Movkin Disguiser Preview

Vaping360 checks out the Movkin Disguiser, a dual-battery TC mod with a unique cutaway for tank atomizers.


Atomizers in Disguise

At TPE2016, I checked out the Movkin Disguiser, a temperature-control box-mod with several unique properties. The most outstanding feature of this mod is its atomizer cutaway. The cutaway allows a tank atomizer to fit into the dual-battery box while keeping the entire form factor somewhat compact. Check out the video above and keep reading for more details on the Movkin Disguiser.


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Movkin Disguiser Features and Form Factor

Movkin Disguiser
Movkin Disguiser

The Movkin Disguiser’s cutaway can accommodate atomizers 25mm or smaller in diameter. It comes with adapters that can be used for atomizers of different heights. There’s even an extension tube that allows vapers to use atomizers on top of the box in a traditional manner. The extension tube is useful for low-profile RDAs.

As for the capabilities of the Movkin Disguiser, it’s a 150-watt box that offers temperature control with nickel, titanium, stainless steel, and ceramic-tungsten coils. Color wise, it’s available in black, white, red, and Tiffany blue.

The form factor of the Movkin Disguiser is somewhat reminiscent of the popular Wismec Reuleaux box mod, but bigger. Vapers with small hands will likely find the ergonomics cumbersome. Even those with medium-sized hands might be put off with the girth of the Movkin Disguiser. I definitely recommend holding one in person in order to see if the shape works for you.

Disguiser? I Hardly Know Her!

I enjoyed the brief time I spent with the Movkin Disguiser. At the very least, it’s a unique box mod with a form factor that stands out from the several “me too!” vaping devices on the market. Box mods with atomizer cutaways are popping up all the time, but most of the ones I’ve seen use a single 18650 or 26650 battery. It’s nice to see a dual-battery box with an atomizer cutaway. Hopefully there will be more in the future.

What do you think of the Movkin Disguiser? Are you intrigued by its unique design? Or it too big for what you enjoy? Kindly leave a comment with your thoughts on the mod.


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Raymond Padilla
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  • RaRa

    Love the Movkin Disguiser 150! This is my first box mod and I bought it specifically because it didn’t have the tank on the outside. I can’t tell you how many tanks I have broken. The Disguiser design also prevents it from rolling off the counter. It also fits perfectly in my hand. I’m a female with large hands.
    I have a Triton Aspire 2 tank and have to fill it too often. Any suggestions?
    I’m considering ordering another unit and tank so I don’t have to refill as often.
    All in all I would highly recommend the Diguiser.

    • I’m glad you’re enjoying the Disguiser. With you wants and needs, it sounds perfect for you. For tank suggestions, it’s hard to recommend something without knowing what else you’re looking for in a vape. The Triton 2 holds 3ml, I believe. There are a number of tanks out there that hold 4 or more. Again, I couldn’t recommend something solely based off of capacity.

  • Stefanie Hill Johnson

    My cuboid broke, no matter what it kept saying atomizer not found or low atomizer. Well I went to my favorite vape place, ” Great American Vapes”. Well these guys know me all to well & know how many tanks I break, (1-2 weekly) so when that got the “Disguiser” in, I barely had time to even know what was happening before my BFF bought it for me.
    I love it & hate it at the same time. I love how it hides/protects my tank but with that said when I have to refill I hate how difficult it is. I have to unscrew my tip, unscrew my tank(which is difficult at times) & then replace the parts. Wish that was easier 😱. Then I’m a female with medium size hands & at times holding my tank it starts to heat up😡!
    These are my only downsides. Thank you for your review

    • Thanks for reading! You have an awesome BFF.

  • Donna Kleinfeldt-Rolls

    I love LOVE it as a squonk mod with Cthulhu Gaia. NO LEAKING like I had with Kanger Drip box and with the Gaia, no over-squonking! One more pro is that I can squonk the big 11mg bottle nearly empty rather than having to refill it when it’s only half empty.