Vaping Battery Safety Introduction

Battery Safety Intro
Battery Safety Intro


You can call me Mooch.

I do a lot of battery testing over at the ECF forums and Reddit (as Mooch315) and will be writing a series of articles here at Vaping360 about batteries and battery safety.

With all of the misinformation floating around the web about batteries, why listen to what I have to say? I am a fellow vaper who works as an independent electrical engineer.

Since 1992 I have specialized in the design of power management products such as battery chargers, power supplies, battery dischargers/testers, and battery management/protection systems. For over twenty years I have been selecting and testing batteries for my clients. This has given me the experience, the tools, and the techniques to sort out what’s true and what’s not. It’s been my job to determine what’s safe when it comes to the batteries my clients use in their products. I want to do the same thing for the vaping community.

When I started vaping I noticed just how much bad battery information is out there. From exaggerated ratings to unsafe handling practices, vapers are surrounded by information that is not only wrong but can be dangerous too. Our batteries aren’t hand grenades waiting to go off, but they do require our respect for the power they contain.

With a bit of knowledge we can all help to prevent accidents from happening. Vaping360 and I would like to give you the information you need to not only get the most out of your batteries, but to do it safely.

With a bit of knowledge we can all help to prevent accidents from happening.

Topics we’ll cover include the following…​

  • How does temperature affect battery life and safety?
  • What is the continuous current rating (CDR)? Why is it important?
  • Battery pulse ratings are useless and dangerous!
  • There are no 18650 batteries rated over 30A!
  • What is battery chemistry? What does IMR, INR, and ICR mean?
  • What are LiPo batteries? Are they dangerous?
  • What is venting and thermal runaway?
  • What to do if your your battery overheat or vents.
  • What are “rewrapped” batteries? Are they safe to use?
  • Where can authentic batteries be purchased?
  • Choosing a safe battery for a mechanical mod.
  • Choosing a safe battery for a regulated mod.
  • Safe battery charging.
  • What are battery wraps? Why keep them in good condition?
  • When to replace a battery? How long do they last?
  • How long can a battery be stored?

Don’t hesitate to post in the Comments what you think or if there’s other topics you’d like to see covered. I’m excited about being able to write these articles and I’m looking forward to your feedback. I hope that you’ll join me each week!


Note: The statements and recommendations I make here are only my personal opinion. While I base them on years of research and testing, you are responsible for your own safety. Carefully research any battery you are considering using before purchasing.

Since 1992 I have been working as an electrical engineer designing battery related products like chargers, dischargers, and battery management and protection systems. A lot of that work involves researching and testing batteries for my clients. Over time I have acquired a lot of knowledge about how to choose batteries and use them safely. Through these articles I will be sharing what I've learned.
  • Liam Ashburn

    Hiya,just got to the part about no 18650 batts going above 30a and felt the need to zip straight to the comments and ask a question.The reason being that the batteries i’m currently using are the red AWT ones but they have 40a on the wrapping.Have i been duped?Would greatly appreciate if you could help clear things up for me.Cheers mate

    • Mooch

      Hello Liam,
      My applogies for not replying sooner! The system to alert me when a comment is now set up.

      I haven’t tested the red 40A AWT but both the purple and yellow 40A 2600mAh ones turned out to be 20 batteries. Unless it’s a low capacity battery (like 1500mAh) which could mean it’s a 30A battery, your AWT battery is probably also a 20A battery…sorry.


      • Liam Ashburn

        Ah better late than never.Bummer if what i actually have isn’t what is printed on the wrapping.I went and really read through their description on a legit looking supplier website before i decided on making them the batteries i’d mainly use.Thought that surely having 40A would give me plenty of room to try vaping at lower ohms at a decreased risk of malfunctions.Thank you for the reply anyway,i do hope that if you ever get a chance to try them out for yourself or have friends who are as experienced and knowledgeable as you that use them in their setups, that you could maybe let me know if the batteries really are what they say they are.Cheers

        • Mooch

          They might still be ok batteries, I just don’t know. But, since it can’t have a true rating above 30A I’m always a little suspicious of companies that rate their batteries above that.

          • Liam Ashburn

            Thank you for taking the time to read and reply mate.

  • Seth Rall
    • Mooch

      Hello Seth,
      Sorry for the delayed reply! Things are set up now for me to get notices when a comment is posted.

      Which battery is that 38A one you have? Perhaps I have already tested it. Is an Efest?

      • Seth Rall

        the are the ones pictured above.

        • Seth Rall

          if we could talk somehow less publicly I can explain the specifics,

          • Mooch

            I don’t see any pictures but perhaps there is a problem with the browser I am using. I’ll contact you via email.

