Eleaf iJust 2 Intro

Today we review the Eleaf iJust 2 kit. The Eleaf iJust 2 kit features a 2600mAh tube shaped mod with the iJust 2 sub ohm tank on top. The iJust 2 sub ohm tank has a 5.5ml capacity and can be fired at 30-80W on the supplied 0.3ohm coil. The iJust 2 sub ohm tank can also be purchased separately and is compatible with Melo, Atlantis, Atlantis 2, Silo Beast & Aspire Triton coils.

Eleaf iJust 2 Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Eleaf iJust 2 2600 mAh Battery
  • 1 x Eleaf iJust 2 Tank with 0.3 ohm EC Coil
  • 1 x Eleaf iJust 2 510 Drip Tip
  • 1 x Airflow Control Ring
  • 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable


  • Price: $18.95 (just the tank)
  • Wattage Range: 30-100W
  • Tank Capacity: 5.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.3ohm
  • 0.5ohm & 0.15ohm Ni200 (compatible with Melo
  • Atlantis and Atlantis 2 coils)
  • Wicking material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Battery:
  • ​Length: 81mm
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Capacity: 2600mAh
  • Color: Silver
  • Thread Type: 510 Thread
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Connector: Spring

Notable Remarks

I will mostly talk about the iJust 2 sub ohm tank, as there isn’t too much to discuss about the battery.

Vaping the 0.3ohm coil

We used our standard Fa-Q max VG e-juice and used our Sigelei 150W for this review.

30W – Not much yet in terms of clouds, but already surprisingly good flavor.
40W – I think this is what the battery should fire at that comes with the kit. Amazing flavor at 40W and lovely clouds of cool vapor.
50W –Amazing flavor! Wow, this sub ohm tank is up there in terms of our favorites, like the Crown and Freemax Starre. Vapor production is also very impressive without being too warm.
60W – A much warmer vape now, but the flavor is just outstanding and with even more vapor!
70W – Massive clouds, but the vapor is now quite hot, not unbearably so, but definitely on the warm side. The tank itself is doing a really good job of keeping cool though.
80W – Too hot now for my liking but the flavor is gorgeous.

I’d vape the iJust 2 tank around 40-55W.

The iJust 2 Battery Section

Eleaf iJust 2 Micro USB Port
Eleaf iJust 2 Micro USB Port

As I mentioned above there isn’t too much to review about the battery. It is a 2600mAh tube mod style battery and is 22mm wide and 81mm in length. It works well with the iJust 2 tank and together they make a good combo for those who want a no fuss, simple to use vape. The whole iJust 2 kit is also very reasonably priced, making it a good value for money buy.

You won’t be able to adjust the wattage on the battery section as it acts like a mechanical mod. This is great for those who don’t want to have to fiddle around with wattages, but it will mean that you have a slight lack of control over your vape. The 2600mAh battery lasts for a good day of moderate vaping on the 0.3ohm coil head at 40W.

The one thing I didn’t like about the battery was the placement of the charging port, which is quite high up on the back, which looks a little ugly. Apart from that there is nothing to complain about.



The flavor on the 0.3ohm coil was outstanding. We were not expecting much from this tank to be honest, given its low price. However, the flavor is up there with the best sub ohm tanks on the market! We were really really impressed with the flavor and we now really want to try the other coil heads!

Coil Compatibility

Eleaf iJust 2 0.3 Coil
Eleaf iJust 2 0.3 Coil

The iJust 2 tank comes with a 0.3ohm coil installed and also has a 0.5ohm and 0.15 Ni200 coil available. The great thing about the iJust 2 tank is that it can also use the Melo, Atlantis and Atlantis 2 coils, which gives it really good flexibility and will be good for vendors.


The price of just the iJust 2 tank is around $18.95 and the iJust 2 kit costs around $34! This is very impressive and the kit is great for those looking for a simple to use tube style kit with a great sub ohm tank.

5.5ml Capacity

The iJust 2 tank has a massive 5.5ml tank capacity. This is really impressive and means it can hold a good amount of e-juice before you will need to fill it up again. I really think a 5ml + capacity is a must for these sub ohm tanks, given how much e-liquid they get through.


Non Adjustable Air flow

Eleaf iJust 2 Airflow Ring
Eleaf iJust 2 Airflow Ring

The air flow as it is, is great for nice direct lung inhales and actually provides a great draw. However, the air flow cannot be adjusted without the addition of a vape band style thing that you can use to adjust the airflow. Why on earth they didn’t include adjustable air flow, I just do not know and it ruins, what is otherwise a fantastic sub ohm tank.

