Freemax Starre Pro Review

Freemax Starre Pro
Freemax Starre Pro

Freemax Starre Pro Intro

In this article we review the Freemax Starre Pro sub ohm tank. The Freemax Starre Pro is the newer version of the highly successful Freemax Starre sub ohm tank. The original Freemax, had some amazing flavor and we are excited to see what the new Freemax Pro has in store.

The Freemax Starre Pro features a top fill function and comes with two Ni200 coils for temperature control vaping. The Pro also features a new drip tip with supplementary air flow.


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Freemax Starre Pro Specs and Features

  • 1 x FreeMax Starre Pro Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1 x 0.25Ω Ni200 Dual Vertical Coil Pre-Installed
  • 1 x 0.15Ω Ni200 Dual Vertical Coil
  • 1 x Airflow Control Wide Bore Drip Tip
  • 1 x Spare Pyrex Glass Tank
Freemax Starre Pro Disassembled
Freemax Starre Pro Disassembled
  • Price: $29.99
  • Wattage Range: 20-100W
  • Tank Capacity: 4ml
  • Coils Available: 0.15ohm Ni200 (15-50W), 0.25ohm Ni200 (20-80W), 0.25Ω Kanthal (20W-120W) & 0.5Ω Kanthal (20W-60W)
  • Wicking material: 100% Pure Organic Cotton
  • RBA: No RBA
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.25 ohm Ni200 Coil (should only be used in temp control mode)

We vaped the Freemax Starre Pro 0.25ohm Ni200 coil on our Cloupor GT temp control box mod.

Temp control:​
100°C –No vapor
120°C – Minimal vapor with little flavor
140°C – Decent vapor now and a nice cool vape. Flavor starting to come through
160°C – Flavor coming through more, but still a nice cool vape
180°C – A warmish vape now and starting to get where I would personally vape this at. Flavor is pretty decent now
200°C – A delicious luke warm vape and really nice flavor
220°C – Even better flavor now and still not too hot a vape at all
240°C – Lovely plumes of warm vapor and lovely flavor. This is about where I would vape this sub ohm tank
260°C – I take that back, I’d vape this tank at 260°C on the 0.25ohm Ni200 coil

Vaping the Freemax Starre Pro on the 0.25ohm Kanthal Coil (20-100W)

Again we used the Cloupor Gt box mod for this coil.

30W –Nothing before 30W. Not a lot of vapor at 30W, but you can already taste the flavor!
50W – Wonderful vapor and delicious flavor, but already quite a warmish vape.
70W – Outstanding flavor and big clouds. If you keep the drip tip air flow fully open the vapor stays reasonably cool. If you close it however it’s another story, so I’d recommend keeping it open.
80W – Amazing flavor and big vape clouds. On longer inhales the drip tip starts to get quite hot.
90W – You can take shortish inhales at this wattage, but otherwise it starts to get too hot
100W – The tank itself gets very hot at the higher wattages, however the drip tip stays relatively cool with its additional air flow open.

I’d vape this coil anywhere from 50W – 80W depending on how hot you like the vape.


Temp Control Coils

Freemax Starre Pro 0.12 Ni200 and 0.25 Ni200 Coil
Freemax Starre Pro 0.12 Ni200 and 0.25 Ni200 Coil

The Ni200 temperature control coils vape very well and provide good flavor and clouds. We enjoyed vaping the 0.25ohm Ni200 coil at around 260°C. You won’t get any dry hits with these coils and you can control the temperature easily at which you vape at. Please only use these Ni200 coils with a temp control box mod and in temp control mode and not wattage mode. For me the Ni200 coils don’t quite taste as good as the standard Kanthal coils, but that is just my personal preference.

Solid Build Quality

The build quality was pretty good on this tank and the tank comes apart fairly easily once you work out how to use it! The tank is made from stainless steel and the whole tank feels very sturdy and well built.

Top Fill

Freemax Starre Pro Top Fill
Freemax Starre Pro Top Fill

The original Freemax Starre didn’t feature a top fill capability, but the Freemax Pro does. This is the biggest improvement for me over the original. It isn’t the easiest top cap to get off, but once you master it, it isn’t too bad. The slots in the top cap are a good size and mean that top filling is fairly easy on this tank. Be careful to make sure you turn the top section to “off” once you have finished filling it up from the top. If you don’t you will get massive leakages from the Starre Pro! However if you close it, you won’t get any leaking issues at all.

Additional Air Flow in Drip Tip

Freemax Starre Pro Drip Tip Airflow
Freemax Starre Pro Drip Tip Airflow

The additional air flow in the drip tip is in my opinion greatly needed. If you have the drip tip air flow closed, the draw is quite restrictive and more so than on the previous Freemax Starre. The additional air flow in the drip tip also does a good job of keeping the drip tip cool at higher wattage vaping.