  • test for Mooch

    • Mooch


  • Incik Domingo

    what happen if i use 2batteries box mod, 1 battery = lg he4 20A and the other 1 = cj battery 4A? is it dangerous?

    • Mooch

      If you do that then you cannot go beyond 4A for a series mod or 8A for a parallel mod. I do not know what battery this CJ 4A battery is but it sounds like a laptop battery?

      It’s just not a good idea to mix batteries. It’s always best to use a pair of the same type of battery that you buy together. Do not use that CJ battery.

  • Michael Onofrio

    What type of battery should I get for the new SX mini ML class coming out?

    • Mooch

      It all depends on the power level (wattage) of the device. What is its wattage rating? Single battery or two?

      • Michael Onofrio

        5W-75W single 18650 battery

        • Mooch

          Unless you’re chain vaping at max wattage I recommend the LG HG2 20A 3000mAh battery. It will give you the longest vaping time before needing to be recharged.

  • Tiffany brook

    When traveling using plane, should I remove the battery from the mod ? And also when I’m not using my vape, since I vape like thrice or 4 times a week, should I remove my battery from the mod ?

    • Mooch

      Check with the airline you’ll be using but it’s my understanding that you must remove the batteries from the mod when flying and only put them in your carry-on luggage.

      The safest thing is to always remove the batteries. But, while it does prevent a faulty mod from autofiring and discharging the batteries it also subjects your battery wraps to possible damage from removing and putting them back into the mod.

  • Deano

    Hello, I have 5 Aspire 18650 batteries (2500mAH , 20A continuous discharge and 40A pulsed discharge ) . I wanted to purchase another box mod and utilize the existing batteries I have. I purchased a istick eleaf pico 75W ,and when reading about the device it stated the the battery used should have a continuous discharge of no less than 25A.
    Would it be safe to use the batteries I have with this particular device? or does anyone recommend a different device that I can utilize my batteries with?
    I typically have my device set on 30-40w…

    Thank you.

    • Mooch

      Yes, you can use those Aspire batteries in the Pico, even at the full 75W. You would get a bit more vaping time though using LG HG2’s or Samsung 30Q’s, about 15%.

  • Peder Ceen

    Hey mooch is it bad that the positive on one of my batteries is now concave from a accident with a spring loaded charger ?

    • Mooch

      Sorry, it just sent me notice of your message now.
      It’s not good, that’s for sure. Whether it’s bad or not depends on the mod/atty and how deep it’s caved in. There’s no way I can say it’s safe so I have to advise replacing the battery if it’s more than just a little concave.

      • Peder Ceen

        Thanks Mooch I’ve a spare set of hg2’s I’m using but I’d say I’ll stick to them, it’s not too deep less than 2mm I’d say , I’m using the cuboid with the tfv8 and fused Clapton’s reading at .25 they drain the batteries fairly fast 😂, any recommendations for future battery purchases ?

        • Mooch

          Unfortunately, there aren’t any batteries that are rated over 10A that run for longer than the HG2/30Q/VTC6. If you want more battery life you’ll have to go to a three-18650 mod or a large lipo mod.

  • Billyray Meloury

    Which batteries are better for the RX200S when Vaping at a maximum of around 50 or 60 watts. Samsung 25’s or the LG HG2’s. I don’t really push the higher wattage yet. Thanks.

    • Mooch

      Sorry, I just received notice of your message now.
      Between those two, HG2’s definitely. You can use them up to the 200W max of that mod. There are a lot of fakes going around though so 30Q’s are a better choice.

      • Billyray Meloury

        Thanks. Any advice is better than none even if it take a little longer to get the right advice. Thanks Mooch.

  • Zack Taylor

    to save alot of questions dont go under .2 ohms and if you dont go over 80 watts you will feel your batteries get hot and maybe even venting there are apps on the market place that do ohms law for you a fully chared 18650 is 4.2v-3.7v and there is only one 30a battery you should use so just base everything off 20a

  • Guts

    I ordered a new Kangertech topbox mini platinum 75W and I’m also planning on getting a pair of LG HG2’s. Wanted to know if the HG2 can handle 75W? But normally I’d be vaping at 40W-50W, would the HG2 be a good choice for this? Thanks in advance!

  • Brett

    When I am trying to determine amp load for my build do i use full voltage (4.2) or 3.7 rated volts that is on the side of the battery? Help….

  • Donna Lee (Donnatella Ninjarel

    I’m new to vaping. So, I purchased a Petri Dotmod Clone online to try it. What would be the safest battery to use? I don’t know anything about wattages. 🙁