Fogwind Alliance Fat Boy Preview & Interview

Vaping360 checks out one of the biggest and most ridiculous RDAs you'll ever see.


Humongous and Ridiculous

If you’ve ever said to yourself, “Gee, I wish I had a 46-millimeter diameter atomizer,” then the Fogwind Alliance Fat Boy is a dream come true. This RDA is easily the biggest and certainly one of the most ridiculous (in that good way) vaping products I’ve ever seen. At VPX Las Vegas, HS Wholesale’s Matt Barnett was kind enough to show me the Alliance Fat Boy. Check out the video above to see the beastly RDA and read on for more details.

A Build Deck Like No Other

Fogwind Alliance Fat Boy Build Deck
Fogwind Alliance Fat Boy Build Deck

The most striking aspect of the Fogwind Alliance Fat Boy is, obviously, its size. With a 46 mm diameter, you can fit all kinds of crazy builds on this RDA. Adding to its build potential is the number of post styles available. The atomizer has single, T-post, inline-four, and eight-post options for the positive posts. The kit also comes with two styles of negative posts — single and T-post. All posts have square bases to prevent spinning. For vapers that like to create imaginative builds, this atomizer offers the largest canvas on the market.

Naturally, the Fat Boy Alliance offers ample airflow. It has dual and quad airflow barrels, as well as a wide-bore Delrin drip tip. Logically, this RDA is far more about vapor than flavor. And really, if you’re looking for a flavor atomizer then a 46 mm product shouldn’t be on your list.

Aesthetically, the Fat Boy Alliance looks like the smaller original model…that was struck by a super-villain’s size-changing ray-gun. It looks intentionally ridiculous on the vast majority of retail mods. It even looks oversized on popular triple-battery mods, like the Wismec Reuleaux. At the end of the day, this RDA is all about getting attention.

A Great Conversation Piece

Fogwind Alliance Fat Boy
Fogwind Alliance Fat Boy

While it’s one of the most impractical RDAs on the market, the Alliance Fat Boy is also a fun conversation piece. There are certainly better atomizers to buy if you’re looking for a pure cloud chaser. However, if you’re looking for something ridiculous and fun that’s sure to get you some attention at a vape shop or vape meet then the Fat Boy Alliance is an excellent way to go.

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