Aspire Atlantis Sub Ohm Tank Review

Aspire Atlantis
Aspire Atlantis

Aspire Atlantis Intro

UPDATE: Head over to our newer Aspire Atlantis 2 Review

In this review we take a look at the game changing sub ohm tank from Aspire – the Atlantis. The Aspire Atlantis is the first tank of its kind and has really laid down a marker in the clearomizer and sub ohm tank market.

The Atlantis tank is a clearomizer capable of sub ohm vaping. This means the coil is capable of vaping at less than 1 ohm. By vaping at this lower resistance, the tank can produce more clouds and users experience a more “intense” flavour from their e-juice. For anyone new to vaping, I would not recommend getting straight into sub ohm vaping! Please don’t buy this tank if you do not know what you are doing. The Aspire atlantis will require the right batteries and mods to use it. The box mod or mech mod you are using has to have the ability to vape at less than 1ohm. This means the Eleaf iStick 20W cannot use the Atlantis for instance, along with a host of other mods and batteries. If you are unsure please drop us a comment or email or check out some good videos on Youtube on sub ohm vaping.

UPDATE: Aspire have announced that they will be launching the Atlantis 2 at the end of March 2015. Check out our sub ohm tank page to stay up to date on all the sub ohm tanks.


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Aspire Atlantis Specs and Features

Aspire Atlantis Disassembled
Aspire Atlantis Disassembled
  • 1×Complete Atlantis tank (includes 1 x 0.5ohm coil)
  • 1×Replacement pyrex glass tube
  • 1×Replacement coil/atomizer (0.5ohm)
Aspire Atlantis on a Nemesis Mod
Aspire Atlantis on a Nemesis Mod
  • Thread: 510
  • Capacity: 2.0ml
  • Size: Φ22mm * 70.3mm
  • Available resistance:0.5Ω (20~30W)
  • Air hole size: Φ2.0mm,Φ2.8mm;Ellipse 6.0*2.6mm,9.0*2.6mm

Notable Remarks

Aesthetics, Size and Weight

Aspire Atlantis
Aspire Atlantis

The Aspire Atlantis looks great. It has a simple stainless steel finish to it, which looks nice. The Aspire logo is also etched into the steel at the top. The size of the Atlantis, width wise, is spot on at 22mm. It is the same width as most mech mods, so looks fantastic on top of those. It’s not very tall either and is fairly lightweight for what it is. It has a massive drip tip at the top which can be removed and is very wide.

Although the Aspire is pretty small and thin, it means that it only features a 2ml tank, which many have said is too small. The Atlantis uses a lot of juice and because of this the 2ml tank won’t last you very long. However Aspire have heard the cries for a larger tank and are now selling an extended 5ml replacement tank. It will fit on your current tank and will be a little longer in length. Great stuff by Aspire to react so quickly!


Aspire Atlantis 0.5 Coil
Aspire Atlantis 0.5 Coil

The Aspire Atlantis can be fully taken apart and the coils screw in easily. The coils are 0.5ohm and are a lot larger than the previous nautilus coils. This difference means you won’t be able to use your old nautilus coils on the Atlantis. The coil also features massive juice holes that feed into the vertically built coil. The massive juice flow means that this coil produces tonnes of vapor and a great intense flavor.

The air flow is the same kind of air flow system as with the Aspire nautilus. There are 4 different air flow holes to choose from. The last hole is huge and means you can get some huge clouds going. The air flow is very wide on the Atlantis allowing plenty of air to flow into the coil. You won’t be able to mouth inhale very well on the Atlantis as when you close the airflow fully or to little airflow the coil will get too hot and the vapor will get very warm. Sub ohm tanks require a lot of air flow to work well and therefore you will need to direct lung inhale on them.

The coils can also be re-built, although we haven’t tried this out yet, but I have heard it is possible. This could be a cheaper solution to constantly purchasing new replacement atomizers, which aren’t cheap. I think you can get a 5 pack of replacement coils for around $20.

The tank is extremely well built and we haven’t had any sort of leakage issues at all.

*Update: When we cleaned out the Aspire Atlantis tank for the first time we broke the pyrex glass when trying to remove it from the base! Maybe we weren’t being careful, but it’s definitely not indestructible. Good thing Aspire included a 2nd pyrex glass tube.

Wicking Material

The original Atlantis coils were part organic cotton and part ceramic paper. There was much debate on the ceramic material and it potentially being bad for you due to silica fibers becoming dislodged and being inhaled. Aspire listened to the feedback and are now replacing the coils to make them 100% organic cotton, which is what the community is calling for. If you are worried about the ceramic material, check to see the coils that you are buying are the new 100% cotton ones.

Ease of Use

The Aspire Atlantis excels is this respect. It produces RDA style clouds, but without the hassle of having to rebuild your coils or drip e-liquid every couple of minutes. If you know what batteries to use etc. then all you do is attach the Atlantis and fill it up and you’re good to go. Let it sit for a minute for the wick to absorb the e-liquid and you’re ready. This really will give you that RDA experience without all the fuss and hassle associated with RDAs.