I have heard that Eleaf will be providing a new air flow base soon, which will include an adjustable air flow ring! Come one Eleaf this should have been done at the beginning!


I found re-filling the iJust 2 tank slightly tricky and spilled good e-liquid all over the place. The holes for re-filling are very small, so using a dripping style e-liquid bottle is tricky. I would have liked to have had some wider gaps or perhaps a top fill function.


I wasn’t expecting much from this kit, given its low price tag, and was expecting even less from the sub ohm tank. However, we were completely taken aback by this kit and how good it was. The iJust 2 sub ohm tank on the 0.3ohm was absolutely amazing and produced incredible flavor and clouds. Despite being so affordable it competes with the top sub ohm tanks we have tried so far in terms of flavor and clouds. It has one major flaw, in that it doesn’t have adjustable air flow, and I can’t quite understand why Eleaf didn’t include a proper air flow system. However, I have heard that Eleaf are producing one, so I would wait for that before purchasing this tank or kit.

For its price tag, I think this is a great sub ohm kit for those who want a simple to use vape, with plenty of flavor and clouds! For those looking to purchase just the iJust 2 sub ohm tank, I would recommend waiting for the proper air flow to be integrated. After this I would definitely get one, as it performs amazingly well, is extremely affordable and can use a massive range of coils!

Save $5 on your purchase below using the coupon code:

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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Using vaporfi red tobacco 6mg in ijust2. It is too irritating while exhaling Like a warm chilli. I was pack a day smoker. i think 6mg is fine. I don’t know what is wrong.


hi… i have hade the iJust 2 for about 3 months now. i really like it allot. my question is how is this unit on longevity? or when should i be looking to get another battery casing for it? im scared of using the thins so much that it blows up in my face! it does get hot after 4 or 5 pulls in a row.. that dosent bother me as much. it cools down fast enough.


If you see your device sudenly autofiring itself, take the atomizer out and this cut the circuit, and then replace the batery with a new one. As long as you dont use too low ohm coils the battery doesnt fail and blow away, but if you see the fire button starting to be hipersensitive, I would suggest to change your battery for a new one, since you dont want it to autofire and overheat by itself. As a security measure, ALWAYS leave the device without the atomizer, just to make sure it cant fail.


For any beginners (like myself), if you want to have nice long pulls without heating up too quick, the 0.5 ohm coil is the best. The 0.15 and 0.3 make more smoke but heats up too fast. However, the 0.5 still makes a good amount of smoke. Make sure you wet the cotton in the coil through those holes on the side. The better the battery life the better the vape overall. And the more “VG” your flavour has, the thicker the clouds.


Is this compatible with the yocan 94f dry herb atomizer


Hello,when I vape in,often I feel like the hot hot liquid drops on my tongue! Is it normal?
And also the the 5.5ml tank can be ovet in only few hours
Yet I don’t think I vape that much :/


Yeah, sometimes this happens. Its REALLY disgusting. Make “short fires” to gradually increase temo of coils and liquid, and once they all are hot start to actually vaping. This helped me avoiding the liquid on the tongue haha


I bought the i just 2 kit (not mini) for the ease of filling a large tank. Check. Easy with a dripper bottle so don’t try with a pour style filler. Takes < 1 min for about 3/4 fill.

However, like some have said, it fires up way too hot (scorching). The debate is if there is indeed a cotton wick based coil as the directions say to soak the first. My kit: no evidence of any cotton at all. Just easy to fill, reassemble, and screw onto large (charged) battery but makes it probably 80w by default which the reviewer even says is way too hot. But if would be nice if the reviewer could state how to control the resistance to dial it done to 30w


I just bought it I just 2 and everytime I try to light my coil it just blinks like it’s dead but then I put it on the charger and let it charge and I try to light it again and it keeps on blinking can anybody help me what’s going on with that


I just bought a new tube and coil i keep getting a burnt cotton taste is there something i should do to a new coil


if you dont soak the cotton with you juice b4 you use it you can burn it out, found out the hard way


what cotton? I got the ijust2 kit (not the mini) and it does say to first soak it but there is none. The directions (pamphlet) is poor. If I have to get a coil at a shop, it really shouldn’t be called a kit.


