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Best Hemp Bud 2021
Last updated: February 25, 2021

Best CBG Flower 2021

CBG flower is a rare breed of hemp flower strains cultivated to be high in the most important cannabinoid.
1st Place
American Shaman CBG FLower White Whidow
American Shaman CBG Flower

American Shaman offers five CBG-rich strains including John Snow, Sour G, White Widow, and more. Ranging from 15-20% CBG levels, backed up by independent lab tests.

White Wale CBG
Nu X White Whale CBG Flower Can 3.5 Grams
Jack Frost CBG
Jack Frost CBG Bud Bulk

CBG flower

Not to be confused with CBD bud, CBG flower is cannabis or hemp flower with above average amounts of the cannabinoid cannabigerol. It’s often referred to as “the mother of cannabinoids” and plays an important role in how THC and CBD are formed, while also having its own potential health benefits unique to CBG.

But CBG flower is more of a rare product on the hemp scene, with the more abundant product being CBG oil. Because of its rarity, the quality of CBG flower is often hit or miss, much like CBD bud in the early days of post-legalization.

That’s why we compiled this list of the best CBG flower you can buy online. The products we’ve selected are quality flowers and with the highest concentration of CBG, with virtually no THC.

American Shaman CBG FLower White Whidow

American Shaman CBG Flower

American Shaman provides a wide range of high-quality hemp-based products. They now offer five different varieties of CBG-rich flower, including White Widow, John Snow, Sour G and more. They’re third-party lab tested and available in 3.5-gram containers which typically range between 15-20% CBG content.

Nu X White Whale CBG Flower Can 3.5 Grams

White Wale CBG

Nu-X, best known for their CBD products, now offers high-CBG hemp flower. White Whale is a frosty white strain covered in trichomes rich in CBG and other terpenes. It has a citrusy taste and aroma, and provides calming effects. Available in 3.5-gram nitrogen sealed containers for locking in the freshness.

Jack Frost CBG Bud Bulk

Jack Frost CBG

If you’re looking for a deal on some high-quality bulk CBG flower, this is your best bet. Jack Frost is an indoor grown CBG strain that lives up to its name with frosty buds and stimulating effects. Available in quarter, half, and full pounds. Industrial Hemp Farms even offers a money-back guarantee on it.

Nu X Pre Roll White Whale CBG Bud 1 gram

White Wale CBG Pre-Roll

Now you can have your CBG flower rolled up and ready to go. Nu-X offers their best high CBG strain in one-gram pre-rolls containing 150 mg of CBG each. White Whale CBG flower is third-party lab tested, and has natural terpenes that give it a bright and citrusy aroma while providing relaxing and soothing effects.


CBG + CBD Hash

Although not CBG flower, we had to include this. Arete’s full melt ice water hash, sourced from their signature strains. Packed with CBG, CBD, plus a full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes, you can experience the uplifting and energizing effects of tropical sour diesel. 100% trichomes and zero plant matter.

The role of CBG

cannabinoid formation infographic

CBG is considered a minor cannabinoid, as a harvested plant will generally contain up to 1% of CBG (rarely up to 2%), unless it was bred to be a high CBG strain.

The CBG in cannabis produces CBGA—the “A” there stands for acid, meaning that CBGA is the acidic form of CBG. Cannabigerolic acid is the real star of the show here, as it is a precursor to the three main cannabinoids, THC, CBD, and CBC. Simply put, without CBGA we wouldn’t have THC or CBD.

During the lifetime of the plant, natural enzymes (called synthases) transform CBGA into THCA, CBDA, and CBCA. These, in turn, are transformed into THC, CBD, and CBC through the process of decarboxylation—the removal of a carboxyl group with the application of heat. The small amounts of CBGA that remain on the plant after the formation of the other cannabinoids, are in turn decarboxylated and turned into CBG.

What’s important here, is that almost all CBGA turns into THCA and CBDA early in the process. This means that the amount of CBGA left for the formation of CBG is very low, which is also the reason for the low yields. Compared to THC and CBD, CBG yields are often 10 or even 20 times lower. The main way to increase CBG yield is to breed them with strains higher in CBG production, which is what this page features.

Will CBG flower get me high?

No, CBG won’t get you high. This cannabinoid is mildly psychoactive but not psychotropic. CBG affects the brain very differently to THC, and it does not come with intoxicating effects. In high concentrations, CBG may induce effects of relaxation and euphoria, but the majority of the effects that this cannabinoid has on your system are not physiological.

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