Horizon Tech Phantom Sub Ohm Tank Review

Horizontech Phantom
Horizontech Phantom

Horizon Tech Phantom Intro

In this review we take a look at the brand new Phantom sub ohm tank by Horizon Tech, the makers of the popular Arctic sub ohm tank. The Phantom is a 5ml tank with new BTDC II stainless steel wire coils. The Phantom features a unique side filling option, which is really easy to use and works well. The Phantom also comes with a pretty good RBA section for those who want to make their own coils.

Please note the Arctic coils do not work with the Phantom and the Phantom coils do not work with the Arctic.
We were provided with this tank by Horizon Tech, so a big thank you to them for sending it through!


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Horizon Tech Phantom Specs and Features

Horizontech Phantom Kit Content
Horizontech Phantom Kit Content
  • 1 x Tank (with 0.2ohms BTDC 2 coil head)
  • 1 x Extra 0.2ohm BTDC coil head
  • 1 x DIY coil kit (accessories and tools included)
  • 1 x User manual
Horizontech Phantom Disassembled
Horizontech Phantom Disassembled
  • Mechanical cooling system
  • Splash-proof system
  • Liquid recycle system
  • Stainless steel wire BTDC coils
  • Middle and bottom refill
  • 30-70W recommended wattage
  • Stainless Steel body
  • Copper 510 pin
  • Pyrex glass tank covered in stainless steel

Notable Remarks

Vaping the Phantom Tank 0.2 Ohm Coil (30-70W)

30W – Nothing
40W – Faint whisp of vapor, but not much more
50W – Decent bit of vapor now, but no flavor
60W – Lovely warm vape and massive plumes of vapor. Flavor is better now but still not overly pronounced
70W – Huge clouds and decent flavor. The vapor is lovely and warm at 70W, but not too hot at all. The tank itself gets a little bit warm, towards the bottom of the tank. There were no wicking issues whatsoever at this wattage with a max VG e-liquid

We vaped the Phantom up to 80W without any wicking issues.

I’d vape the Phantom at 70W for the best flavor and vapor production.


Build Quality

Horizontech Phantom Dual Chamber Channels
Horizontech Phantom Dual Chamber Channels

The build quality on the Phantom sub ohm tank is fantastic. The whole tank is very well built and the threadings are nice and smooth. The whole tank is made from stainless steel and the coils feature stainless steel wire. The tank came very clean with no machine oil on it whatsoever.

Side Fill

Horizontech Phantom Side Fill Hole
Horizontech Phantom Side Fill Hole

Interestingly Horizon Tech has opted for a side and bottom fill for the Phantom. The Phantom tank has two parts to the tank, the top and bottom that are both interconnected through the side fill. The side fill works very well and you need to hold the tank on its side and then fill it from the side fill hole. We didn’t get any leaking which was a big plus and the side fill system worked really well. You can also fill the tank normally through the bottom. I really enjoyed using the side fill and it was very convenient and easy to use. Simply twist the tank to open the side fill and then refill and slide back! It works very well.

RBA Section

Horizontech Phantom RBA
Horizontech Phantom RBA

The Phantom comes with a neat little RBA kit, with all the accessories included for making the coils for this RBA. The RBA kit comes with one premade coil and the RBA is similar to that on the new Aspire Triton. The RBA itself has plenty of air flow and big juice holes to allow for good wicking. The flavor and clouds will depend entirely on your build, but I much prefer this type of RBA compared with some of the other sub ohm tank RBAs.

5ml Capacity

The Phantom has a capacity of 5ml, although we managed to get an extra ml into the tank. This is a good capacity, as with all sub ohm tanks the Phantom will get through a lot of e-juice due to the big clouds it produces!

More Air Flow then the Arctic

Horizontech Phantom Airflow
Horizontech Phantom Airflow

The Phantom, has more air flow then the original Arctic tank, which is in my opinion a plus. The Phantom has three large air flow holes compared with the 4 small ones on the Arctic. The air flow rings can easily be adjusted by turning the air flow ring, which is very smooth. With the air flow fully open, the draw was very nice and exactly how we like it.

Nice Packaging and Accessories

The packaging the Phantom comes with is very well made. I like these little details and it really adds to the tank. The Phantom sub ohm tank is similarly packaged to the Kanger Subtank series.

The Phantom also comes with a good amount of accessories, to use the RBA with and this includes all the tools and cotton you need to make your own coils. This is a good improvement over the Arctic tank.

Stainless Steel Coil Heads with Big Juice Flow

Horizontech Phantom BTDC vs BTDC II
Horizontech Phantom BTDC vs BTDC II

The Phantom coils are well made and feature new stainless steel wire, just like we saw on the Crown by Uwell. The juice flow holes are also slightly different to those on the Arctic coils and feature an extra juice flow hole high up on the coil. The coils wick very well and vape very smoothly and consistently. The flavor is pretty good, but the coils themselves took a long time to prime properly and allow for the flavor to fully come through.