On the side of the atomizer(coil) you can see the white cotton thata what u have to apply vape juice to first put it together fill it up then vape If u do it b4 u put the juice on the cotton part it will burn once the heat hits is


Mine must be missing, because I did a complete disassemble and the coil has no cotton at all. That must be why mine burns like crazy and acts like it’s at 80w. For a TC (temp control) unit, it’s really poor of the manufacturer to not include how to modulate the wattage and every review of the product mentions the feature, but no “how to”.


Bought an Eleaf iJust2 6 months ago and now the button is crap and keeps getting stuck. Many other people have the same button problem on youtube. The Eleaf iJust 2 was MADE IN CHINA!!!
I will NOT purchase another one.

curtisjarvis62 .

99% of vape gear is made in China, what is your point?


Hey guys I’m new to this vape world but when ever i refill my ijust2 its hits the back of my throat a lot. Looks like the liquid is not going to the coil. Could I have some help. Thanks

curtisjarvis62 .

The ijust 2 uses vertical coils, fill it to about 3/4.


I just bought one of these yesterday and it hit great with no issues. Today after i fully charged it the vape is unbearably hot and burnt and then indicator light will remain of 3-4 seconds after i take a hit of it.


Also my ejust2, too, tends to run hotter just after a battery charge: it goes down to – to me – perfect levels after vaping the first third or half tank.
by the way, being a sub-ohm, this ecig needs much lower nicotin levels compared to anything I tried before: even for a fresh ex cigarillo smoker like me, a 9mg liquid is too harsh for a full lung hit… (I actually vape at 6mg and hit and flavour are awesome).
The flashing indicator is OK, it is showing you the battery charge levels, the faster the blinking, the weaker the battery. One long 5 sec. light means you have it at full or nearly full charge (over 3.8V)

Battery capacity indication:
Below 3.3V: the light will flash 40 times and turn off;
3.3V – 3.55V: the light will flash 4 times very quickly;
3.55V – 3.65V: the light will flash 4 times, 1 time per second;
3.65V – 3.80V: the light will flash 4 times, 1 time per 3 seconds;
Over 3.80V: the light will be on for 5 seconds (just 1 time).

curtisjarvis62 .

The indicator light is normal, you could try higher vg liquid.


I have had the iJust 2 for about 3 months now, and I love it! However, today the button you press to vape keeps getting stuck as if I’m touching it. It seems it’s gotten extremely sensitive. All i have to do is brush by the button, and it goes off. Any idea what’s going on with it? Thanks for any input!


I’m running max VG and the hits are burnt. I filled my tank, let it soak for about 4 hours, and the first draw hit the back of my throat like a torch. The flavor was awful and hot as fire. If I drip down through the mouthpiece, the hits are cool and flavorful. The holes on the coil are too small and don’t allow enough liquid back in to re-wet the cotton. Are there better coils out there like the new Kanger tank coil with the wider holes?


You just have to unscrew it and using a needle make some holes in the coil holes ( where you see the cotton thing, just put holes in it)


I have iJust 2 as all of you in this converstation. I wanted to ask, if I put in 0.3 ohm, do I have to change something else (regim) or I can just put any vaporizer inside without any other actions? How does it affects the battery?


HI. Can i use the atlantis 2 tank with the ijust 2 battery?

Alex Kendell

Depends on what coil you would like to use. If you use the 0.5 ohm coil then yes you will be able to use the Atlantis 2 on the iJust 2 battery, it will not produce as much vapor as on a regulated mod though.


Hi, I have a Cubis Clearomizer and a Vivi Nova S, I use the first with 1.5 Ohm Coil and the second with 1.8 Ohm Coil. Can I use these tanks with these coils on the ijust 2 battery. Thank you in Advance. Your answer means a lot to me


hey guys! so im new to the vaping world, and was curious about something. why do people change the drip tip? is because the taste of metal or because of airflow?

Alex Kendell

Good question, people like to switch drip tips mostly due to aesthetics. There is a material called “Delrin” that is used on most of the new tank tips because it has the capability of not allowing any gunk to build up on the drip tip. On metal drip tips you tend to get a lot of gunk build-up after using it for a while, this is not the case with Delrin drip tips. Also, some of the newer tips have an in-built airflow controller that allows you to have extra airflow, I personally do not like these tips as they take away a lot of flavor, they are very good for very high powered tanks because the tanks themselves get really hot. It also helps with the temperature of the vapor, some tanks produce more of a warmer vape than others and adding extra airflow cools the vapor down.


