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Best Vape Cartridges 2023
Last updated: March 9, 2023

Best Refillable 510 Vape Oil Cartridges

The best empty 510 vape cartridges for filling with your own oils and liquids
1st Place
Kandypens Flacko Jodye Oil Tank
Kandypens Flacko Jodye Oil Tank

The Flacko Jodye is a high-class oil tank designed by rapper A$AP Rocky. It holds 0.5 mL of oil and is compatible with most standard 510 vape pens.

Kandypens Special K Oil Tank
Kandypens Special K Oil Tank
SPRK Ceramic Cartridge
SPRK Ceramic Cartridge

Re-fillable vape cartridges are a cost effective way to vape cannabis oils. They can be filled and made into delta 8 THC carts, delta 9 THC, CBD vape oils, distillates and various other e-liquids. All you need to get started is an empty cartridge, some oil, and a 510 thread battery.

If you have been running through a lot of pre-filled THC cartridges or pre-filled CBD cartridges, the price can start to add up. You might want to consider buying oil in larger quantities, or even making it yourself. It can save you money in the long run. In this guide we show you how to use a refillable vape oil cartridge, and take a look at the best ones you can get right now.

Kandypens Flacko Jodye Oil Tank

Kandypens Flacko Jodye Oil Tank

The Kandypens Flacko Jodye is one of the most high-end refillable cartridges that money can buy. It’s a golden oil tank designed by rapper A$AP Rocky. The Flocko Jodye tank holds 0.5 mL of e-liquid and is compatible with all of your standard 510 vape pens and batteries. It’s perfect for liquids and oils.

Kandypens Special K Oil Tank

Kandypens Special K Oil Tank

The Kandypens Special K Oil Tank fits perfectly on the Special K battery, but will work with any 510-compatible vape pen or battery. It features a stunning gold trim and an ergonomic flattened-out mouthpiece. The Special K oil tank is a high-end vape cartridge that is designed especially for oils and liquids.

SPRK Ceramic Cartridge

SPRK Ceramic Cartridge

PCKT Vapor now offers a ceramic edition of their signature SPRK cartridge. This refillable oil cart features a dual ceramic core for consistent wicking and better flavor than ever before. They have a 0.8 mL liquid capacity and a 1.5-ohm coil. Compatible with the VRTCL device and a variety of 510-threaded vapes.

Kandypens Chrome Oil Tank

Kandypens Chrome Oil Tank

The Kandypens Chrome Glass Oil Tank is a solid choice for a refillable oil cartridge. It holds 1 mL of your choice of either oil or liquid. The Glass Tank is also available in Rose Gold in 1 mL, 0.5 mL and 0.25 mL editions. This refillable oil cartridge is a great value considering the quality. It’s worth every penny.

SPRK 510 Cart

SPRK Cartridge

The SPRK cartridge is designed to give you the best flavor out of your concentrates. It utilizes patented dual-ceramic core heating technology and can withstand multiple refills. The SPRK cartridge holds 0.5 mL of oil or liquid and comes in a 510-compatible version, or a magnetic one made for use with the PCKT One.

Linx Hermes 3 Atomizer

The Linx Hermes 3 vape oil cartridge is compatible with both thick and thin oils. It produces large tasty clouds with great efficiency. The tank features a flavorful cotton-free ceramic heating element and a vapor path constructed of medical grade components. It comes in both 0.5 mL and 1.0 mL versions.

Kandypens Slim Pen Cartridge

Kandypens Slim Pen Cartridge

Kandypens Slim Pen cartridges give you the most bang for your buck. They come in packs of five or can be purchased individually. The Slim Pen cartridges are ideal for filling with liquids and oils. They are compatible with the Kandypens Slim Pen or Special-K battery, and most standard 510 vape pen batteries.

What are refillable oil cartridges?

Refillable cartridges are empty 510 threaded vape tanks with built-in coil and wicking system. They can be filled with THC or CBD vape oils and distillates. Technically you can use regular nicotine e-liquid, but you would be much better off using a refillable pod vape for that purpose.

Refillable cartridges are relatively inexpensive and more cost-effective than using pre-filled cartridges or disposable CBD vape pens. Though oil cartridges are technically considered “disposable”, they can generally be refilled and used multiple times, especially if they are constructed of high quality materials.

The better quality oil cartridges have coils that hold up well after refilling and re-using them a few times. Many of them also utilize modern coil technology which makes them last longer than regular coils and stand up better to higher voltages

What to look for in an oil cartridge

Here are the things you should look for in a good refillable oil cartridge. They are also some of the main reasons why we featured those particular cartridges above. You can always get cheap cartridges in bulk, but chances are they will be lacking many of these characteristics. Don’t waste your precious oil by putting it in low-quality cartridges.

  • Build quality – Cartridges constructed of high-quality durable materials, like Pyrex and steel, typically have a much longer lifespan than inexpensive vape cartridges. The goal is ultimately for your cartridge to outlast the lifespan of the coil.
  • Coil longevity – Your tank is only as good as your coil. If you want to be able to re-use your cartridge for a long time, you want one with a good coil longevity. Ceramic coils have become a popular choice because they tend to handle heat better and are less prone to burning out than standard coils.
  • Airflow – Some 510 vape tanks provide a tight draw, while others may have a looser one. Most oil cartridges don’t have adjustable airflow (although some do), but eventually you will figure out which style of inhalation you prefer best.
  • Efficiency – The best refillable vape tanks will allow you to vape oil down to the very last drop. Other cartridges don’t perform well if there isn’t enough oil left in the tank, due to their inefficient design. Don’t waste any of your high-quality oil.
  • Capacity – Most refillable cartridges come in either 0.5 mL or 1.0 mL capacities. There are also smaller ones available that hold 0.25 mL. Smaller cartridges are perfect for travelling and using super high-potency blends, while the larger ones are more convenient for regular daily use.
  • Aesthetics – Aside from performance, aesthetics is also an important factor. There are some oil cartridges that just look generic or ugly, and others that are fancy and more elegant. If looks matter to you, then you want a tank that completes your style.

How to fill an empty oil cartridge

Here are some tips for filling (or refilling) your empty 510 cartridges.

  • Start by unscrewing the mouthpiece on top.
  • Fill the tank between the walls of the tank and the chimney. Do not get liquid inside the central hole.
  • You might need to use a syringe for extra precision.
  • Don’t overfill the cartridge. Allow room for when you screw the mouthpiece back on or it could overflow.
  • Wait at least 10-15 minutes to prime the coil or you might experience a burnt hit (thicker oils and distillates may require more time to prime).
  • After a few refills, the flavor will be faint or start tasting burnt. That means it’s time to replace the cartridge with a new one.

How to use a refillable oil cartridge

Once your oil cartridge is filled and primed, just screw it on to your weed pen. Some batteries that are draw-activated will not require you to press any buttons to turn the device on or off. But besides that, there’s not a subtantial difference in how vape pens work.

  • Make sure your battery is on and charged.
  • Set your device to the lowest voltage setting.
  • Start by taking small short puffs to gauge the effects and to prime the coil.
  • Some cartridges may require more voltage to produce a satisfying puff.
  • Turn the battery off when you are done by clicking the fire button five times.