Blue Moon CBD Oil Review | CBD From the Swiss Alps

Dave Kriegel
February 7, 2017

Blue Moon CBD Oil Intro

To be honest with you, I do not have a lot of experience with CBD oil. I tried it a few times before and noticed that it had calming effect on my body. CBD is known to treat inflammation and gives you many of the medicinal benefits of cannabis, without getting you stoned out of your mind.

In fact, CBD aka cannabidiol, does not get you high because it doesn’t contain THC, the active compound in weed that is known to get you blazed. Instead of being made from cannabis, CBD is made from legal hemp plants. Let’s take a look at some CBD that comes from the Swiss Alps.

For more information about cannabidiol oils and e-liquids check out our article about CBD vape oils. Blue Moon Hemp is the name of the brand that makes this stuff and it supposedly contains all 60 cannabinoids due to a special “whole plant” extract process. The juice comes in two flavors and in two strengths. They do not contain nicotine, but could be mixed with your existing e-juice.


Both Pure and Red Devil are available in:

$64.99 for 30mL of 400mg CBD oil

$34.99 for 30mL of 100mg CBD oil

Save 20%

I would recommend just going with the 400mg one since you are getting four times the amount of CBD oil for less than double the price. Don't worry, you won't see purple elephants.



Pure lives up to its name by having a pure taste. If you have ever tasted hemp, or its naughty sister cannabis, then you know what to expect from this e-liquid. No, it is not going to get you high, I cannot stress this enough, but it will have a nice calming effect on your mind and body.

Compared to the CBD oil I have tried, Pure actually tastes very clean and not too bitter. It has an earthiness to it which is very common for CBD. Overall it is very neutral in flavor and can mix very nicely in your favorite all day vape, so you get the perfect balance of CBD to Nic.

Red Devil


Red Devil is Blue Moon’s flavored version of the previous CBD e-liquid. It contains the same amount of CBD, but with additional flavoring. To be honest, the flavor is bad at all when vaped out of a sub ohm tank. It is actually an enjoyable fruity vape, which blends nicely with the CBD oil.

This one is definitely a bit sweeter than Pure, and would be perfect for those who just want to vape it right out the bottle, without having to mix. I am getting a nice berry flavor with a bit of a tangy kick to it. It reminds me of tropical fruit punch. Scared of the “hemp taste”? Try this one.


If you have been looking for a high-quality CBD oil that actually tastes good then this is it. Pure is perfect for those who want the strongest CBD oil that will play well with other e-liquids. Red Devil also mixes well with many fruity vapes and is good enough to vape all day by itself.

All in all, I was quite impressed by these CBD oils from Blue Moon Hemp. I don’t have much experience with many other brands, but compared to the ones that I tried, these taste good and the quality is on point. Not cheap, but well worth it when you think about the medicinal benefits.

Save 20%
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Hello, all liquids look like delicious so i need to try all by time. But i wanna learn is it possible for sending Turkey? Because weed is not legal in here.

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