Hey man! Got another question. I’m noticing that my tank leaks and has gunk which goes all over the my finger and clothes. Is that a sign that I need to change my coil?

Alex Kendell

Could be due to numerous things. I would suggest switching coil to see if it makes a difference.


I bought an Eleaf Ijust 2 about a month ago – loving it – however it leaks between the battery and the tank. Is this normal? The guys I bought it from are not helping in the manner I desire, so I’m trying to find out whether this is normal? They have checked the rings and say its all okay. They asked me to change the coil, however it still leaks.


Mine’s the same and the people I bought it from tell me it’s normal. Terrible product, wish I’d never bought it.

Angelin Bogdan Cireaşă

I heard that about the Ijust2, when it’s filled you have to keep it standing, not on a side. It has to stand on it’s “feet” also, if you travel by plane, empty the tank before you get into the plane because due to the pressure change of the air, all the liquid will be forced out and that’s not gonna be too likey. Cloudy vaping!

curtisjarvis62 .

I leave mine on it’s side all the time it never leaks, i also empty the tank before boarding a plane, and add just enough on board for crafty stealth vaping.


just started using the ijust 2 had the same problem,found the coil was a little loose just snugged it a little more and that cured it for me

Alex Kendell

May I ask what type of e-liquid you are using? If something leaks I like to clean the whole tank and dry it off with a blow dryer. That seems to do the trick for most of my tanks that leak.


Hi Alex, thank you for responding.
I am using the juices from Vapology.

Alex Kendell

Sorry for not asking before but what PG/VG ratio are you using?


Alex, I have no idea. i go to the store, ask them for a mix of coffee and waffles n cream at a ‘6’, and that’s it

Alex Kendell

It could be that you have too much PG and the coil floods. I would suggest doing the above:”I like to clean the whole tank and dry it off with a blow dryer”


I clean it weekly, but don’t use a blow dryer – don’t have one – being a single male n all… I am going to ask the suppliers to change the tank. So lets see, I appreciate your assistance!


I have this one and just got the Atlantis 0.3 coils for it and now the tank is heating up on the outside and I’m not hitting it any more than I usually do any ideas what is causing this


yeah i had the same issue when i tried the atlantis .3 coils

Alex Kendell

What coils where you using before? The 0.5 coils? May just be that the resistance of the coils us lower than before thus the heating. If it gets too hot please do not use it any further and send it back to where you brought it from.


I’ve been running this on max VG liquid and sometimes i get random dry hits and i have to re-prime the coil (you know, take it out and force some liquid into the cotton) not sure why it doesn’t always absorb the juice properly. (the factory .3 coils)

I love this setup though switched to this after using a Krager protank 3 (and a different battery)
took awhile to get used to the lung hits vs mouth hits though

Željko Keko Kukavica

Hi. Im new in sub ohm vaping so im gonna ask a stupid question. How do you know on what wattage is running? How do can i adjust 0.3 or 0.5 ohm coil on 50W on iJust 2 kit? Sorry for bad englis and probably stupid question

Thomas Pedersen

If you want to change the ohm you have to put in a coil that has the specifications you are looking for… They can be bought in most vape stores and websites 🙂
Good luck with your vaping 🙂


I bout some atlantis coils for my Ijust 2 and they screw in but the tank wont go in all the way. When I click the fire button i can see a blinking light behind then fire button but nothing happens. Ive tried charging it but it was already fully charged. The coils wont fit but people said they can use them….What should i do??

DuJuan Broadus Sr.

IThe coil isn’t making a good connection. The blinking light is the batt mod signaling that there is no tank connected. I’ve tried the Atlantis 0.5 ohm coils and I had the same problem. Had to give the coil a lil nudge to make contact.


I plugged my battery in because it stopped hitting and wasn’t lighting up either. 2-3 hours later I reach over to see if it’s charged. It was unusually hot to the touch. Unplugged it and tried to hit it. Nothing. Pushed button and waited for light. Nothing. Any suggestions???

Alex Kendell

Sounds like a dead battery to me, try sending it back to where you got it from.

Jennifer Wilt Limpert

I have had this particular one for about 3 month and all of a sudden today its stops hitting!! Light comes on when I push button but nothing is working.

Alex Kendell

Can you check to see if any liquid got into the pin of the battery? It sounds like you have flooded the battery.

