Vaporfi Stratus Dry Herb Vaporizer Review

Vaporfi Stratus Color Variations
Vaporfi Stratus Color Variations

Vaporfi Stratus Intro

With its compact, sleek design Vaporfi’s Stratus dry herb vaporizer is one you are likely to see at festivals or out on the streets. Focus was clearly placed on producing a discreet design that looks very much like any other vape, but is it? In a nutshell this is a simple, portable, variable temp control dry herb vape. If you’re looking to transition into vaping that sweet, sweet herb, it’s a great beginner-friendly vape starter kit. It boasts a good sized herb chamber and decent battery life making this piece a comfortable introduction to vaping for all.


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Vaporfi Stratus Specs and Features

  • 1x 2200 mAh Rechargeable Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • 1x USB to micro-USB charging cable
  • 1x Wall charging adapter
  • 1x packing tool
  • 1x cleaning brush
  • 3x silicon mouthpiece covers

Notable Remarks


There is no doubt the stratus is a well designed piece. It has a common vape pen look and is sure to blend in with the many other people vaping on e-liquids which is a big plus for this device. There aren’t many flashy things about it as far as appearances go, but are you really looking for a fashion accessory? Didn’t think so.

Vapor Quality

You’ll have to find the right temperature for you to produce smoke-like vapour which will be the only tricky aspect for beginners, but the stratus is more than capable of this. It takes about a minute to heat up to 400 °F/204 °C which I found to be my sweet-spot, but your perfect temperature will of course depend on your herb and how well you grind it.

Some vapers complain about their herb reaching the point of combustion and it seems Vaporfi have managed to prevent that with the Stratus. Even on the highest temperature my herb did not burn and the vapour maintained a nice popcorn flavour.

Build Quality

A rubberized coating gives a nice feel to the Stratus and means you can get a good, comfortable grip on it. Unfortunately, the acrylic mouthpiece along with the silver band around end of device brings down the overall quality as it gives it a somewhat cheaper appearance. The first time I removed it (as instructed by the user manual), a small piece of the tab holding it in place broke off. Although this did not seem to affect the sturdiness of the mouthpiece, it may cause issues with heavier use. Luckily extra mouthpieces can be purchased if something does happen to yours. This will of course come down to personal preference, but given the price tag, I’d expect a higher quality outer finish throughout. In the end, the material used helps keep the weight down allowing you to slip it into your pocket without making you feel like you’re carrying a brick around with you.

Update 1: After further light use the silver band around the end broke off.
Update 2: I did not have any further issues with the mouthpiece.


The Stratus comes with a 2200mAh rechargeable battery and only weighs 2.6oz giving you an extended battery life whilst not weighing you down! With 6 ventilation slots (3 on either side) designed to keep the heat away from the mouthpiece, I found that it still gets quiet hot even with the silicone covers, but the covers definitely help, not to mention the improved hygiene factor they provide, especially if you’re vaping with friends.

The micro-USB port for charging means you can simply unplug your phone and plug it right in when you’re running low on power. This is something other manufacturers are following and has seem to have become the norm, but other dry herb vapes such as the V2 PRO series 7 or the PAX 2 do not benefit from this simple charging capability. Unfortunately you cannot charge and vape which would be another “nice to have” feature for added convenience. When I took the Stratus out with me I was able to use my portable battery allowing for a significantly longer battery life – this bad boy really drains the battery fast at 400 °F/204 °C. It will of course depend on how much you vape, but as it’s a dry herb vaporizer the battery life lasts long enough for all intended purposes. I generally managed to go a day without charging, just make sure you remember to plug it in as it takes about 3 hours to fully charge.

In terms of cleaning and maintenance, it seems relatively straightforward. One gripe I do have, however, is that after use, some of the herbs always end up stuck to the filter in the mouthpiece which can be a little difficult to completely clean off, but of course this is a very minor issue that not everyone will care about.
Lastly, I found it a little frustrating when it turned off mid-vape and I had to wait for the oven to heat back up to my set temperature. Despite these minor annoyances, the Stratus is a convenient vape to use.


It has a variable temperature control ranging from 350°F to a blazing 430°F. Unlike other vape pens, you can adjust the temperature in 1°F increments, giving you total control over vapour intensity. The Vaporfi Stratus can hold up to 1g of dry herb in its chamber which is plenty for a portable vaporizer.

In terms of vaping sessions, you are essentially limited to 5 minutes every time you fire it up due to its auto-standby mechanism. It is there to help you out in case you are bit lost in the clouds to save that precious battery power, if you know what I mean. Initially I thought this would be a negative, but I can happily say I was wrong. I found that this 5 minute period was enough for vaping on your own or with a friend – definitely not recommended for larger groups, however. It would be nice to be able to set the auto standby timer (as seen on the HipVap) with a button combination for those longer vape sessions or a quick heat option if you just want to have a quick puff.


This is the only area I really have doubts about after taking a good look at the stratus. For this price range (currently $129.99) there seems to be a variety of choices, also aimed at beginners like the HipVap which personally I prefer over the Stratus. Nevertheless, Vaporfi’s Stratus dry herb vaporizer manages to provide temperature control at the minute level which is something not many offer in this price range. Additionally, a larger battery and herb chamber enable longer vaping sessions and is sure to satisfy more demanding vapers.


  • Lightweight, compact design
  • Good battery life
  • Large herb chamber
  • Discreet, sleek body
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes with useful cleaning brush and packing tool
  • Micro-usb charging


  • No pass-through charging
  • Build quality of mouthpiece and cheap appearance due to plastic silver band
  • Only 1 cleaning brush
  • Only 3 silicon mouthpiece covers
  • Silver plastic ring around mouthpiece broke off after light use


To sum it all up, the Vaporfi Stratus is a decent beginner dry herb vaporizer. It unfortunately lacks in build quality, and it faces a lot of competition in its price range. Overall it does the job and offers a quick and easy transition to vaping your herb.


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