Alfa by Goboof Vaporizer Review

Alfa by Gaboof
Alfa by Gaboof

Goboof Alfa Intro

Ok, first of all I just have to say, what a funny name; Goboof. Secondly, I have never heard of this company but then again the portable herbal vape market is still in its infant stages, in my opinion. It has only been in the last few years that we have started to see companies releasing high quality vapes that are portable and practical. One of the main reasons why people choose to vape their herbs to begin with is to be more discrete. Formerly, this has only been possible by use of large desktop units that require a power source, rendering them impractical to vape herbs on the go.

Today, we have portables such as the Pax, the Pax 2 and Magic Flight Launch Box, which was actually the first herbal vaporizer I have ever used. It almost seemed too good to be true. I think the only downside to these products is the fact that they are not cheap! I predict that eventually they will be in higher demand, thus forcing the market price to drop. I am not an economist by any means but this is a common trend, especially in the technological realm. The Alfa by Goboof is moderately priced at $199 so let’s find out if this thing is worth the dough or not.


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Goboof Alfa Specs and Features

Alfa by Gaboof Package content
Alfa by Gaboof Package content
  • All in one function dial guarantees ease-of-use.
  • Full control assured with 3 manual, 1 smart auto puff and 1 smart auto time and heat functions.
  • Innovative battery technology provides 2 Hours run time and 30 second heat up.
  • Hard anodised oven with heating-pin ensures even heat distribution and great long-lasting flavour.
  • Sleek ergonomic compact design with all metal anodised machined casing.
  • Automatic smart puff technology shut-off saves battery life.
  • Includes USB charger.

Notable Remarks

Aesthetics 10 out of 10

Alfa by Gaboof
Alfa by Gaboof

The Alfa comes nicely packaged in an eco-friendly-looking cardboard box with pictures of people wearing silly masks. With a name like Goboof, and that kind of packaging, I can already tell these folks have a great sense of humor. When I opened up the box, there it was. I knew it was going to be small, but dang! I was super impressed by the small size of this unit, especially given its 2-hour battery life! Next thing I noticed was the all-metal black, anodized casing which looks and feels fantastic! The Alfa has that chalkboard-esque texture which is just straight-up sexy. The size fits great in the ol’ hand and is relatively lightweight, especially considering that it is made of metal. Overall, this product looks and feels great. I like the way the dial clicks into place and it’s green LED light is a nice touch. Last but not least, the Goboof logo in white completes this ensemble.

Vapor Quality 9 out of 10

The vapor quality on this bad boy is surprisingly good, not just for a portable one, but in general. It actually holds up to the quality of a desktop unit. They are really starting to get a hang of this stuff! I have used the original Pax before and I can honestly say the vapor was more satisfying on this unit, in my opinion. I was able to get some good puffs that really filled up my lungs up with nice vapor, simulating the sensation of smoking. The Pax just kinda teased me with the taste of herb. I personally prefer starting on the Low setting and moving up to Mid. Not a big fan of the Hi setting.

Quality 9 out of 10

Everything on this device appears to be of high-quality. Nothing looks like it could snap off or break after heavy usage. It is a brilliant yet simple design that has been constructed well. I definitely do not have any complaints about this unit in regards to quality. Great job, Goboof!

Convenience 9 out of 10

Alfa by Gaboof Chamber
Alfa by Gaboof Chamber

Like most products, the Alfa does not come charged and its first cycle takes hella long. It does not take a Micro-USB connection which I was a little disappointed about but I think it takes the same plug as my beard trimmer, but I am not going to find out and risk messing this thing up. It came with an AC adapter, but on the website it says that the Alfa now includes a USB adapter. I hope that in the future, Goboof decides to go with a Micro-USB charging port since that seems to be the direction most of these products are going in but kudos to them for going against the grain. Once this bad boy is charged, you can actually get 2 hours of usage which is about 3-4 sessions, each one lasting around 10-15 minutes. Loading this unit is very easy, especially when you take off the mouthpiece and stand it upright. This product has also been very simple to clean and maintain.

Efficiency 9 out of 10

Alfa by Gaboof Setting Switch
Alfa by Gaboof Setting Switch

This vaporizer is extremely efficient from what I have seen. With about .2-.3 grams of material, you can get anywhere from 15-20 puffs! Of course, this also depends on the size of your puffs. It will give you a nice, satisfying puff of vapor even from a small, 3-4 second drag. Of course, you can also get a bigger cloud of vapor by taking longer pulls, but the Alfa is better for puffage.

Value 8.0 out of 10

$200 is not cheap! The Alfa is actually more expensive than some desktop units, however if you want a good quality herbal vaporizer that is portable, this is the way to go. I personally think this unit is more effective than the Pax at around the same price and $80 cheaper than the Pax 2!


  • Auto-shutoff function with puff detection, makes this product 100% burnout proof.
  • Very easy to use and clean.
  • Very small and portable.
  • Good vapor production and overall efficiency.
  • Good battery life (Approximately 2 hours)
  • Looks and feels just plain sexy.


  • On the Hi setting, the vapor becomes quite harsh and the mouthpiece becomes very hot.
  • On the Mid setting, the unit and mouthpiece gets considerably hot after a whole session.
  • Uses a non-Micro-USB connection to charge. (I hope they change that that in the future.)


Overall Rating – 9 out of 10

All in all, this is a nice, portable herbal vaporizer. I’m not be able to give it any score lower than 9 because it works really well and is very easy to maintain. Of course the price is a little high but I believe that the quality is up to par with its price point. The Pax set the bar high as far as quality and portability goes and I feel like Goboof is maintaining and possibly exceeding that standard. It was only a few years ago that nobody could even conceive such a small and efficient unit. I hope that eventually they are able to market similar devices for people who do not have $200 to spend.

Update: Since this review there have been a lot of interesting products hitting the market. One of them is the Grenco Gpen Elite which performs just as well as the Alfa, if not better, with more features. Best of all it is actually cheaper.


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