it to a charged 510 thread battery. Batteries and vaping devices must be purchased separately. Refillable vape carts require additional effort since you’ll need to clean and reload the chamber yourself. Disposable vapes keep maintenance to a minimum.

Delta 8 disposable vapes are designed to work without prep. The chamber is already full of oil, the device is pre-charged, and there are no settings to adjust, so you won’t need to waste a second.

To get started with a delta 8 disposable vape, run through the following steps:

  • Remove your disposable vape from its box or package. There may be a tab covering the air hole, so be sure to peel that away.
  • Delta 8 disposable vapes are pre-primed, which means you don’t need to prepare the wick before your initial use. If you can’t find a fire button, that’s normal; most disposables lack a button and are draw-activated.
  • To take a hit, inhale through the mouthpiece of your vape. Keep each puff between one and three seconds to avoid damage or burning.
  • Pace yourself if you’ve never vaped delta 8 oil before. Although it’s subtle compared to delta 9, delta 8 THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Start with a few small puffs and stop to assess your body’s response. Vapes hit quickly, including disposables; you’ll usually feel the effects within ten or fifteen minutes.
  • Use your disposable delta 8 vape until the battery runs out. This will typically happen before the weed oil is depleted. Some disposables are rechargeable via USB.

What to look out for when buying a delta 8 vape pen

As it stands, delta 8 products are unregulated in most states. You’ll need to perform your due diligence and steer clear of black-market disposables.

Black market delta 8 disposables are risky. Due to their lack of testing, they may contain contaminants or fillers.

If you notice a QR code on the box, use your phone to scan it. This allows users to view the product’s lab reports and confirm its authenticity.

It’s often possible to spot black market disposables before you open the box. Avoid delta 8 disposables without a clear brand name, or branding that rips off familiar intellectual properties. You can tell a lot by the effort a company puts into packaging and design.

Always look for facts about the vape’s contents, including the exact amount of delta 8 THC and other cannabinoids. Check for batch and lot numbers, an expiration or best-by date, and a full ingredient list.

Most importantly, trust your gut. If a cart looks too dark or has a harsh, overly bitter aftertaste, it’s not worth the risk to your health. Put down a cart right away if you suspect it’s contaminated.

Where to buy delta 8 pens

With delta 8 disposables in such high demand, they aren’t hard to come across. You can usually find disposable delta 8 pens through online hemp retailers, as well as B&M smoke and vape shops.

Buying delta 8 disposables online is best if you’re hoping to shop around and find the best deal. Even better, it fast-tracks your research. Whether you’re experienced or new to delta 8, read all product descriptions and learn about the brand you’re buying from.

Reputable online retailers will publish third-party lab test results on their websites. You can also locate information about where the product is manufactured, where ingredients are sourced from, and more.

Smoke and vape shops are another option. If you’re unfamiliar with delta 8 disposables but prefer to shop in person, speak to a shop representative. You can ask questions about potency, effects, and testing. They’ll direct you toward an appropriate product for your needs.

Make sure you’re sticking to trusted shops with knowledgeable employees. Some stores will carry untested or black-market delta 8, so avoid products of unclear origin. Remember, if a price seems too good to be true, it probably is… and that applies to online stores, as well.

Some cannabis dispensaries will carry delta 8 products, but these can be very expensive. Dispensaries will generally allow you to order online and pick up your products later, so you can be in and out in no time. Plus, licensed dispensaries make it simple to avoid black-market disposables or hemp products.

Is delta 8 safe to vape?

As it stands, delta 8 is an unregulated substance in the United States—although the hemp and CBD it’s derived from are regulated. Does this mean that the cannabinoid is unsafe? Not at all. What it does mean is that users should do their research before purchasing delta 8 products, such as disposable vapes.

Although manufacturers aren’t required by law to safety test delta 8 products for toxins and contaminants, this is standard for any legitimate brand. They won’t hide this information, either; testing results are openly displayed on their website, or via a QR code on the product’s packaging. Whenever you’re shopping online, check the product’s description for a link. You might also find it in the website’s header or sidebar.

