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Why Trust Us? strives to be the world’s most trusted resource for vapers and smokers who want to learn about vaping, new products, and news about vaping. We take pride in our editorial integrity, accuracy, and the honesty of our writers.

Product Reviews

We strive to keep our product information current, descriptive, thorough, and always honest. Our reviews are written by people that tested the products and without regard to advertising relationships. Our writers at Vaping360 are paid regardless of views, clicks, or other analytic metrics. When a writer receives a product to review, we ask for the review to be turned in approximately two to three weeks after they receive the product, giving them time to test it. There are no incentives, financial or otherwise, to hype or bash a product or brand.


All of the products reviewed on Vaping360 are tested personally by the authors of the reviews. The name on the article is the person who received the product, tested it, and wrote the review. The vaping industry makes all kinds of products — from highly technical devices to plug-n-play kits meant for beginners. While our authors all have a wide range of experience with vaping products, some devices require high-tech testing, and certain reviewers have specialized skills that make them qualified to assess those products.

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Review Format

While some variation is possible, the format of our reviews is generally consistent throughout each product category. Our aim is to cover all the topics that our readers are most eager to learn about in order to make informed decisions. Our main goal is to help our readers find the products that suit their personal preferences.

All our hardware reviews cover the topics of build quality, design, performance, basic operations, and (where applicable) battery life and charging. Advanced device reviews may include advanced testing and analysis of capabilities and functions. The reviews typically feature a list of specifications, kit contents, product photos, pros and cons, and the reviewer’s final verdict.

Research and Recommendations

Vaping360’s “best of” recommendation pages are compiled from our ongoing testing of products, as well as insight from experienced users outside Vaping360. We sometimes research user opinions on online forums and Facebook groups to obtain insight on product experiences. We vet our information before we hit publish.

Our goal is to be as accurate as possible when verifying which products or brands are recommended---both through our first-hand testing and experience, or through information obtained from consumer groups online.

Vaping360® is the world’s largest vaping media website with over 1 million monthly visitors.

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