​Big Clouds

All sub ohm tanks produce lots of vapor, but at 70-80W the Phantom really produced some massive plumes of gorgeous warm vapor! If you want clouds, then the Phantom won’t disappoint on its 0.2ohm coils at 70W.


Tall Height

The Phantom is very tall at 83mm in height. It is the tallest sub ohm tank we have tried to date, by quite a margin and towers over other sub ohm tanks.

Flavor Takes a While to Come Through on Coil

The flavor on the Phantom was a bit of a weird one. For the first tank full, we hardly got any flavor whatsoever. The second tank full was a bit better, but again the flavor wasn’t exactly amazing. The third tank full however was a lot better and the flavor became a lot more pronounced. Whilst the flavor was then pretty good I wouldn’t say it was anywhere near the incredible flavor from the Crown coils which also feature stainless steel wire.

Only One Coil So Far

Horizontech Phantom BTDC II 0.2 Coil
Horizontech Phantom BTDC II 0.2 Coil

At the moment there is only the 0.2ohm BTDC coil to choose from as well as the RBA section. The 0.2ohm coil works best at around 60-70W and it would therefore be good to have another few coils to choose from to expand the wattage range for this tank.

Coils Not Interchangeable with the Arctic

​Do note that the BTDC II coils on the Phantom cannot be used with those on the Arctic and the Arctic coils do not work on the Phantom, as the Phantom coils are quite a bit wider.


The Phantom is a good sub ohm tank and is an improvement to the original Arctic tank by Horizon Tech.

We really liked the build quality on this tank and the side filling feature was unique and worked very well. The 5ml tank capacity was a nice improvement over the Arctic and the included RBA section is a great addition. The additional accessories you get with the Phantom are also an improvement and means you can make your own coils with the gear provided. It is quite a tall, so bear that in mind when considering a purchase.

The flavor was not bad at all and the vapor production was massive. The vape was very consistent and smooth with little to no spit back whatsoever. I think the flavor could be improved upon a bit, as for me the coils took a long time to get the best out of them. I’d say the stainless steel coils on the Crown taste better than the Phantom ones, but that’s my honest and personal opinion. I’d love to know what everyone else thinks on the flavor, so if you have tried this tank, do let me know in the comments section below!

I think the Phantom is set to retail around $40 mark, which is probably about right given everything you get with this sub ohm tank. If you want a consistent vape with big clouds, a 5ml tank, and an included RBA section, then I’d take a look at the Phantom tank by Horizon Tech.


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Chris Kendell
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  • thesandman

    Does anybody own and use a JD Tech Stingray X? I paid $235 for one and I love it! I use it in the 18650 configuration with a Phantom RTA. Out of curiosity I bought a 1:1 clone for $28.02. The clone arrived and I was shocked! It came in exactly the same packaging. I broke it down with the original at the same time, looking for differences and being very careful not to confuse parts. To my utter astonishment I could find no internal or external difference right down to the silver plated copper contacts (well, the numbers identifying them were one number different)! So I tested the volt drop and resistance. NO DIFFERENCE AT ALL! They were both masterfully engineered. Even the threading and seamless tube adaption was of equal quality. I scrutinized them for 2 hours. I asked myself, if there is 0 difference in them, can the clone be called a fake? I was very embarrassed that I paid so much more for exactly the same product. Am I the only person to notice this? Did I get lucky with the perfect clone? I would appreciate anyone else’s thoughts on this. Thank you my fellow vapors!

  • Lucas Sutton

    Hi how do I make my own coils for the phantom is there a video link anywhere

  • jesse

    I have the phantom its a nice tank I also had the crown but it started having a strange issue I never seen befor were the airflow turns not throw the holes them self never flooded the tank ever by the way it started leaking throw the turn device that controls air flow naw I paid a little over forty dollars for it I took it back to the shop were I got it at and they said it was a manufacturer screw up but uwell would not fix or replace the tank very disappointed so the shop traded the tank straight across for the phantom its a nice tank I’m currently tapering it on a evict vtc mini at 55w the flavor is decent the vape production is decent while the crown is certainly out preforms this tank in booth areas the phantom is a bad ass tank and I would recommend buying it the shop I went to here in san Antonio tank sells this tank for 24 dollars voodoo vape lounge cool little shop good house maid juices the phantom is a tall tank its a cannon conpaird to my others but is nice looking and sits flush on my mod I am curious if the make coils for it that push 30w to 150w so if you know or anyone else knows let me know and were to get them

  • TShaw

    I got the Phantom tank the other day and was very excited to try it out. I filled it at the side hole and closed it up, and it started leaking out through the bottom holes. So I took it apart and put it back together and refilled it and once again the entire contents leaked out through the bottom air holes. Do you know why it is doing this? I made sure that everything was put together correctly. I want to like this tank but if it leaks juice it’s not worth using it. Could I have gotten a defective tank? Has anyone had this type of experience with this tank?
    Any advice or tricks to get this thing to not leak juice all over would be so appreciated.