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Ziip Pods Review: A True Replacement?

Jeremy Mann
June 13, 2018

Ziip pods review

Ziip pods are little pre-filled nic salt cartridges that work with the JUUL battery. They are priced slightly cheaper for a four pack, averaging around $12. They also hold a tad more juice with a capacity of 1.0 mL vs. the 0.7 mL they intend to replace. Another benefit of these pods is that they come in various nicotine salt strengths: 1.8%, 3.0%, 4.0%, and 5.0%.

The Ziip pods come in six different flavors: mango, tobacco, mint, watermelon, cappuccino, and strawberry milk. You can buy Ziip pods from many retailers, and they’re even sold on eBay by individual sellers (though I don’t imagine that continuing much longer due to eBay’s terms of service.)

Price: 10.99$

Ziip pod flavors

Mango: The mango flavor is sweet, complex and very much like the taste of a mango. These pods have more sweetness than some mango flavors, but not overly sweet. It’s just about right without turning into a candy sweetness. Overall, I am impressed with the mango flavor.

Strawberry Milk: Sweet, creamy, and very much like a strawberry milk. Strawberry milk isn’t your typical pod flavor for nic salt, but I think it works fairly well here. It’s easily one of the better flavors from Ziip. It’s not as flavorful as the Mango, but it’s still one of my favorites from this line.

Mint: The Ziip mint isn’t bad, but it tastes bland and without the overall clarity of mint that we’re used to. The mint tastes best on the inhale, but on the exhale there isn’t much actual flavor outside of the slight cooling sensation.

Watermelon: This juice smells great out of the pod pack. The watermelon has a bit of a candy aroma – bright, sweet, and refreshing — almost like a watermelon bubble gum flavor. Unfortunately, the juice doesn’t taste as good as it smells. It’s not that it tastes bad, but it’s rather weak in comparison to the aroma.

Cappuccino: With the unmistakable aroma of a creamy burnt coffee, the cappuccino pods don’t even need a label to identify themselves. Unfortunately, the taste of them is just off. There’s nothing sweet, creamy or even pleasant about the taste. If you don’t mind the taste of stale and burnt coffee, you might just like these. I don’t.

It’s like a 555 ejuice. Nutty, with a little sweetness and the classic tobacco flavor. This flavor has the most throat hit out of all the pods, and they’re also one of the most flavorful. In terms of flavor, they’re right behind mango but with more flavor than the strawberry milk. It’s a good tobacco flavor with nothing aggressive or off-putting.

Ziip pods: how do they work?

ZiiP Pods

The Ziip pods fit right into the battery as they should. They click into place like JUUL pods, but the mouthpiece is slightly different than the normal square tip pods. The Ziip pods are rounded at the top, making them a bit more ergonomic than the normal pods.

If you’re not looking too hard, the pods themselves look almost identical to JUUL’s except for a different shape to the juice window and the mouthpiece. Although the pods look the same, Ziip pods are not meant to work with temperature control, and that allows for burnt hits.

My first few vapes of mango and strawberry milk had me thinking about keeping a battery just for Ziip. But not much longer after my excitement set in, the burnt hits came. I think you can mitigate the burnt hits with taking shorter hits, but I like taking long drags. There’s been occasional gurgling and the normal popping sounds, but no leaking. The biggest con of the pods is the burnt hits – and that’s not a con that I can look past.

Ziip Pods verdict:

All in all, I think the flavors of the Ziip pods are decent. I like a few, with a couple being really good to me. Aside from the cappuccino, which I think is really bad, I can’t knock the flavors. The biggest problem is that the pods can give a dry and burnt tasting hit quickly. Considering the JUUL hardly ever does that, I can’t sign off on these Ziip pods as a legitimate replacement.

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The variety of flavors Ziip produces is fantastic (especially compared to Juul’s array). However, the diminished pod life (even with a higher volume pod) and the lack of the same throat hit leads me to continue using Juul’s pods instead. I wish that that there was the flavor variety of Ziip and the throat hit of Juul available.

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