Vapor Production and Flavor

As mentioned above, the Aspire Atlantis produces massive amounts of vapor. The vapor production is really comparable to an RBA or RDA. The Aspire Atlantis produces comparable amounts of vapor to the Eleaf Lemo and the Kayfun RBAs.

The flavor was exquisite. The Atlantis produces really good flavor and worked well with the 70% VG blends we tried on it. I think the Kanger Subtank produces slightly better flavor because of its horizontal coils, but some people are convinced the Aspire Atlantis flavor is better!

One thing to be careful of is the amount of e-juice the Atlantis uses. This is because of the amount of vapor the Atlantis produces. If you have some big lung inhales, the 2ml of e-liquid is gone quite quickly. This means you are inhaling a lot of nicotine very quickly, so be sure to use a 6mg e-liquid or less. We use zero nicotine when using the Atlantis most of the time and sometimes we will use 6mg or 2mg. I would not however use more than 6mg if you are going to be vaping this a lot in a short period of time!

I got the odd spitback when using the Aspire Atlantis which fried my tongue once or twice! If you have this issue as well, I would recommend running a qu-tip down the chimney, until there isn’t any e-liquid left in it.

The vapor production was very warm when I used the tighter airflow options – not horribly so, but noticeably warmer than otherwise. I would recommend letting some more air onto the coil and using the wider airflow settings.

The Bottom Line

Aspire Atlantis vs Kanger Subtank
Aspire Atlantis vs Kanger Subtank

The Aspire Atlantis is a real game changer in the clearomizer market. It is bringing subohm vaping to a much wider market. It is making it easier for people to have the RDA/RBA subohm experience without having to build your own coils. This will appeal to a lot of vapers. RDAs and RBAs aren’t for everyone, as they do take a lot of time and are very fiddly, so this is the perfect solution for those who want to experience similar flavor and vapor production.

My only gripe, is that the tank is too small, but it would seem Aspire have fixed this issue by selling a replacement tank, albeit at an additional cost to those who already have the tank. I wouldn’t really use the Atlantis as my all day vape, due to the amount of e-liquid it uses and the clouds it produces. However I do have it on my desk for when I want some awesome flavor and for some big clouds.

Despite the small e-liquid capacity, we otherwise love the size and width of the tank and that it fits so nicely on top of mech mods and all the mini box mods. It really looks great and no doubt you will find yourself uploading a pic of it on your set up to Instagram, Facebook or Reddit (#handcheck)!


Well if you have a box mod or mech mod that has the capability of firing at 0.5ohm, and want some big clouds and great flavor from your juice, then I would definitely give the Aspire Atlantis a go. If you’re into RDAs/RTAs, I would definitely try the Atlantis, as it is much more convenient for taking in the car or going out (places that make dripping inconvenient). The Atlantis is an extremely well built tank with no leaking issues and performs extremely well and bearing in mind it was the first sub ohm tank on the market, it is pretty remarkable. There is much debate as to which sub ohm tank is the best to buy, but if you get the Aspire Atlantis, you won’t be disappointed. For more info on all the sub ohm tanks check out our best sub ohm tank guide. (Update: there is an Aspire Atlantis 2 coming out soon, so wait for that!)

If RBAs are your thing, then I would probably look at the Kanger subtank mini or nano which come with a specific RBA for rebuilding your own coils. The Atlantis coils can be rebuilt but aren’t as accessible as the RBA is on the Subtank.

We will also be doing a comparison of the Kanger Subtank Mini and Nano and the Aspire Atlantis soon!


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Chris Kendell
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  • Rhonda Searcy Humphrey

    I have the aspire atlantis, I love the way it vapes. However I hate the way that every time I add juice or change coils I have to take the coil in and out 20 times before my iStick 30W shows it has an atomizer and will vape. Any suggestions?.

    • Hey Rhonda, have you checked to see if any liquid got through to the base coil connection? This could be the reason it is not picking up any coil. If that is not the case, try to see if the bottom pin comes out when you screw in the coil.

  • Jessica Hostedler

    Can any of the 3 coils .3 .5 and 1 for the Atlantis 2 be used in this tank? Thank you

  • Ibo

    Hello, I have the Halo reactor 50W batter but I really don’t like the tank they provided just because it is too big (5ml) with 0.5ohm vertical coils. I wanna use something like Atlantis Aspire 2.5ml tank and as far I read , it has 0.5ohm vertical coils as well. Can I use Atlantis Aspire with my Halo Reactor battery? and I have plenty of 0.5ohm coils came with Halo kit, do you know if those 0.50ohm vertical coils are compatible with Aspire? Thank you very much.

    • Hey Ibo, yes you can use the Aspire Atlantis on the iStick 50W. I am not 100% sure if Freemax Starre coils fir the Aspire Atlantis. I think you should get a better tank to be honest. The Aspire Atlantis is quite old now. Check out our best sub ohm tank page to find out more:

      • Ibo

        Thanks a lot Alex.. Any particular one which is not more than 3.5ml that you can suggest me?

        • My personal favorite is the Uwell Crown. Still slightly on the larger side of tanks but you are going to have to get a larger tank to fit 3.5ml +.