The flavor on the Kanthal coils is, as it was on the previous Starre, exceptional. The flavor from the Ni200 coils isn’t bad either, solid in fact, and provides a great temp control vape. However, I preferred the Kanthal coils over the Ni200 ones.


Machine Oil

Our Freemax Starre Pro came with noticeable machine oil on it and despite washing the tank out before use, you could taste a bit of machine oil. Many tanks come with machine oil in them, so I recommend always giving your new tank a rinse before use. This however shouldn’t be the norm and manufacturers should address this issue.

Tighter Chimney

The draw with the drip tip air flow closed, seems to be marginally more restrictive than the original Freemax Starre. The massive air flow holes give off the impression that the Starre Pro has huge amounts of air flow, but actually the tank on its own, with the drip tip air flow closed, is quite restrictive.

Less Tank Capacity than the Original

Despite the Freemax Starre Pro being slightly larger than then original, the Pro actually holds 1ml less e-liquid. Given that sub ohm tanks inhale e-juice at an insane rate, I would have liked the Starre Pro to have 5ml as well. The fact that it is larger than the original and has less e-liquid capacity is slightly disappointing, but not the end of the world.

Tricky to Use

The Freemax Starre Pro, takes a while to work out how to use and isn’t the easiest sub ohm tank to use out of the box. Well I found it a bit tricky, but I guess that isn’t saying much, as I like to try to get to grips with things without looking at the instructions! Make sure to read the instructions before using this tank, as you will need to work out how to get the top fill cap off and then back on again and lock it before vaping. Having it in the off position after refilling is key, otherwise you open yourself to massive leaking issues! Once you have mastered using the Starre Pro, it really isn’t much more difficult than any other sub ohm tank.


I guess the first question to answer is, is the Freemax Starre Pro better than the original? With its top fill capability and improved drip tip air flow, I’d say yes. The coils are all interchangeable and the new Starre Pro comes with two Ni200 temp coils. I would have liked a Kanthal one and a Ni200, not just two Ni200 coils, but that is just my personal preference.

The only areas I’d like to see improved, are the tank capacity, the air flow through the middle chimney and also less machine oil! Apart from those issues this sub ohm tank is yet another great contender and you won’t be disappointed from the vape you get from it!

Overall this is a very solid sub ohm tank and the Kanthal coils are, as they were on the previous version, fantastic for flavor and clouds. Flavor wise those Kanthal coils are up there with the Herakles and Atlantis 2, but not quite up there with the TFV4 and Crown, in my personal opinion. The Ni200 coils, if you like temp control vaping, will be a great option and this tank vapes them very well.


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Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • Jon Stephens

    I just bought this tank today but I’m having minor teething problems with the refill. This is what I’m doing when my tank is empty……
    1. Close the airflow valve at the bottom.
    2. Carefully unscrew the top.
    3. Refill with my juice, ensuring every last drop goes into the side slot.
    4. Screw my top back on and change switch to off.
    5. Leave my tank for 5mins to let the juice soak into the coil.
    6. Open the airflow valve and everything seems OK.
    7. A few moments later I get juice leak from the airflow valve.
    8. Turn the tank upside down to stop it leaking, give it a clean around the airflow valve and it stops when I turn it back the right way up and start vaping.

    I have also repeated this process by leaving the airflow valve open from the start of the process but still get the same results, I just don’t get what I’m doing wrong??
    Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

    • Hey Jon, before step 4. try turning the tank upside down after you have screwed the top on. Switch it to off whilst upside down. Hope that helps.

      • Jon Stephens

        Thanks for the reply! After some more testing I think I have solved the issue. Before step 4, when screwing the top back on you must first make sure that the switch is turned to the “on” position. Failing to do this results in the tank not being pressurised and the vacuum effect not working which causes the leak from the airflow valve. When the top is screwed back on you can see the pressure push the juice down into the atomizer which now means it is primed for use. Now you can position the switch back to “off” and you’re good to go, great tank once you know how to use it!

        • Awesome, glad it worked out! Enjoy the Starre Pro!

          • isaiah sylva-kahele

            Ty for your earlyer reply to my dilemma

    • Alex Liow

      this link dun work on mobile phone only for PC I also wonder why..but for sure this will help jon!

      • Jon Stephens

        Thanks for the input Alex Liow, it was just a case of understanding the functionality of the on/off switch at the bottom of the drip tip. I’ve had no problems since, it really is a great tank!

  • flemming

    This is a great tank and I have not had one leak on this super tank

  • isaiah sylva-kahele

    I lost my tip dose anybody know what size it is so I can get a new tip

    • It is a standard 510 but the issue with getting a new one is that you need the air flow holes on it as on the original.