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Best Vape Mods 2022
Last updated: June 8, 2022

Best DNA Mods 2022

The best DNA mods available to date and how to get the best possible experience with them using the EScribe software.
1st Place
Lost Vape Hyperion DNA Mod
Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C

The Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C houses the latest of Evolv’s chipsets. It is IP68 rated, charges super-fast (3A,) and takes a single 21700 battery.

Lost Vape Thelema DNA250C
Lost Vape Thelema DNA250C
Dovpo Riva DNA250C
Dovpo Riva DNA250c Mod

Evolv’s DNA boards are powering some of the most accurate and well-made vape mods the market has to offer. A temperature-control vaper’s dream, a DNA-powered device also offers a wide degree of customization with the use of the EScribe software. If you are after a tailor-made vape experience, you can literally tweak and modify every aspect of your puff!

This list features our favorite 250C and 75C DNA-powered mods in the market right now. Keep reading for a brief history of the DNA board and our tips that will guide you in the right direction for learning how to use the EScribe software.

DNA mods are still the best option for temperature control, but if you want a reliable vape at a fraction of the price, take a look at box mods and high-wattage mods.

Lost Vape Hyperion DNA Mod

Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C

The Lost Vape Hyperion DNA100C features the latest DNA chipset and is constructed using military-grade materials. It takes a 21700 battery, fires up to 100 watts, and comes IP68 rated. The Hyperion charges through a 3A Type-C port and offers Evolv’s signature top-notch temp control performance.

Lost Vape Thelema DNA250C

Lost Vape Thelema DNA250C

The Thelema DNA250C is the latest in a long line of Lost Vape DNA-powered mods. Updating the design of the popular Paranormal and Centaurus, Lost Vape added a practical C-frame battery door backed by genuine leather. The result? A super-accurate dual-18650 mod with looks, feel, and performance that can only be found in the higher end of the market.

Dovpo Riva DNA250c Mod

Dovpo Riva DNA250C

Dovpo have been upping their DNA game in the last couple of years, and their latest DNA-fitted mod is the Riva DNA250C. Made out of zinc alloy with smooth leather backing, the Riva comes in an ergonomic shape that’s somewhat reminiscent of the Odin. The Riva takes two 18650s and fires up to 200 watts. Available in five colors.

What is a DNA board?

Evolv’s DNA boards are widely considered some of, if not the most accurate box mod chipsets available. Starting in 2012 with the Darwin, the first variable wattage device to ever hit the market, continuing with the introduction of temperature control with their DNA40 board in 2014, and introducing Replay mode with their DNA75C and DNA250C boards in 2018, Evolv has drastically shaped the way we use our vape setups.

Evolv didn’t just invent the concept of temperature control, but is still after all these years considered the benchmark for TC performance. Simply put, if you are a TC vaper you need a DNA-powered device.

Here is a timeline with the highlights of Evolv’s history:

  • 2010 – The Darwin: the first variable wattage device to ever hit the market.
  • 2014 – DNA40: the first ever TC-capable chipset.
  • 2015 – DNA200: introduced firmware upgrades and raised the wattage limit to 200 watts.
  • 2016 – DNA75: limited to 75 watts, it brought down the manufacturing costs.
  • 2016 – DNA250: raised the wattage limit to 250 watts and added various features.
  • 2016 – DNA60: an updated DNA40 board with EScribe compatibility.
  • 2017 – DNA75C: a colored screen and various updates to the DNA75 board.
  • 2018 – DNA250C: a colored screen and various updates to the DNA250 board.
  • 2018 – DNA Go: an EScribe compatible board made for pod-systems.

What is the EScribe software?

One of the most distinguishing features of the DNA boards is their customizability through the use of dedicated software. EScribe is by far the most advanced vape-related software available and allows for a very in-depth control over a wide array of parameters, from simple profile and theme creation to every imaginable vape experience micro-adjustment.

This 32-page manual by Evolv will get you started with EScribe – it was written with the DNA200 board in mind but most info will also apply to newer boards.

You can also take Evolv’s introductory course on EScribe, which features full narration and detailed categorized slides (note that Chrome browser will not display the slides properly.)

For a more in-depth look to the ins and outs of Evolv’s EScribe software and its updated features on the DNA75C chip, check this video by popular YouTube reviewer DJLsb Vapes:

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