It’s still possible to stay safe while shopping in-person. Stick to trusted smoke shops or dispensaries. If you’re uncertain about a product’s origins, don’t hesitate to ask questions. Closely examine the packaging, looking for cannabinoid content, batch and lot numbers, warnings, and expiration dates.

On the bright side, plenty of D8 disposables are produced and sold by trusted retailers with transparent safety testing.

Can delta 8 make you fail a drug test?

Yes, delta 8 can lead to a failed drug test. Stop vaping delta 8 disposables right away if you have a drug screening coming up. The longer you abstain, the more likely delta 8 THC will be cleared from your system.

Delta 8 metabolization is a gradual process. After it’s absorbed into the bloodstream and processed, delta 8 metabolites are stored in cells throughout the body—primarily fat cells, but metabolites can also be found in hair or nail cells.

Standard drug tests didn’t need to be reformulated with the emergence of delta 8. These screenings are targeting the substance’s metabolites, not just the raw form. Conveniently enough for the drug testers, delta 8 is converted into the same primary metabolite as old-school delta 9 THC.

Typically, delta 8 metabolites are detectable for several weeks after your last session. Variables like age, metabolic rate, health history, and usage frequency all need to be considered.

With regular, long-term delta 8 consumption, metabolites could be detectable for up to three months. One-time use can be cleared out far quicker, but you may need to give it around a week.

Hair tests have the longest detection window. Even with one-time use, traces of delta 8 THC can be detected for three months. This is considerably longer than urine tests, which are standard for pre-employment purposes.

Delta 8 research is limited. We don’t know exactly how long it remains detectable through urine, hair, or blood tests. The longer you wait, the more likely you are to be in the clear.

Delta 8 disposable pens FAQs

Do delta 8 vape pens contain any THC?

The answer to this question depends on how you define “THC.”

Delta 8 is technically a type of THC. Its commercial form is created by converting CBD in a lab. Thus, delta 8 is hemp-derived. It’s not a marijuana product or subject to federal restrictions on delta 9 THC-dominant marijuana.

By law, hemp products are required to contain under 0.3% delta 9 THC. This is the form most people are referring to when they bring up “THC”; it’s widely available in marijuana and causes a powerful high. Delta 8 THC is also found in marijuana, albeit in far smaller quantities.

Delta 8 THC is an intoxicating compound, similar to delta 9. It just produces a unique, clearer variety of high. It’s also far less potent, making it a great alternative for users overwhelmed by delta 9 THC’s hard-hitting effects.

To vape delta 8 products with a lower THC content, go for oils blended with CBD, CBG, or other non-intoxicating compounds. These mellow out the overall effects.

Are delta 8 disposables illegal?

There’s a simple answer and a long answer.

The legality of delta 8 disposables is in a flux state; it’s federally legal thanks to the Farm Bill, but states have the final say in its production and distribution.

As time goes on, more states and regions are passing laws related to delta 8 and hemp-derived cannabinoids in general. You’ll need to stay up-to-date with the rules in your area.

If this is your first time using a delta 8 disposable or product, start with a quick search online. Keep a close eye on local news articles about delta 8.

It seems counterintuitive at first, but regions with legalized marijuana are more likely to have stricter delta 8 policies. This is due, in part, to the competition delta 8 creates with recreational marijuana sellers. Just because you have easy delta 9 THC access doesn’t mean you’re in the clear with delta 8 disposables.

How does a D8 high compare to THC?

As a hemp-derived form of THC, delta 8 is a psychoactive cannabinoid. Vaping a delta 8 disposable will induce the euphoric feelings associated with being high.

The intensity and type of high is what sets delta 8 THC apart from delta 9 THC, the compound’s marijuana-derived form. A delta 8 high is milder and more lucid; it’s also known as a clear high. You’re less likely to encounter the physical and mental heaviness linked with delta 9 consumption. Users have also reported fewer side effects, such as anxiety and paranoia, after vaping delta 8 THC.

That doesn’t mean delta 8 is a side effect-free substance. If you’re highly sensitive to delta 9 THC, be careful your first time trying delta 8 disposables. Begin with a couple of small puffs and see how you respond. Stop vaping immediately if you notice serious negative effects, including paranoia, hallucinations, or vomiting.