Jennifer Wilt Limpert

I actually did that and let it sit overnight and still nothing so I took it up to my vap shop and it ended up being a coil issue.
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Can you check to see if any liquid got into the pin of the battery? It sounds like you have flooded the battery.
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I have had this particular one for about 3 month and all of a sudden today its stops hitting!! Light comes on when I push …
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Alex Kendell

Okay, glad to know you found out what type of problem it was.


I bought a pack of 0.5ohm Melo 2 coils for my Ijust 2 and now i’m getting almost no vapor. Any ideas?

DuJuan Broadus Sr.

I had to settle for the Atlantis .5 as my vape shop was out of the eleaf .3’s and I was in a hurry…I will be switching back to .3’s asap. I’m not bashing the Atlantis coils altogether, it’s just the .5’s just aren’t doing it for me. Not enough vapor of flavor. I’m sure an Atlantis or melo .3 would run just fine.

Alex Kendell

Maybe bad coils? Already burnt through? There are a lot of reasons why a coil would not produce the amount of vapor that you previously had.


Gotchya. Is buying a bad batch of coils a common problem? (sorry, I’m new to vaping)

Alex Kendell

It never used to be a common problem, but I get the feeling it is getting worse and worse. Chinese quality control is getting out of hand.


The original coil on the Eleaf IJust2 is a .3 Ohm coil. You bought .5 Ohm. The .3 Ohm runs much better.


I own this little beasty. And I love it. My issue is finding the coils. Everyone has either tc coils and not the dual ecs or they have different ohms.
Anyways I was going to say, I have a hammer mod and use an 18650 with this tank and it works pretty well. No complaints so far.
and I’ve found that if you use cream flavors in the Ijust 2, since it gives such a flavor packed hit. It makes it even better. I’d go as far to even say its mouth wateringly good.

This is the coil I got to try to make a replacement. Now I get almost no cloud coverage at all. It gives me as much as one of them gas station casual pens.


Same issue Dan was facing. Eleaf sells two different replacement coils, the .5 Ohm and the .3 Ohm. The Eleaf IJust2 comes originally with the .3 Ohm already in the atomizer. Buy the .3 Ohm replacements instead. Check here https://www.mtbakervapor.com/accessories/eleaf-ec-melo-2-replacement-coils/


However, the trick I learned to using the only .5 Ohm replacement I bought, was to first ‘purge’ the coil. By this I mean to blow into the drip tip, and as soon as thick cloud emerges from the air control, without releasing the fire button — suck in. The cloud should be as thick as if you were running a .3 Ohm coil. The reason this works is because you are doing 2 things here: 1) you are blowing what would have been just air through the coil and out the air flow rather than filling your lungs with air, and 2) you are heating up the coil (at a faster rate too) prior to hitting it into your lungs

Alex Kendell

You are not the only one having this issue, have you tried Gearbest and Fasttech?


I wouldn’t touch fast tech with a ten foot pole, Just my opinion based on horrible reviews. Shipping seems to all come out of china and has customs issues

Alex Kendell

Well to be honest the reviews lately are extremely mixed. I myself have ordered around 10-15 times and only 2-3 orders came late or got stuck in customs. Same goes to Gearbest. I guess it comes down to where you live and what postal service you use.


No but I will. The Atlantis coils work wonderfully though. I haven’t had any other issues though. No leaking or anything.

Alex Kendell

That’s great! Enjoy!


Can a pg liquid ruin the pen? (Liking juices)

Alex Kendell

It shouldn’t, using high PG on low ohm coils can cause leaking though.


I just got this mod and so far 10/10 would buy again I haven’t used it to its full potential and 18. Nic is far too much for this build.


I bought the I just 2 tank 2 weeks ago and I use it on the istick TC 40w battery. The coil I received from eleaf with the tank was fabulous! The flavor was amazing, it hit hard as I prefer a lung hit. After a week, I had to change my coil so I went and bought several from a local vape shop. My tank now leaks uncontrollably, and the hits taste horrible even after I prime the coils. They are the same size and brand as my original coil. I thought maybe I had a bad coil so I changed it out again and the problem is containing to happen. I typically hit it around 32w but I can’t now as it tastes burnt. Do you think I received a pack of bad coils from the store? I’m not sure what to do. I haven’t had a cigarette in 14 days and I’m concerned with all the trouble I am having I will cave in. Any advice? I love this tank, I just don’t know what’s going on. My fiancé is having the same exact issues now too. The excessive leaking, the horrible taste, the weaker hit. Any ideas?!

