Xtar SV2 Charger Preview

A quick look at the latest charger from Xtar, one of the best name's in battery chargers.


Xtar SV2 Offers Safe and Accurate Charging

The Xtar SV2 is the latest lithium-ion battery charger from a company know for excellent battery chargers. In my opinion, Xtar makes some of the best chargers on the market — much better than competing models from eFest and a little bit better than chargers from Nitecore. As the owner of Xtar’s VP4, VC4, and VC2 Plus chargers, I was anxious to check out the Xtar SV2 at TPE2016. What I found was an excellent two-bay model that charges quickly, safely, and accurately.

Fast and Versatile

Xtar SV2

The Xtar SV2 is an updated version of the company’s SP2 model. Like its predecessor, it can charge lithium-ion batteries at a rate of 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0 amps. The Xtar SV2 adds a digital display, 0.25-amp charging, and the ability to charge nickel-metal hydride batteries (the battery chemistry commonly used for rechargeable AA, AAA, etc. batteries).

The two-amp charging is a fantastic feature for when you need to charge batteries in a hurry. I had an eFest two-amp charger in the past, but was disappointed by its inaccurate charging — it would sometimes overcharge batteries (big no-no) and other times undercharge them (minor annoyance). Xtar is widely known to use safe and accurate charging algorithms. When you add that to the handy speed of two-amp charging, the Xtar SV2 looks like a great two-bay charger.

Battery safety is something that many vapers take for granted, but definitely need to consider. There are many powerful batteries commonly used in vaping and it’s vital that vapers treat them well. If charging speed is a big concern of yours then I highly recommend checking out the Xtar SV2. In addition to charging your batteries quickly, it does so safely and accurately — basically everything you want a battery charger to do.

Raymond Padilla
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  • Greg

    XTAR makes the best consumer Chargers on the Market IMHO, and I have owned them all. Think I will stick with my VC4 until at leat an SV4 is introduced.

    Does the SV2 still use the USB power adapter and does it have a USB charging port?

    • The SV2 does not use a USB power adapter. I’m fairly certain it doesn’t not having a USB charging port either, but I’ll double check. It makes sense for it not to have both, in order to differentiate the SV2 from the VC2 Plus.