Focus Ecig Wanko RDA Preview

With a unique build deck that's super-easy to work with, the Focus Ecig Wanko could be the perfect RDA for novice vapers.

Focusecig Wanko RDA Silver-Black

Wank On, Wank Off

The Focus Ecig Wanko is an atypical RDA with lots of potential…and a rather unfortunate name. On the plus side, it has a novel post-less and screw-less deck that could make it the easiest RDA to build on. Then there’s the atomizer’s name, which sounds way too close to wanker. If you can get that out of your head (I cannot) you’ll find that the Focus Ecig Wanko has the potential to be the perfect RDA for beginning vapers. Here’s a closer look.

Look Ma, No Posts AND No Screws

Focus Ecig Wanko Wave Coils

I’ve seen quite a few RDAs with post-less decks. I’ve seen a couple of atomizers with screw-less decks. The Focus Ecig Wanko is the first I’ve seen that has a post-less and screw-less design. It eschews traditional posts for what the company is calling plates. To me, they look more like Y-shaped clamps. You simply drop a coil between the plates, wick the coil, and you’re ready to vape.

The Focus Ecig Wanko gets even more convenient with the company’s “wave coils.” Available in a number of different styles and materials, these pre-made coils have solid pieces at each end, making it dead simple to drop into the RDA’s plates. For newer vapers that want to experience what an RDA offers, I haven’t seen a simpler solution (on paper).

As a vaper advances and starts to build coils, the plates can be used with traditional coils, sans legs. You simply build a coil with a Goldilocks diameter (not too big and not too small, but just right for the Focus Ecig Wanko plates), cut off the legs, and drop it in. This makes the Wanko a nice atomizer for beginners to grow with.

Curiously, Focus Ecig also offers the option to take the plates out and use traditional screws. While it’s usually nice to have options, I’m not sure there’s much of a point in this case. There are already a number of great single-coil RDAs for flavor chasers that use traditional posts and screws. The whole raison d’etre of the Focus Ecig Wanko is its atypical post-less and screw-less design…and also to give vapers a product name to make jokes about.

Are You Ready to Wanko?

Focus Ecig Wanko Deck

The majority of atypical vaping products I’ve seen are aimed at advanced users. I love that the Focus Ecig Wanko uses an unusual design to bring something new to beginners. It looks like a fantastic solution for newcomers that want the rich flavor of a single-coil flavor-RDA. The ease of use looks extraordinary, on paper. Since I haven’t used the product, I have no idea how well the Wanko’s novel design works in the real world. Thankfully, Vaping360 is on the case and will have more coverage on the Focus Ecig Wanko in the near future. Stay tuned, ladies and gents.

Raymond Padilla
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  • Martin Scoff

    Wanko – lol. No, I wouldn’t be seen in public with it either. Very interesting idea however.

    • The name is pretty…special. :p

  • Paul Rodger

    Had to check my calendar to see if this was April! I wouldn’t take this outdoors with me either guys with that name. The should have called it the FMTank or (Fuse Mount)

    • That would have been exponentially more sensible 🙂

  • Noe Fear

    Toss this on your mod & get your juice flowing…

    • Finely crafted double entendre 🙂

  • Jeremy

    Finally was able to get my hands on a black Wanko!

    • So you’ll be Wanko-ing this weekend?