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Best Vape Juice 2022
Last updated: June 8, 2022

Best Cheap E-Juices 2022

How to pay less for e-liquid plus the seven top-rated cheap e-juice brands, based on years of research and experience.
1st Place
VaporFi High VG e-liquid
VaporFi High VG

VaporFi offers all of the flavors you love, now with tobacco-free nicotine. Made in the USA using kosher-grade and diacetyl free ingredients. Available in 3 and 6 mg.

Keep It 100
Keep it 100
Humble Juice Co.
humble e-juice

If you vape a lot, you probably go through the equivalent of buckets of e-juice. It can really start to add up after a while. The good news is that there’s actually a few companies that make delicious e-liquid for affordable prices.

Inexpensive doesn’t have to mean poor quality either. All the manufacturers on this page mix in sanitary labs with top shelf ingredients.

Learn all the tricks to get the best deals in the buyer’s guide below—or jump straight ahead to the seven best cheap e-juice brands.

VaporFi High VG e-liquid

VaporFi High VG

VaporFi is on a mission to change smoker’s lives. All of their e-juice is made in the USA using kosher grade diacetyl-free ingredients. Choose from their dozens of finely crafted flavors or create your own personalized blends. There’s also three VG/PG levels to choose from: 50%, 70% and max VG.

Keep it 100

Keep It 100

Keep It 100 was one of the first e-liquid brands to push 100 mL bottles of premium e-juice. They offer affordable prices and big bottles, and their flavors are top notch. Enjoy flavors like pink burst, blue slushie, apple cider donut, birthday shake and more. They’re available in 0, 3 and 6 mg nicotine strengths.

humble e-juice

Humble Juice Co.

Humble Juice Co really lives up to their name. They don’t try to oversell their products or inflate prices. Their flavors range from cake and dessert to fruits and cereal themes. Each one is crafted with the purest ingredients and the best nicotine available. Keep it humble. (Available price: $0.14/mL)

Glas Basix


Glas is best known for their critically-acclaimed flavors. Now they offer a new line of e-liquids for vapers on a budget, who don’t want to sacrifice flavor. The Basix line is a range of creamy desserts, tobacco, candy and beverages. Favorites include Butterscotch Reserve and Fizzy Lemonade. (Lowest price at $0.21/mL)

Jam Monster

It started with Jam and turned into a diverse range of flavors. Jam Monster is best known for their sweet and fruity flavored e-liquids. Today, Monster now offers a variety of icy fruit, custard, peanut butter, tobacco and menthol flavors as well. Available in 100 mL bottles in 3 and 6 mg strengths containing 75% VG.

How to save more money on cheap e-juice:

If you vape cheap e-juice, chances are you’re still looking for the best vape deals. Even if the retail price of the juice is already inexpensive, you can still save more. Here are several ways to find these deals.

  • Flash sales: Whatever site you buy your vape juice from, make sure to like their FB page, sign up for newsletters, and accept push notifications when it’s offered. Many sites have frequent sales that only appear in those ways. You must be proactive. Stay in the loop or miss out.
  • Holiday sales: If you’re not keen on getting all the notifications that come with signing up for newsletters and the like, holiday sales are the simplest way to get dirt cheap prices on e-juice. Most vape sites have sales on major holidays. The best part is that holidays are hard to forget! If one is coming, start hawking your preferred sites a couple days beforehand. They will likely have a sale.
  • Coupon codes: Like old-school coupon clipping, this requires a little bit more effort. Be careful though, a lot of so-called coupon code websites don’t give you any value or codes that work. One coupon code hunter that works well for vape sites is called Honey. It works in your browser plus it’s totally free. It only takes a few seconds to find all working codes and it will automatically adjust your cart price to the largest savings.
  • Buy online: If you want to save as much money as possible in buying e-juice, buying online is the best way to find deals. One hack to unlock savings is to make an account with the shop and leave your cart full for a couple days. Often times, an online shop will send you a discount code to incentivize you to complete your purchase.

Unit price: know the price per milliliter

This is the most important factor in determining how much of a deal you’re getting. There are no written rules for what is considered cheap, but a good rule of thumb is to shop around for less than $0.25 per mL. If you’re not conscious of the price per mL, you may think you’re getting a deal when you really aren’t.

It’s simple math to figure it out: final price divided by mL.

Check out a few examples to see how the actual price per mL can change the way you view the deal, even if the final ticket price is higher:

$5 for 10 mL = $0.50 per mL
$10 for 30 mL = $0.33 per mL
$15 for 60 mL = $0.25 per mL
$20 for 120 mL = $0.16 per mL
$30 for 240 mL = $0.12 per mL

Cheap premium e-juice: is there such thing?

Cheap premium juice is an oxymoron. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist though. Sometimes premium e-juice brands offer ways to get their top-notch flavors at bargain deals lower than typical sales. These are the two most common ways:

Clearance: If an e-juice is nearing the best-by date, many brands will liquidate these older bottles. One positive side of this, besides the discount, is that the juice will be well steeped when you get it. Although the juice may have less shelf-life when it arrives, under the right conditions, e-juice can retain its quality for quite some time (beyond the subjective “best by” date). Always check vape sites for a clearance section.

Discontinued products: Many brands update their menus and then they discontinue products. When products get discontinued, they are often sold at a deep discount. If you’re in touch with the brand on social media, you will often find out about these products before they get gobbled up.

Is cheap e-juice any good?

Let’s not beat around the bush. Cheap e-juice is affordable for a reason and it won’t be able to compete with the high-quality taste of premium brands. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find satisfaction with budget juice! Cheap e-liquid will do the trick if you have your expectations in check. If vaping for you is more about nicotine consumption and less about flavor chasing, budget e-juice is the better way to go. Remember, the nicotine in premium e-juice is no different than the nicotine in cheap e-juice.