Aspire Nautilus 2 | The mystery continues…

Will the mysterious Nautilus 2 become the ultimate mouth-to-lung tank? Today we have a quick peak at the latest edition to Aspire's popular Nautilus line.

Aspire Nautilus 2 Colors

Aspire Nautilus 2 Intro

Ah, the Nautilus. I have a personal connection with this tank because the Nautilus Mini was the device that got me indoctrinated into vaping just a few years ago. The flavor was unlike anything I have ever experienced from my old Vivi Novas and CE4 clearomizers. I was instantly hooked.

Aspire then upgraded the Nautilus coils by using organic cotton as opposed to some type of ceramic wicking that was questionable, but you gotta admit that stuff had a nice crackle to it. Soon after they released the Nautilus X which was a great tank, but didn’t top the Nautilus Mini.

Nautilus... part two

Aspire Nautilus 2 Silver

Now Aspire is officially releasing another tank in the Nautilus range, called the Nautilus 2. There has been a lot of talk, yet Aspire has decided to be very mysterious about it. Maybe they are scared of people cloning it prematurely. What do you think the Nautilus 2 is going to be like?

We have contacted Aspire for some more information about the Nautilus 2, and we have one flying to us right now so we will keep you posted with a full review when we finally try one out. I have high hopes for this one, even though I don’t know how I feel about the idea of a sequel….

Better? How?

Aspire Nautilus 2 Top Fill

The OG Nautilus quickly became the go-to tank for mouth-to-lung vapers who want something more than a vape pen but also don’t want to start building on a Kayfun. We’re hoping that the Nautilus 2 can top the original, which would potentially make it the best MTL tank to date.

Let’s be honest, both the Nautilus, the Nautilus Mini and the Nautilus X are not perfect. They each have their own quirks. Will the Nautilus 2 crush them all and be the best Nautilus ever? Tell us what you think. We look forward to reading your thoughts in the comment section below….

The Nautilus 2 drops February 8th, 2017

Aspire still hasn’t released any additional information on the actual device but they have been leaking photos on their social media page with a silhouette of the tank. Most likely by the time you’re reading this, they have already released the Nautilus 2 on their Facebook page.

Dave Kriegel
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  • Dig_dug42

    Aspire is missing the mark lately with a lot of the sub ohm vapers… Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy for the “mouth to lung” crowd, but products such as the Cleito and the Cleito 120 should get as much attention as they’re spending on the Nautilus series of tanks.

    It kind of irks me that they would create the Cleito 120 (a 25 mm tank), with no mod by Aspire that it would aesthetically fit on other than the NX100, which is currently not a readily available mod to most U.S. consumers as of yet. Even if the NX100 was, the coils for the Cleito 120 would drain a 26650 battery so quickly vaping at 100 watts (minimum), it would not be an all day vape choice for most.

    The original Cleito tank is a GREAT tank… but most people that love that tank want and need more than 3.5 mils of juice for an all day solution. The “fat boy” glass that they came out with was a welcomed add on for the Cleito, but come on, it looks rather doofy.

    I guess what I’m trying to say here, is… Why not make a 25mm, 5 ml version of the Cleito and sell it with the NX100? Or why not make coils for the Cleito 120 that are .3 – .4 ohms for those that don’t want to guzzle 30 mils of juice a day, and have a large capacity all day vape set up?

    • Brian Scott

      I disagree.

      The Aspire Atlantis Evo tank (22mm. .4 and .5 coils plus a myriad of “Atlantis Styled” coils) is my current favorite with the Cleito 120 in a close second. The clapton coils for the EVO are fantastic for sub-ohm vaping. That tank came with the NX75 – not too long ago.

      I also use the Cleito 120 well below 100W (Normally 74-80w). Of course I use them on entirely different mods. The EVO on a Lavabox M and the 120 on a Therion 166. I would use my Lavabox and Therion over any current mod offerings from Aspire. The only “all-day solution” I’ve ever found is squonking or bringing juice.

      The dilemma faced by any e-cig. company is the sheer volume of competition. Aspire is trying to reach the broadest market it can. As does most successful companies.