Less severe side effects can pop up, too, and they’re similar to what you’d expect from delta 9. For example, you could face dry eyes and mouth (“cotton mouth”), increased appetite (“the munchies”), or sleepiness. Mild effects should go away after the duration of your high.

Looking for a non-intoxicating cannabinoid? You might prefer CBD products like edibles, tinctures, or CBD carts and disposables.

How much do delta 8 pens cost?

The cost of delta 8 depends on the brand and your location of purchase. As you’d probably expect, delta 8 disposables containing high-quality weed oil will be pricier than second-rate products.

You’ll also need to account for the product’s size… but not in the way you’d expect. Half-gram disposables are uncommon, and they often carry a similar price tag to one-gram disposable vapes. You’re paying more for each milligram of delta 8 oil.

The price of a typical half-gram disposable will sit between $25 and $65, with high-end products resting at the top. For perspective, most one-gram disposables fall between $27 and $60. It’s not hard to find products in the lower half of that range, either.

Two-gram delta 8 disposables are the most cost-effective option, but they will usually cost $30 or more.

Can you recharge delta 8 disposable vapes?

Rechargeable delta 8 disposables are becoming more common with time.

Many disposables come pre-charged and can be vaped until the battery runs out. There’s no charging port or any way to bring your pen back to life.

More often than not, you’ll run out of battery life before you deplete the delta 8 oil. Most pens are intended to run out of power before the oil content becomes too low, since this can trigger burnt, unsatisfying hits.

Disposable vapes aren’t intended to be reused, hence the name. Use the device until the battery is depleted or you run out of weed oil. At that point, dispose of the device and purchase a new one.

A rechargeable delta 8 disposable can have more bulk than a traditional, non-rechargeable pen. These are a favorable option if you prefer to vape until the pen is out of oil, but expect the quality of your hits to decrease as you work your way toward the end.

If you prefer rechargeable vaping devices, you can also invest in a 510 thread battery and delta 8 carts.

How long should a D8 pen last?

There’s no definite amount of time a delta 8 pen will last; it all depends on the individual and their vaping habits, as well as the size and potency of their disposable. More specifically, you’ll need to consider:

  • How often you vape: Increased usage will deplete your delta 8 oil faster. Assuming they care for their disposables, casual vapers will take longer to work through oil.
  • Storage and care: How you store and treat your delta 8 disposable is key. Disposables that are regularly left in hot, humid conditions are going to go bad faster; they may become unusable before the oil is even gone. Keep your delta 8 disposable vapes in a cool, dry location. Handle with care and avoid jostling or dropping the device.
  • Average hit size: It’s easy to blow through delta 8 oil quickly if you’re taking huge puffs on your vape; this also puts the health of your cart at risk, since it can result in leaks or burning. Stick to hits of three seconds or shorter.
  • Amount of oil: More oil in your disposable means you’ll get more hits out of the vape. Still, large disposables are only preferable if you’re a regular vaper; the weed oil can expire if the device is left in storage for too long.

On average, a one-gram delta 8 disposable will last for about 300 puffs. If you’re someone who takes just five to ten hits per day, this comes out to over a month of use. A regular D8 vaper could blow through the same disposable in one or two weeks.

To stop your cart from expiring before you’ve used up the oil, keep your disposable away from moisture, sunlight, or extreme temperatures. This can damage the oil and lead to cannabinoid breakdown, lowering the potency of your delta 8 oil. Damaged disposables are more likely to produce a bitter, harsh flavor and poor vapor output.

Does delta 8 vapor smell like weed?

Vaping, in general, produces a far milder smell than smoking cannabis. With the exception of some distillates, there will be a light herbal scent that clears quickly, usually within a few minutes.

The exact smell of your delta 8 depends on the terpenes it contains, just like marijuana. You may find that it has a similar scent, but it all depends on the product. Delta 8 distillates, for instance, will possess little to no smell; this pure form of the cannabinoid is free from terpenes, although they may be reintroduced later in production.

If you prefer flavored delta 8 disposables, you’re more likely to observe a smell. Flavored vape oil is produced by adding terpenes into the mix. If the terpenes are derived from a particular weed strain, you may notice a similar aroma between products.