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Best Vape Batteries 2020
Last updated: November 13, 2020

Best 26650 Batteries 2020

A look at the best 26650s currently available on the market.
1st Place
Aspire 26650
Aspire INR

The Aspire INR is our top pick for 26650s. It is very affordable and its huge battery capacity will have it running for much longer than your typical 18650 cell.

Golisi (gold)
Golisi 26650

The 26650 battery has been used for vaping for quite some time now. They are 8 mm wider and a bit heavier than 18650s, but make up for their mass in battery life and, in some cases, amperage output. Other uses for these cells include laser pointers, flashlights and cordless power tools.

While there are still many 26650-compatible vape mods that have been embraced in the last few years, there are no Samsung, LG, Panasonic or Sony 26650s available now. Today, 26650s are becoming phased out by 21700 and 20700s, which are starting to become the vape batteries of choice. It’s hard to find a good 26650 battery these days from a reliable vendor, as most are rewrapped cells and are often inaccurately rated.

Note: Battery Mooch recently withdrew his 26650 ratings and recommendations due to concerns with changes in the cells that companies are rewrapping. Mods that take 26650s will generally come with sleeves that make them compatible with 18650s, which offer many options from reputable manufacturers. Until further notice, 18650s should be a more reliable option for vapers.

Always practice battery safety when operating powerful lithium-ion cells. Make sure you understand Ohm’s law, especially if using mechanical mods. And only charge vape batteries in dedicated battery chargers.

Aspire 26650

Aspire INR

Aspire has been a trusted name in the industry for vapes, but more recently with batteries too. The Aspire INR comes with a much longer running time than 18650 batteries and can be an excellent pairing for 26650 mods. It is a rewrapped cell, comparable to the Golisi and IJOY 26650s, and is actually a few bucks cheaper.

Golisi 26650

Golisi (gold)

The Golisi gold has been a good choice for both unregulated and regulated devices. Slightly overrated on the wrap but a solid cell, it performs like the Aspire INRs and IJOY 26650 but uses a slightly different top contact. The Golisi gold is the same battery that comes included with the Aegis.

iJoy 26650


The IJOY INR is another solid 26650 with lots of battery life. It has an exaggerated amp rating on its wrap, but it’s been a reliable choice for 26650 mods. The IJOY INR cell performs equally to the Golisi (gold) and the Aspire INR cells – they are all capable of the same output and come with the same capacity.


Hohm Tech Grown

Hohm Tech is company best known for their unique mods. The Hohm Grown 26650s have the same battery capacity as the Aspire INRs but are typically more available. Hohm Growns are best suited for lower power outputs than the top 3 products of our list. Their wraps are an attractive green and black poly seal material.


Nitecore NI

Nitecore is a well-established brand in the beyond the vape industry. They are best known for their dependable battery chargers. The NI26650A has a large capacity and is ideal for use with regulated devices. It is very similar in specifications to the Hohm Grown but with slightly less capacity.

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