Vaping black market: Oman banned sales, but vapers keep vaping

The Arab monarchy prohibits e-cig sales, but illegal imports keep the market alive

Muscat, Oman

Selling e-cigarettes or vapor products has been illegal in Oman since last December, but there is a brisk black market, fuelled by products brought into the country by travelers and internet purchases.

Oman is a monarchy with a population of 3.6 million on the Arabian Peninsula. It borders Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and the United Arab Emirates, and boasts a long Persian Gulf coastline.

Five minutes of internet searching was all it took to find connections to buy vape supplies in the country.

While vaping itself is legal, trade in vapor products is prohibited, according to the Times of Oman. The fine for illegally importing the products, or selling them in Oman, is $500 Omani Rial, about equal to $2,300. The fine is doubled for repeat offenses.

According to the Times story, the government is planning a study of how many Omanis vape. The answer is probably more than they think. Five minutes of internet searching was all it took to find connections to buy vape supplies in the country. And it’s likely that anyone fluent in Arabic would find even more resources.

Jim McDonald

I spend most of my time studying the regulatory, legislative and scientific challenges to vaping, advocating for our right to exist, and talking with others who do the same. Consider me a source for information, and feel free to agree or disagree with anything I say. I love good coffee and sweet Michigan cherries. My childhood hero was Gordie Howe.

  • dkhayz

    Im confused if i can bring my vape im oman help pls

    • Jim McDonald

      It seems to be prohibited, but many smuggle products in. We can’t advise you what to do. Please try to find an experienced user in Oman to help you.

    • khaled

      It depends on how u are going to get it and by what means

  • Sinister ZaDjALi

    as am new to vaping, i knew its illegal to sell it around here or even import it, but a fine of 500 rials?! Damn thats too much..

    • Jim McDonald


  • khaled

    Hey jim i wanted to know if even getting ejuice is allowed or not plz help

    • Jim McDonald

      I don’t know any more than what I wrote here. I suggest posing the question on ECF or Reddit.

      • khaled

        Ohk thanks

  • dk

    Where can i buy vape in muscat oman?