EHPRO Epoch S1 Sub Ohm Tank Review

Ehpro ePoch S1
Ehpro ePoch S1

EHPRO Epoch S1 Intro

Today we take a look at the Epoch S1 sub ohm tank by EHPRO, the makers of the Billow RTA. The Epoch S1 is a sub ohm tank that includes a pretty handy RBA section. The tank has a capacity of 3.5ml and comes with both a 0.5ohm Kanthal coil and also a 0.2ohm Ni200 for temperature control vaping.

We take an in depth look into the Epoch S1 below.

The Epoch S1 was kindly sent to us by Gearbest for reviewing purposes.


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EHPRO Epoch S1 Specs and Features

EHPRO ePoch S1 Kit Content
EHPRO ePoch S1 Kit Content
  • 1 x Epoch S1 Sub ohm Tank Atomizer
  • 1 x Derlin Drip Tip Cap
  • 1 x 0.5ohm SVC Coil (kanthal)
  • 1 x Ni200 0.2ohm SVC Coil
  • 1 x DIY SDC Coil
  • 1 x Screw-driver
  • 1 x Pack O-rings
  • 1 x Gift Box
  • Price: $35
  • Wattage Range: 25-60W
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.5ohm (25-50W), 0.2ohm (35-60W) & 0.2ohm Ni200 (temp)
  • Wicking material: 100% Pure Organic Cotton
  • RBA: RBA section included
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.2 ohm Ni200 Coil

EHPRO ePoch S1 0.2 Ni200 Coil
EHPRO ePoch S1 0.2 Ni200 Coil

We vaped this on our X Cube II with temperature control. Please remember not to use Ni200 coils in wattage mode and only to use them in temperature control mode.

As with the 0.5 ohm Kanthal coil, the Ni200 also gurgled quite a bit and produced some spit back. We got a really nice vape on this coil at around 180 degrees Celsius and the Ni200 produced some lovely clouds and flavor. We really enjoyed the temp control vape on this coil and would definitely recommend it.

Vaping the Epoch S1 0.5ohm Kanthal Coil (25-50W)

We used the Epoch S1 on our Smok X Cube II box mod, with our Funky Monkey e-juice by Fa-Q.

25W – Tiny bit of vapor
30W – Minimal vapor, but a little hint of flavor and some spit back and gurgling
40W – Decent vapor and pretty good flavor, but again quite a bit of spit back and gurgling
50W – Compare to other sub ohm tanks the vapor on this isn’t the biggest. However, the flavor is pretty good, not the best, but good. However, the issue I have is the constant gurgling and spit back that I get form this coil.
I’d vape the Epoch S1 at 50W for best flavor on the 0.5ohm coil.


RBA Section

EHPRO ePoch S1 RBA Deck
EHPRO ePoch S1 RBA Deck

The RBA section is included in the Epoch S1 which is a big positive. It features a two post build deck with decent juice flow and air flow. It isn’t the biggest build deck, but it suffices for making some good single coil builds.

Ni200 Coil

We were impressed with the 0.2 ohm Ni200 and it vaped really well. Apart from a little bit of spit back, the coil vaped well. The flavor was really nice and by using the temp control you can control the warmth of your vape. We enjoyed it at around 180 degrees Celsius.

Flavor and Warmth

The flavor on the 0.5ohm kanthal coil was very tasty. It isn’t up there with the likes of the TFV4 or the Crown, but it provides a really tasty vape at 50W. The tank never really got too hot at 50W and the vapor was very enjoyable in terms of the warmth. It was never a hot vape and at 50W you got a nice luke warm vape.

Air Flow

EHPRO ePoch S1 Pin
EHPRO ePoch S1 Pin

The air flow is made up of two large air flow holes that provide plenty of air flow.


The Epoch comes with either a steel cap or a black delrin one. I think the overall looks of the tank are really nice and it looks good on top of most of my boxes.

Black Delrin Drip Tip

I really like the black delrin drip tip on that comes with the Epoch S1. I find these delrin drip tips leave less crust/gunk/residue on the drip tip compared with stainless steel ones. I found the delrin drip tip also stayed nice and cool.


3.5ml Tank Capacity

We actually only managed to get around 3ml of e-juice into the tank, which was slightly disappointing. The Epoch S1 isn’t the biggest cloud chucker, but being a sub ohm tank it still gets through a lot of e-liquid. A slightly bigger tank capacity would have been better.

Spit Back and Gurgling

We got quite a bit of spit back and quite a bit of gurgling particularly on the 0.5ohm Kanthal coil. The ni200 coil was slightly better but there was still some minor spit back and light gurgling.


We got some leaking to begin with when re-filling the tank and putting in a new coil. The e-juice leaked out of one of the air flow holes.


The Epoch S1 is a decent little sub ohm tank that looks great. This is probably one for you if you are looking for Ni200 temp control coils or a solid RBA deck combined with the flexibility of having some pre-made coils. The delrin top cap was another positive as it kept nice and cool and was pretty uncrustable!

The gurgling and spit back was slightly disappointing for me and so was the 3ml tank capacity. However, the flavor was really good and the Ni200 coils in particular produced a lovely vape.

If you have tried the Epoch S1 by EHPRO, then let us know your thoughts below!


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