Alex Kendell

May I ask what type of coils you bought? Sounds like a pack of fake coils to me, have you primed and pre-saturated the coil enough?


The eleaf .3 they came in an eleaf box from the store and looked the same as my original. And yes I do prime it a lot

Alex Kendell

Never had any issues, we have spares and they work perfectly. I would suggest trying a new pack.


Hi I keep coughing when I inhale this vape..does anyone else have this problem? An any advice on why this is happening? ?


Yes it just has a monster coil in it you have to tone down on the nic .

Alex Kendell

Like Coconut said, for sub ohm tanks like the iJust 2 tank you should be using 3mg nic liquid or less. 6mg is a bit on the high side for me and 12mg is unvapeable. Also the higher the PG the stronger the hit, I would suggest using higher VG liquids for the tank.


what is your nic level at. 3mg 6mg….. higher the nic the more burn


how do i set to 40~55W ?

Alex Kendell

“You won’t be able to adjust the wattage on the battery section as it acts like a mechanical mod.” – For trying the tank at different wattages we used the Sigelei 150W Box Mod.


I see. Many thanks on the advice


Hello!I bought this kit and i need to know if i can run the Uwell Crown tank on this battery…atleast
with the 0.5 ohm coils?If not.any other good tank i can run on this battery?Thanks!

Alex Kendell

Hey @dragosdumitru:disqus: Yes you can, you will not be able to vape the lower coils though, but it is good to have the Crown for the future if you would like to upgrade to a higher wattage box mod etc.


I am currently running the Uwell Crown on my Eleaf IJust2 — I bought it expecting to upgrade to the Siglei Funchai 200w TC mod. My IJust2 runs the .25 dual coils amazingly even with only 40watt. Downside however is that it heats up just slightly faster than the original .3 Ohm Eleaf replacement coils.


Thanks!Is there a tube style mod that i can use with the Crown on low coils?I realy dont like box style ones…

Alex Kendell

I only know of the Apollo Vtube 4.0 (review on our site) and the aspire tube mods series but they all only go up to 50W. There are also Provaris that go up to higher wattages but I have never tried them.


Thank you! will check them out!And do you recommend a box mod that can run the crown on the 0.25 and 0.5 coils?

Chris Kendell

The Eleaf iStick is an affordable solid mod capable of 100W (no temp control). if you want temp control look at something like the IPV4, IPV3 li or Sig 150W.


Thanks for the help!Keep up the good work!


Hi am I able to use the ni200 coils in the ijust2 kit with mech battery it comes with the kit

Chris Kendell

No you won’t be able to, you will need a temp control device to use those Ni200 coils.


How long should I expect a coil to last on this thing vaping about 2-3 hours daily?

Alex Kendell

Hey Ben, one maybe even two weeks if used at a lower wattage.


Would this be a good start for a first time vapor?

Chris Kendell

It has a direct lung inhale which is slightly different to the mouth to lung style inhale you might be used to from smoking, so bear that in mind. If you want tighter draw for the mouth to lung draw, check out things like the ego one, nautilus mini etc. If you don’t mind a direct lung inhale this is a nice affordable little kit with fantastic flavor and is easy to use.


Just wondering, any dates on the ijust 2 with adjustable air flow? Or just “soon”?

Chris Kendell

Hi Brandon. Unfortunately I don’t know when exactly. I was told they are doing a new air flow ring soon, but that’s all I know! Sorry


Just bought one in a shop and it came with an airflow ring!

Alex Kendell

That is very good to hear, could you post a picture if possible? Thanks for the feedback!


looks like the code expired 🙁

Chris Kendell

Sorry Dohc, we will get them to sort this out asap!


Eleaf iJust 2 vs Joytech eGo ONE Mega which one you recommend

Alex Kendell

Well the eGo one is also meant for mouth to lung. The iJust 2 is based on direct inhale. Depends on what you want from it.


Alex thanks for guidance. I am not into direct inhale I’ll definitely go for eGo one Mega. I’ll get few extra features like built in air control and Pass through with ego one.

Alex Kendell

Yes you would be better of using the eGo One. Enjoy your vape, it is a great piece of kit.


yes seems like a great kit. last year when i bought my first kit, innokin cool fire 1. I bought batteries, carger and coils separately.

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