FLYTLAB Fuse Review

Flyt Lab Fuse E-Hookah
Flyt Lab Fuse E-Hookah

FLYTLAB Fuse Intro

In this article we review the Flytlab Fuse an e-hookah that features e-liquid, dry herb and concentrate cartridges. A big thank you to Mark at Flytlab for sending us the Fuse to review!

The e-hookah device holds two cartridges at one time and you can mix and match your cartridges and “fuse” them together. So you could have two e-liquid carts, one e-liquid and a dry herb or you could go have a concentrates cart with a dry herb one. You can mix and match to whatever you what which gives the user plenty of versatility with this device.

The kit comes with an impressive array of accessories and cartridges as well as a USB charger.


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FLYTLAB Fuse Specs and Features

Flyt Lab Fuse E-Hookah Kit Content
Flyt Lab Fuse E-Hookah Kit Content
  • 1 – Rechageable Fuse Ehookah
  • 4 – Eliquid Refillable Cartomizers
  • 1 – Flytlab Dry Herb Cartridge
  • 1 – Flytlab Concentrate Cartridge
  • 1 – Flytlab Power Plug
  • 1 – Flytlab Mini Usb Wire
  • 1 – Flytlab Eliquid Bottle
  • 1 – Flytlab Tool Set
  • 1 – Fuse Instruction Manual
  • 1 – Flytlab Sticker

Notable Remarks

Aesthetics and Branding

Overall I think the Flytlab Fuse looks really good. The packaging and branding was really impressive and gave off the look of a high quality product. The device itself is 11 inches long, which is probably slightly shorter than other portable e-shishas we have come across. The Fuse features a red LED light at the bottom of the device, which glows different colors depending on the battery life or if you are charging it or not.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Fuse is pretty impressive. The Fuse holds an 18650 battery which can be recharged through the USB cable. The device features pass through charging which means it can be vaped whilst the device is charging. If you are vaping the Fuse on and off and for the odd session it will last you a good week. If you are a heavy user, expect the battery to last a lot less.

Using it for E-liquid

Flyt Lab Fuse E-Hookah E-Liquid/Concentrates/Dry Herb Carts
Flyt Lab Fuse E-Hookah E-Liquid/Concentrates/Dry Herb Carts

So the e-liquid carts look similar to the CE5 style clearomizers and feature a silica wick at the bottom of the cartridge. The carts hold a decent amount of e-liquid and having two means you can mix and match your e-liquid flavors.

I was disappointed with the amount of vapor produced by the Fuse. As an e-hookah I was expecting plenty of vapor, but the Fuse didn’t quite produce the big clouds I was hoping for. Perhaps I am expecting too much having reviewed so many sub ohm tanks recently. So it is not exactly sub ohm vaping.

Using it for Dry Herb

Flyt Lab Fuse E-Hookah Chamber
Flyt Lab Fuse E-Hookah Chamber

I found the dry herb cartridge unfortunately didn’t work that well. The coil for heating the dry herb is placed at the bottom of the cart and I found the herb that came into contact with the coil got burnt quite quickly. I used a fairly fine grind similar to what I would use on the V2 Pro Series 7 or the Pax 2, so was slightly disappointed by the performance of the dry herb cart. The kit does come with a dabbing tool and cleaning brush for the dry herb cart which was very useful.

Using it for Concentrates

The kit comes with one concentrates cart to use with waxes. I cannot comment on the concentrates cartridge as I don’t have any concentrates on me at the moment. The coil itself looks fairly standard with your coil around a wick and some ceramic around the outside.


Bubble Sound

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the bubble noise that can be used on the device. It almost reminding me of a gun noise you would get from toy guns when you were little. Fortunately it can be turned off with 3 quick puffs.

Vapor Production on the E-Liquid Carts

I would love to see some improved vapor production from the e-liquid carts and perhaps some carts that feature cotton BVC atomizer technology like on the Aspire Nautilus Mini.

Dry Herb Carts

Perhaps I was using them wrong or the coil on it was faulty, but my herbs kept getting burnt very quickly. I would love the carts to not burn my herb as I couldn’t use the them for a good dry herb vape.


Being an e-hookah I would have liked the draw to be a little more airy allowing you to mouth to lung inhale better like you would on a normal hookah. The draw for my liking was a little on the tighter side. Perhaps an airflow control feature would be a good addition to the next model allowing users to change the airflow setting to their liking.


Overall I really like the concept of the Fuse e-hookah. It has a lot of versatility owing to the two cartridges that can be interchanged. The branding and product quality was great. The battery life was fantastic, I loved the look of the Fuse and it is much shorter than other e-hookahs like the Starbuzz. The kit also came with some good accessories.

However, I think the cartridges themselves could be slightly improved upon to give users a better vaping experience. Everything else works and looks great but I think it is the e-liquid and dry herb carts that let the Fuse down. If I were to pay $199.99 for this device, as it currently retails at, I would expect the carts to perform better than they did.

Be sure to head over to to check out the Fuse and also their H2FLO, which is a convection based oven device for dry herbs and comes with a water chamber for a really smooth vape!


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