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The Best E-Cigarette Vapes
Last updated: June 8, 2022

Best Disposable Vapes 2022

The ideal choice for beginners!
1st Place
Zovoo Dragbar 2200 disposable vape pen
Zovoo Dragbar 2200

With some of the best flavors we’ve ever tried on a disposable, 6.5 mL of 50 mg nicotine salt e-liquid, and a 1000 mAh battery, the Zovoo Dragbar 2200 is the best disposable vape on the market right now!

Flum Float
Flum Float Disposable Vape
BLVK Ello Disposable Vape

Disposable vapes are the most popular e-cigarette in 2022. They’ve been around for more than a decade, but it wasn’t until recently that the tech really improved. The standard in performance did too!

Modern-day disposable vapes are significantly more satisfying than those of years past—even compared to those from 2020 like the Puff Bar. Disposables in 2022 are readily available in significantly larger sizes than before, and they put out much more vapor due to larger battery power.

That said, a disposable vape still operates on the same premise: a draw-activated vape to dispose of after the battery dies. Just remove the packaging and start puffing—though some may have a button or even adjustable airflow. And after the battery dies, toss them in your nearest recycle waste for electronics.

Zovoo Dragbar 2200 disposable vape pen

Zovoo Dragbar 2200

Backed by Voopoo’s know-how, the Zovoo Dragbar 2200 combines dependable performance with some of the best flavors we’ve ever had on a disposable vape. The Dragbars come in 5% nic salt and ten flavors. They are available in a variety of sizes, so you can pick the juice and battery capacity that fits your needs.

Flum Float Disposable Vape

Flum Float

Flum Float disposables are all about variety. They originally came in ten flavors, but they are now available in a whopping 20 options to choose from—with even more possibly on the way! Each Float disposable contains 8 mL of 50 mg nicotine salt juice, with a large battery that’s good for up to 3000 puffs.

BLVK Ello Disposable Vape


The Ello is a BLVK product, so you know it’s going to taste great! It also offers a satisfying MTL draw, courtesy of one of the most comfortable mouthpieces we’ve seen on a disposable. BLVK Ello disposables last for 2500 puffs and come in ten flavor options, each containing 7 mL of 50 mg nicotine salt e-liquid.

Vaporlax Disposable vape

Vaporlax Disposable

With the Vaporlax disposables, variety is the name of the game! They come with a capacity of 6.5 mL (1500 puffs or more) and 50 mg of nicotine. But what’s more important, they are available in a whopping 22 flavors! The collection includes a variety of fruity vapes, a couple of custard options for those with a sweet tooth, and everything in between.

CUBE Disposable vape pen

CUBE Disposable

The CUBE disposables have a nicotine-free option, which is very rare in the world of disposable vapes. Each CUBE device holds 11 mL of e-liquid and features adjustable airflow and a large battery that lasts for over 3000 puffs. CUBE disposables come in 20 flavors and are also available in 5% nicotine strength.

Pro tips for disposable vapes


Disposable vapes have no replaceable parts, and while you should never try to take one apart, they just contain a battery and a juice reservoir. So what’s the need for pro tips? No matter how easy disposable vapes are to use, there are some things you should know that could be taken for granted.

  • Don’t store them in extreme temperatures; remember, they have small lithium-ion batteries inside.
  • Don’t try and hack them for a refill; this could also cause an auto-fire and potentially break the device.
  • Dispose of them like other lithium-ion batteries, in a designated drop off for battery recycling.
  • Make sure you draw from the mouthpiece ONLY; drawing from the bottom of the device could cause the vape to auto fire. Since there are no buttons, there would be no way to turn it off besides slamming it down on concrete, which would break the device and result in further safety concerns.
  • Make sure to not cover the airflow holes while drawing on the vape (normally, the airflow holes are on the very bottom of the device); covering the air holes while drawing could cause an unfixable leak.
  • Dispose of after the flavor drops off, even if there is more battery life. If you push it, you might get a nasty dry or burnt hit.
  • Don’t worry about counting puffs! The puff estimation of these devices is just a ballpark figure, usually tied to the battery capacity. In general, though, the puff numbers are accurate enough.

Disposable vapes are very convenient! They’re super simple to use, they’re small and pocketable, and there’s no real learning curve. However, as with any kind of device that’s powered by a lithium-ion battery, caution and care should always be exercised.

Best Beginner Vapes in 2022
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