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February 1, 20240

FLONQ Max Smart Disposable Review: The Upgraded FLONQ Max

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Jeremy Mann
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FLONQ Max Smart

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The FLONQ Max Smart is a unique disposable vape with an intriguing form factor and a variety of complex flavors. It features an LED indicator, a 650 mAh rechargeable USB-C battery, and claims up to 10,000 puffs. The nic strengths are color-coded.

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FLONQ Max Smart 0%

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The FLONQ Max Smart is a unique disposable vape with an intriguing form factor and a variety of complex flavors. It features an LED indicator, a 650 mAh rechargeable USB-C battery, and claims up to 10,000 puffs. The nic strengths are color-coded, with the 0% option coming in black.

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Product intro and specs

No, it’s not an earbud case. It’s the FLONQ Max Smart, an upgraded version of the FLONQ Max disposable vape. What sets this device apart from its first model is the addition of an e-liquid and battery LED indicator, as well as an enhanced mesh coil design for improved airflow and flavor.

Mostly everything else remains the same. It still comes with a 650 mAh rechargeable USB-C battery and a rating for up to 10,000 puffs. The capacity is the same at 14 mL. And there are still three nicotine strength options: 0%, 2%, and 5%.

On the menu now are a total of 14 flavors, including a chilled, unflavored option.

The flavor and nicotine choices are generous. The form factor is definitely different. But is the FLONQ Max Smart just another disposable vape? Or is there something special going on here? Spoiler alert: a little bit of both. Let me explain.

Price: $17.99 (at Mi-pod)

Flavors: Banana milkshake, blue lemonade, cherry peach lemonade, clear (unflavored), grape, milk chocolate, mint chill, mixed berries, pink lemonade, strawberry ice cream, strawberry watermelon, tobacco, watermelon ice, yummy bear


  • Battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • Puffs: 10000
  • Capacity: 14 mL
  • Nicotine strength: 0% / 2% / 5%
  • USB-C charge

Kit contents

Build quality and design

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The first thing you notice about the FLONQ is its glossy and unique body styling. It comes in white, grey, or black, with the colors based, respectively, on nicotine levels. As mentioned, it looks like an earbud case. This is the type of design usually only seen at vape expos.

Weighing only about 55 grams, the FLONQ Max Smart is made of lightweight plastic. Encircling the FLONQ Max Smart is an embedded metal accent, which adds to its sleek look. But don’t get it twisted! It’s disposable, and it feels like it.

The mouthpiece of the FLONQ makes the device look like a “q.” It’s comfortable to draw on, but the outermost edges of the mouthpiece are hard and abrupt. I think there’s a little room for improvement on the mouthpiece. One part of the design I enjoy is that you can sit them face down (on the flavor-color-coded LED panel).

Getting started

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New for the FLONQ Max Smart is the addition of the LED screen. It’s a two-stage indicator that first tells you the battery percentage remaining and then the estimated percentage of liquid left. Each readout stays on for about three seconds.

Other than that, there’s nothing else you need to know to begin. You can start vaping out of the package. Included in the box is a handy manual outlining the flavors offered, along with their cooling and sweetness levels.

Note: Most of my battery percentage readouts were at 90% to 95% after taking my first draw. I recommend just vaping them as is instead of trying to top off the battery. Go to the “how long does it last?” section to learn more about the FLONQ Max Smart and charging.


How does it hit?

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The FLONQ Max Smart has a flavorful, quickly-activating, easy draw that is barely audible. Even though it is closer to a loose MTL than a strict MTL draw because of increased airflow, you can take strict MTL hits. I just think it’s a better draw when taking loose MTL hits.

What I find most remarkable about the FLONQ Max Smart is the throat hit. You can get satisfaction across all the nicotine levels, even at zero nicotine strength. Of course, the biggest nic hit is with the 5%, but even the 0% has a solid throat hit. It’s obviously not a nicotine hit, but it still has some kick. It’s almost heresy to say that a zero-nicotine device can have a throat hit, but somehow these do, even if in just a minor way.

The zero-nicotine option for the FLONQ Max Smart is an outstanding option for those looking to wean themselves off nicotine.

FLONQ Max Smart best flavors

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The FLONQ Max Smart has an option to suit your wishes. Everything from fruits and desserts to tobacco and unflavored.

What’s interesting is how these flavors taste. Though they sound like flavors you’ve tried before, in many cases, the specific flavorings used in the FLONQ Max Smart devices taste different from those in other brand’s recipes. Many of the fruit flavors taste more like extracts than artificial flavorings, which gives them a deep and complex flavor profile.

These are my favorites:

Milk chocolate

A divine taste of velvety chocolate and cream. A remarkable flavor! Minor cooling.

Strawberry ice cream

Bright and natural-tasting strawberry with a hint of sweet creaminess. Minor cooling.

Yummy bear

A semi-sweet take on grapefruit. Medium cooling.

Banana milkshake

A flavorful and aromatic burst of bananas and cream. Minor cooling.

Note: The unflavored option has a medium cooling effect. And the tobacco tastes more like a traditional “red tobacco” flavor than a 555 or Virginia taste. It's not too dissimilar from the old JUUL “classic tobacco” flavor, with minimal cooling.

How long does it last?

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In terms of battery life, the FLONQ Max Smart gives about a day of consistent vaping per charge. It's possible to get up to the end of the first charge, but I doubt you’d ever need a second charge. Additionally, I noticed that some units started to produce dry hits when the estimated liquid level was below 23%.

With this in mind, I'd say these devices can last about a day and a half on average. I’m disappointed in their longevity. Despite stating there's a 14 mL capacity, it seems unlikely that you'll achieve anywhere near 10k puffs before it's time to dispose of it.

A crucial point to note is about charging. I found the optimal method to be using a USB-C from the FLONQ Max Smart into a laptop or PC, where it takes approximately 1 hour and 15 minutes to reach a full charge. Interestingly, when I used wall chargers, the devices consistently had a burned taste afterward. This issue did not occur when using my PC or laptop for charging, even though they also charged to 100%.

Take my advice or don’t. Just remember, you don’t get a second chance at the charge.


Pros / Cons


  • Novel form factor
  • Lightweight
  • Loose MTL draw
  • Smooth and quiet airflow
  • Complex and natural flavors
  • Unflavored option
  • Three nicotine levels
  • A satisfying zero-nicotine line


  • Dry hits occurred with 20% liquid remaining
  • Dry hits after using wall chargers



The FLONQ Max Smart is an interesting disposable. The novel form factor is interesting to look at and nice to hold. I like that the devices can sit on their flat surface, face down, which makes them inconspicuous on a desk. However, I also think the mouthpiece could use a little refinement.

Performance-wise, the flavor quality and production are both high. The draw is easy, quick, and satisfying. Mind-bogglingly, the zero-nicotine option is actually satisfying, too. I find that no small feat! I’m really impressed with FLONQ’s non-nicotine option.

The biggest issue for me is the lifespan of the devices. Unless you’re a light vaper, you are going to need to toss this one in about two days.

So, my overall recommendation takes a hit mostly because of its lack of longevity. Getting a dry hit with about 20% liquid left is a bummer. That said, the Milk Chocolate FLONQ Max Smart is one of the best flavors I’ve ever vaped! Take that for what it's worth.

FLONQ Max Smart

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FLONQ Max Smart 0%

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Jeremy Mann

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Jeremy Mann

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