CannaCloud System Preview (Dry Herb)

The CannaCloud System is a dry-herb vaporizer platform that aims to be the Keurig of marijuana. It offers simplicity, convenience, and reasonable freshness.

CannaCloud Vaporizer

The Keurig of marijuana

CannaCloud by CannaKorp is a pod-based herbal vaporizer that aims to make vaping dry herb as simple as possible. While pod vapes have proven to be successful products for e-liquid vaping, CannaCloud aims to go beyond that in the dry herb market. The product has been getting a lot of attention for attempting to be the “Keurig of marijuana.” The comparison isn’t accidental, as CannaKorp chairman and CEO Dave Manly is the former senior vice president of Keurig. Like the hugely popular coffee machine, this vaporizer uses “cups” that offer relatively fresh vaping that’s amazingly convenient.

The CannaCloud Vaporizer

On the hardware side is the CannaCloud vaporizer. The unit has a processor to regulate temperature and output. Inside the body is a canister where the vapor accumulates. At the top of the unit is a a hygienic, one-way valve. While the trend in herbal vaproizers is to go more complex, even to the point of accompanying Android and iOS apps, CannaKorp has chosen to go in a different direction with its hardware. Anyone that knows how to operate a toaster can operate a CannaCloud vaporizer.

Similar to how there are complex ways to brew coffee, there are complex ways to vaporize dry herb. CannaKorp is betting that more people rather not deal with the dry-herb equivalent of pour-over or siphon brewing. CannaCloud is simple to use and simple to clean. You simply press a button to get the ideal vape and wash the valve when need be. The valve is even dishwasher-safe!

CannaCloud’s ease-of-use cannot be understated. You simply pop in a pod, press the start button, wait 60 seconds for vapor to accumulate, and you’re good to go. A single pod can be enjoyed for up to 15 minutes.

CannaCloud Pods

CannaCloud and CannaCups

Where the CannaCloud system gets really interesting is on the consumable side. CannaCloud Pods look very similar Keurig K-Cup Pods. They’re “pre-measured, nitrogen purged, and sealed pods.” Instead of coffee, they contain various strains of marijuana or CBD. The pods are available in different strains, including indica, sativa, hybrid, and CBD-only.

Just like with Keurig K-Cup Pods, you pop a CannaCloud Pod into the hardware, vape it, and throw it away. You don’t have to worry about grinding or parsing out the right amount. It’s all about single-serve convenience. The pods contain “pre-ground cannabis flower that are sealed to lock in flavor, aroma and freshness that ensures a great experience every time.”

In February 2016, CannaKorp signed letters of intent to partner with “10 new cultivator and dispensary businesses in 5 states.” Similar to how Keurig K-Cups are available in different flavors from a number of top companies, CannaKorp aims to do the same with CannaCloud. Think of it as an ecosystem or a hardware platform. While there will be first-party pods, there will also be strain varieties and brands from top companies in dry herb. CannaKorp claims that its partners meet its “rigorous standards for growing, testing, and filling pods with properly labeled medical-use cannabis.”

The ultimate in dry herb vaporizing convenience

Certainly CannaCloud isn’t for everyone, similar to how Keurig isn’t for everyone. (And I’m not just saying that because the hardware vaguely resembles a breast-milk pump.) As someone that enjoys single-origin pour-over coffee most days, Keurig will never have a place in my kitchen. Having said that, I completely understand that I’m part of a small percentage of coffee drinkers that brews that way at home. More importantly, I completely understand the appeal of Keurig. It’s an incredibly convenient way to get a reasonably good cup of coffee. At the end of the day, that’s what I see CannaCloud being for marijuana — an incredibly convenient way to get a reasonably fresh dose of cannabis.

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