Vaper on the Street: FDA Deeming Regulations

Vaping360 asks a bunch of vapers to share their thoughts on the government trying to regulate vaping.


Vapers Talks Government Regulation

Welcome to the first installment of “Vaper on the Street”! In these videos, Vaping360 asks regular vapers to share their thoughts on a certain aspect of vaping.

With the FDA deeming regulations in America and TPD in Europe, it’s a perilous time for vapers around the world. Since the contributors at Vaping360 are a small part of the vaping business, many of us are close to the issue. I wanted to hear from “normal” people, like you, in order to see how everyday vapers feel about the government trying to regulate vaping. At VPX 2016, I grabbed a bunch of attendees and asked them to share their feelings (like a Care Bear) on the matter.

The results of the first “Vaper on the Street” were a lot of fun. The people I chatted with gave honest and candid answers. Check out the video above to hear what the people had to say and share any agreements or disagreements in the comments section.

Raymond Padilla
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