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vaping stock market
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As tobacco companies expand into the low-risk nicotine products market, and the vape business continues to grow, investors are rushing to buy their stocks.
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Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) will introduce a bill this week that will require the FDA to treat e-cigarettes separately from tobacco products.
scott gottlieb fda
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Trump’s nominee for FDA commissioner, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, faces a vote in a Senate committee today. His nomination then goes to the full Senate.
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A proposed ordinance in New York City would give e-cigarette retailers a 90-day period to apply for licenses, then end further licensing. 
Dampfer-Wolfsburg-Stammtisch, secondhand vapor
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A look at the science available on soc-called secondhand vapor. Is there a risk to bystanders breathing the exhaled vapor from e-cigarettes?
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Surgeon General Vivek Murthy was fired by the Secretary of Health and Human Services Friday, possibly because of his opposition to e-cigarettes.
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Nicotine is misunderstood and hopelessly confused with smoking. But studies show nicotine is a mostly benign drug with a range of possible benefits.
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A new study from the CDC shows e-cigarettes are the most popular method American smokers use to quit. So why does the CDC downplay its own data?
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The U.S. Navy has banned the use of e-cigarettes on its entire fleet, including all ships and aircraft, claiming the products are a safety risk.