Aspire Evo75 Preview (NX75-Z, Atlantis Evo)

Aspire's Evo75 starter kit looks great and is easy to use.

Aspire Evo75 colors
Aspire Evo75 colors

Aspire Ups the Starter Kit Game With the Evo75

Aspire is known for having better design sensibilities than other Chinese vaping companies and the Evo75 starter kit is a fantastic example of this. The kit comes with Aspire’s latest box mod and sub-ohm tank, as well as two coils that (on paper) offer different vaping experiences. It looks great, while being simple to use. Keep reading for more details on the Aspire Evo75 starter kit.

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Aspire Evo75: NX75-Z Box Mod

Aspire NX75-Z box mod
Aspire NX75-Z box mod

On the box mod side of the Evo75 starter kit, there’s the NX75-Z box mod. It’s a single-18650 box capable of firing up to 75 watts. As you can see from the photo above, the Aspire NX75-Z is relatively small, with dimensions of 75 x 35 x 22 millimeters.

While most variable-wattage box mods opt for a three-button system, the NX75-Z uses a five-button system. At the top there’s a firing button. Below that, there’s a two-way rocker that goes through variable voltage, variable wattage, bypass, and temperature control modes. At the bottom there’s a plus/minus rocker that increases or decreases voltage, wattage, and temperature. Various button combinations sort through the Aspire NX75-Z’s other functions.

It’s a clean looking box mod that lacks gaudy logos and branding. I’m really digging the way the black and white versions look.

Inserting an 18650 battery into the NX75-Z is unusual, but in a good way. A plastic shell comes out of the main unit and holds the battery. After dropping the battery in, you put the shell back into the main housing, which houses the positive and negative connections.

Aesthetically, I’m a big fan of the NX75-Z’s simple and understated looks. It’s a clean looking box mod that lacks gaudy logos and branding. The Evo75 kit will launch with black, silver, and white finishes. I’m really digging the way the black and white versions look.

Aspire Evo75: Atlantis Evo Tank

Aspire Atlantis Evo sub-ohm tank
Aspire Atlantis Evo sub-ohm tank

The sub-ohm tank that come with the Evo75 kit is the Atlantis Evo. It looks similar to the Aspire Nautlius X, but (on paper) appeals to a broader range of vapers. (I’ll get into that below, when I talk about the coils.)

The Atlantis Evo is made primarily from stainless steel and has a pyrex tube. It’s 45 millimeters tall with a 22 millimeter diameter. It holds two milliliters of e-liquid, making it compliant with the European Union’s silly rules.

Similar to the NX75-Z box mod, the Atlantis Evo will launch in black, stainless steel, and white finishes. I’m not a fan of the alternating colors in the stainless steel version; I prefer the uniformity of the black and white models. They just look cleaner. However, in the immortal words of Jim McDonald, “Looks are subjective.”

Aspire Evo75: Atlantis Evo Coils

Aspire Atlantis Evo coils

The Aspire Evo75 comes with two coils for the Atlantis Evo sub-ohm tank — 0.4-ohm and 0.5-ohm Clapton coils. Right about now some of you are thinking, “A 0.1-ohm differences? Why didn’t Aspire include coils that are very different?!?” The answer to that is that they did. Even though the resistances of the coils are close, they should offer different vaping experiences.

Even though the resistances of the coils are close, they should offer different vaping experiences.

In addition to the resistance and recommended wattage for each coil, Aspire has included a “spacing” measurement. This is the space that determines the amount of air that hits the coil. The 0.4-ohm coil has a recommended wattage of 40-50, with a 2.2 millimeter spacing. This coil offers a looser draw and greater vapor potential than its sister coil.

The 0.5-ohm coil has a recommended wattage of 35-40, with a 1.3 millimeter spacing. Roughly 60 percent smaller than the spacing of the 0.4-ohm coil, the 0.5-ohm version offers less air for potentially more flavor. This coil will be the preferred choice for vapers that want a tighter draw and more concentrated vapor.

Oops...They Did it Again

I’ve been a fan of Aspire’s recent starter kits. I like the looks and functionality of the Plato and K4 kits the company offers. The Aspire Evo75 appears to be another strong entry that should serve beginning to intermediate vapers excellently. It could even serve as a fine secondary device for advanced vapers. Stay tuned for a full review in the near future. For now, kindly share your thoughts on the Evo75 in the comments section.

[This section’s title was inspired by Britney Spears.]

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  • Annette H

    Dunno that there are that many Vapers who will find the .5 coil special where as had the gone down the 1.2 ohm with say 15-25 watts they would have broadened it’s appeal especially with only a 2ml tank. A bit baffled by their coil choice

    • I suspect that the coil choice was to differentiate the vaping experience from that of the Nautilus X.

  • Larry E Dorsey

    The coils look like the traditional coils that used in Tobeco Super Minis, Aspire Atlantis and Triton. Are they compatible with one another? This woukd be a big help before I Pre Order just the Aspire EVO extended 4ml subtank. I like sticking to one type of coil but like the compatibility of different tanks.

    • I haven’t seen the coils in person yet, but I wouldn’t count on compatibility.

  • Stephen Smith

    I just bought one of these after reading the review I used to have the aspire Atlantis tank with a Tesla wood box mod after switching I love it I started by using the 0.4 ohm tank and loved it now I’m trying the 0.5 ohm tank and I agree there is a huge difference I have always liked more airflow so I’ll probably stick with the 0.4 ohm but there is definitely more flavor with the 0.5 now if I could figure out what the t settings and the settings u can cycle through on the whatt side are for lol