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Best Accessories 2021
Last updated: June 2, 2021

Best Drip Tips 2021

The best drip tips available for a personalized vape experience
1st Place
geekvape resin 810 drip tip
Geekvape Resin 810

The Geekvape Resin 810 drip tip is a low-profile press-fit tip ideal for copious airflow and cloud-blowing devices.

SMOK Cobra Resin 810
smok cobra resin 810 drip tip
Blitz Cobra Resin 810
blitz cobra resin 810 drip tip

A drip tip is a vape accessory used as the mouthpiece on atomizers and vape tanks. They were originally called drip tips because vape juice was dripped through them and onto the coils and wicks. The name “drip tip” stayed despite being used on non-dripper vape tanks. While these tips seem like small and inconsequential things, they can greatly affect the quality of your vape while also adding a bit of customization to your kit. Here are seven of the best drip tips you’ll love to use.

geekvape resin 810 drip tip

Geekvape Resin 810

The Geekvape Resin 810 drip tip is a short and stout drip tip that’s meant to go on cloud blowing atomizers. They come in three main colors – red, blue, and green – with other hues swirling around inside the resin. These 810 tips fit most Goon-style atomizers and help to put the finishing touches on your vape tank.

smok cobra resin 810 drip tip

SMOK Cobra Resin 810

The SMOK Cobra 810 Resin drip tips are a stunning set of snakeskin patterns that make a visual statement. They come in five color options so you can coordinate with your own tank. These tips are featured on some of the SMOK’s most popular devices, but now you can get one without having to buy a SMOK tank.

blitz cobra resin 810 drip tip

Blitz Cobra Resin 810

Blitz Cobra Resin drip tips are a colorful and vibrant set of cloud-blowing tips that fit most 810 settings. These tips showcase the beautiful transparency of resin with contrasting details that make the various colors pop. They fit snug with a dual o-ring and they’re available in nine eye-catching colors.

ystar jade 810 drip tip

YSTAR Jade 810

YSTAR Jade 810 drip tips are a break from the norm! These are not your typical plastic or resin tips. Made of jade gemstone, they stay cool even in high-heat applications despite the lack of O-rings. These tips come in five different colors and each can elevate the aesthetics of your tank or dripper.

blitz cobra resin steel 510 drip tip

Blitz Cobra Resin and Steel 510

Blitz Cobra Resin and Steel tips are slick hybrids. They work on 510 tanks and atomizers and have a low-to-medium profile with a larger bore than your average 510. They come in seven different colorful resins swirls, each accented with a stainless-steel bottom band that adds a contrasting detail to the look.

non-stick 510 drip tip

Non-Stick 510

The Non-Stick 510 drip tip is designed with a protective coating that resists unsightly and unsanitary build up on the surface. These tips stand at a medium height and come in neutral greys for the mature and understated look. They are designed for any type of 510 opening though they have a wide bore.

kizoku chess series 510 drip tips

KIZOKU Chess 510

KIZOKU Chess 510s are stainless-steel drip tips strictly for MTL and low-heat atomizers. They come in four different chess-piece inspired designs that look best on old-school tanks and clearomizers like the Nautilus Mini. These tips have a narrow bore which is ideal for enhanced throat hit from nic salt e-juice.

Two types of drip tips: 510 vs. 810


The two most common size drip tip sizes are called 510 and 810. A simple rule of thumb is 510 tips are narrow and 810s are wide. Each type of tip works in tandem with how a vape is inhaled, either by mouth-to-lung or direct lung inhales.

The original standard for many years was the 510. Today they are used mostly for mouth-to-lung and restricted lung vaping. Some 510 drip tips may have a wider bore (center channel) than others, but most are around 8.5 mm in outer diameter at the base.

The 810 drip tip was originally popularized by RDAs like the Goon and Kennedy. Becoming the standard for cloud making devices, 810 drip tips typically have a significantly wider bore than 510 drip tips and are around 12.5 mm in outer diameter at the base. The 810 drip tips are now common in most popular sub ohm tanks and drippers.

Plastic drip tips

Ultem drip tip
Ultem drip tip

For people that tend to lose small accessories, inexpensive plastic drip tips are the way to go. They’re affordable and easy to replace. There are, however, more expensive plastics aimed at vapers that enjoy sub-ohm builds because they’re better at displacing heat. Using these plastics allow vapers to enjoy warm or hot vapes without making their lips uncomfortable. Here are some of the more expensive plastics used in vaping.

  • Delrin: This is the most common brand name for the thermoplastic polyoxymethylene (POM). It’s highly heat resistant and comes in a variety of colors.
  • Teflon: This is the most common brand name for the thermoplastic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). Many people are familiar with Teflon from its use on non-stick cookware. Another heat-resistant material, vapers also enjoy Teflon’s silky mouthfeel and resistance to lip gunk (a scientific term).
  • Ultem: This is the most common brand name for the thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI). Ultem drip tips have been gaining popularity in the last year. They’re highly heat resistant, solvent, and flame resistant. Most Ultem products are an opaque dark yellow, but some manufacturers are offering black Ultem products.
  • Resin: This is one of the most popular drip tip materials you can get right now. They have the durability of a plastic but with a softer touch and greater variety of colors and designs contained within the resin itself. Heat resistant, colorful, and available in virtually every style of tip.

Metal drip tips


Following plastic, metal is the most common drip tip material. Drip tips made out of aluminum or stainless steel are affordable and durable. Vapers looking for a bit of luxury can opt for titanium or gold drip tips. While many metal drip tips look great, they also retain heat. This can be an issue for sub-ohm vapers, as drip tips can get very hot during chain vaping sessions. 

Glass drip tips

Envision Vapor glass drip tips

Glass drip tips can be a unique and artistic accessory for your vape kit, but they’re impractical for obvious reasons: they are fragile and can be expensive. But glass drip tips are heat resistant, provide a comfortable vaping experience and some would even argue that glass makes their vape taste better.

Stone drip tips


There are many artisan drip tips made from stone composites and stone resins. These tips have a unique look that helps almost any vaping setup stand out. Depending on material and manufacturer, stone tips can be incredibly durable or even fragile. But they’re almost all great at resisting heat. Stone drip tips tend to be more expensive than metal and plastic models, but some believe that their unique looks are well worth the price.

Wood drip tips


The least common material for drip tips is wood. Drip tips made out of wood can look beautiful and are very good at resisting heat, but special attention must be paid to the finish. A low-quality finish will lead to the wood being exposed to heat and moisture, and since you can’t vape without heat or moisture, these remain novelty items. Exposed wood can warp and lose shape. If not cared for properly, would can also splinter. A splinter of wood stuck on your lips is…not the best.

Hybrid material drip tips


In addition to the materials mentioned above, some companies mix and match materials in order to provide characteristics of both. Like the Trinity Copa Drip Tip featured in the above-image that uses glass and metal. This offers the smooth lip-feel and heat resistance of glass, combined with the looks and durability of metal.

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