528 Custom Goon LP preview: are we there yet?

The Goon LP RDA from 528 Custom Vapes is highly anticipated, but it has also been teased for an unusually long time. Here are some details on the product and questionable way it's being marketed.

Goon LP 528 Custom Vapes

The Goon LP, coming soon...no, really

The Goon LP RDA is one of the highly anticipated atomizers of 2016. Following up on the success of the original Goon, the upcoming model uses a low-profile (LP) design. The atomizer’s creator, 528 Custom Vapes, has been teasing the RDA for more than eight weeks. So far, it has revealed the outside of the atomizer…and that’s about it. Some vapers are on the edge of their seats, waiting for new information to drop, while others have grown weary and feel that an eight-week tease is preposterously long.

The story thus far

Goon LP Ultem cap

As 528 Custom Vapes has been holding its cards close to its chest for a long time, there isn’t a lot known about the Goon LP. The company has posted some beautiful pictures of the atomizer that show:

  • It has a lower profile than its forerunner (duh)
  • It uses airflow slots instead of airflow holes

Prototypes of the Goon LP show the atomizer in brass and stainless steel finishes. The stock drip tips appear to be black plastic (possibly Delrin) and Ultem, with some colorful models being shown in select photos.

The company has been tight-lipped about the Goon LP’s deck. It hasn’t shown anything or hinted at details. Yesterday, 528 Custom Vapes went as far as to post a photo of the atomizer with a large “Censored” sign covering the deck.

Are we there yet?

528 Custom Goon LP

I contacted 528 Custom Vapes on September 29 to gather information for a future preview on the Goon LP. The company didn’t get back to me until October 10. At that point, I received inconsistent replies from multiple people. One person even sent me a reply saying that the company wasn’t releasing images of the deck to the public, which was great…except I wasn’t asking as the public. As a longtime writer, I understand confidentiality and have signed hundreds of non-disclosure agreements.

An eight-week tease for a product is highly unusual, especially in 2016. In the years I’ve worked writing about consumer electronics and videogames, I’ve never seen a product launch handled in such a fashion. While I’m sure it will be a highly successful atomizer among hardcore vapers, I’m also sure that it could be so much more with skillful marketing. Between the unusually long tease period and company reps having no idea how to work with the media, I have to wonder if the Goon LP’s reveal and launch has been horribly mismanaged.

Instead of wondering about it, I’ll ask you. What do you think of the Goon LP’s eight-week tease? Are you still excited for this atomizer? Or are you over it? Kindly vote in the poll below and leave a comment when you have a moment.

Raymond Padilla
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  • Jeremy

    I don’t know if it’s awesome, but I do still want it.

  • Jc Longhair

    I have four Goons in constant rotation, of course I want one.

  • Borad

    I snagged a Goon clone to get the feel of the Clamp style posts. eh. I just hope they redesign the clamp post slightly. I am loving my Apocalyspe v2 RDA. The clamps only have 1 screw and there are side walls that help keep the legs in place. so easy to build.
    I really like the look of the LP though. Reminds me of the Hobo Drifter a little. Can’t wait for the big unveiling!!

    • Jeremy

      Damn shame about Hobo. His products will be missed.

      • Borad

        Shiit, knew nothing until you mentioned it. Agreed, designs by Hoberto will be sorely missed. I took a closer gander at the Driftank. Gotta grab me one a those!

  • Richard

    In my personal opinion, the Goon is over-rated. Own one, used it for about a week or so, now it sits collecting dust with my other unused rda’s.

  • xx

    if i was building a glorious deck i wouldn t show pictures to forbes with it, yeah i would trust no one