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Best Vape Mods 2021
Last updated: February 11, 2021

Best High Wattage Mods 2021

The best high-wattage mods on the market right now for battery life and clouds.
1st Place
Geekvape Aegis X
Geekvape Aegis X

The Geekvape Aegis X is a dual-18650 rugged mod with a striking 2.4-inch color screen. It is rated for 200 watts and comes with IP-67 certification for water and dust-resistance.

Vaporesso GEN S
Vaporesso Gen S

Want to fog up the room? Then you will need a vape mod that will allow you to raise the wattage safely. Chucking clouds on sub ohm tanks and rebuildable atomizers requires more power than what a single battery can provide. This means dual-, triple-, and in some cases even quad-battery powered mods will be your go-to options.

Our collection of high-wattage mods has you covered! We’ve tested scores of devices to bring you our handpicked high-power mods that will have you blowing clouds in no time.

Geekvape Aegis X

Geekvape Aegis X

The Aegis X is the latest in the line of Geekvape’s rugged, IP67-rated mods. It’s a water and dust-resistant dual-18650 mod rated for 200 watts with a large 2.4-inch OLED color screen. It is powered by the AS 2.0 chipset and features real 2-amp charging. The mod comes in a black body, with eight color options for the panels.

Vaporesso Gen S

Vaporesso GEN S

The Vaporesso GEN S is a dual-18650 mod rated for 220 watts. It is a lightweight and durable mod that comes with a textured rubber chassis that’s soft to the touch. It houses the accurate and rapid-firing AXON chip, which features Pulse firing and ECO power mode. The GEN mod is available in twelve color options.



The Voopoo Argus GT is a lightweight dual-18650 mod capable of 160 watts. It is powered by the GENE.TT chipset and features a large color screen with a clean interface that’s easy to navigate. The mod comes in five colors, each with a different style of leather or fabric. Also available as a kit paired with the PnP Pod tank.

DOVPO ODIN 200W vape mod


The Odin 200W is a collaboration between Dovpo, Vaperz Cloud, and the Vaping Bogan. It is a dual-21700 mod that fires up to 200 watts and can fit up to 30 mm atomizers without overhang. It features a 0.96-inch screen and an aluminum-zinc alloy durable construction. Available in five color options.

SMOK Rigel vape mod

SMOK Rigel

The SMOK Rigel is a lightweight mod that’s rated for 230 watts. It is a dual-18650 rugged mod that can easily withstand a fall due to its soft rubberized texture and durable zinc alloy and carbon fiber construction. The Rigel comes in five color options and is also available as a kit bundled with the mesh-powered TFV9 tank.

Augvape VX217 box mod

Augvape VX217

A 12-volt vape mod? That’s right! The Augvape VX217 is a dual-21700 mod that’s capable of powering up any coil you throw on it. One of the smallest dual-21700 on the market, the VX217 is capable of 217 watts and features a spinning button for quick menu navigation. Available in three color configurations.



The Mag P3 by SMOK is a, IP67-rated dual-18650 mod that’s built like a tank! Housing a 1.9-inch color touchscreen and staying loyal the Mag design, the P3 comes with the advanced IQ-M chipset offering a wide array of features—including a 4-digit pin to unlock your mod. The mod is rated for 230 watts and comes in five color options.

Advantages of high wattage mods

  • Better for clouds: most cloud chucking sub ohm tanks come with coils that are rated for over 100 watts of power. Getting the most out of them will require a high wattage mod.
  • Safer at high wattages: many single battery mods will fire at or even a bit over 100 watts. But higher rated box mods will be safer at that range due to not overstraining the batteries.
  • Better battery life: power is not the only trick these mods have up their sleeve. Implementing more than one battery also means more battery life – and healthier batteries down the line.
  • Many options to choose from: there are hundreds of high wattage mods currently in the market with more of them coming every day. </

Disadvantages of high wattage mods

  • Size and weight: high wattage mods will generally be bigger and heavier than lower wattage mods, especially with batteries inserted.
  • Need for external charging: while most mods will charge through a mini-USB port, using a dedicated charger is advised. This is true for all mods but especially for devices that house more than one battery.

Is a high wattage mod right for you?

If you like to vape at higher wattages, a device that can fire safely at around 200 watts is your best option. But even if you think that you will never need to go that high, there are other reasons why investing at a higher wattage vape mod might be the right move for you.

Vaping at lower wattages with a device like that will give you great autonomy — a pair of freshly charged batteries will easily get you through the whole day and then some. And who knows? Maybe you decide to give cloud chucking a chance down the line. Why getting another mod when you can already be prepared? Pair a power-hungry sub ohm tank with your high wattage mod, fill it with your favorite vape juice, and vape on!

How high can you go?

There are high-wattage mods, and then there are ridiculously high-wattage mods. These will take three, four, or even five batteries and may reach 300 and, in some cases, go close to 400 watts — good luck finding an atomizer that works in these ranges!

The wattage a mod can reach is dictated by the limits of your batteries. These are dependent on battery size and chemistry, but as a rule of thumb, a good 18650 battery can safely fire up to 75-80 watts. Advanced regulation chips will sometimes allow for wattages even higher than these, but many manufacturers will put a limit between 70 to 80 watts on a single 18650.

Larger batteries like 20700s and 21700s can go over 100 watts if they are designed for high output. These batteries quickly rendered most multi-battery mods obsolete as users were able to reach their desired wattages on a dual-battery mod, without having to carry heavier and larger mods in their pockets

As with most things in vaping, it all boils down to personal preference. If you fancy a large powerhouse of a mod, you can always go for triple- or quad-battery configuration. If you want to push the wattage but size and weight matter for you, then look for dual-battery mods. In most cases the power they will provide will be more than enough to cover your vaping needs. Just make sure you are using good quality batteries and are aware of battery safety precautions.

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