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January 21, 2016

OBS Crius RTA Review

OBS Crius RTA Intro

Today we are going to be taking a look at the OBS Crius RTA. OBS are the makers of the T-VCT sub ohm tank, so we are looking forward to seeing just how good the Crius is and how well it stacks up against some of the other great RTA’s out there at the moment such as the Aromamizer or the Bellus.

OBS Crius RTA Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1x OBS Crius Tank
  • 1x Spare Glass
  • 1x Mini Screwdriver
  • 2x Spare Screws
  • 2x Spare O-Rings
  • 1x User Manual


  • 22m diameter
  • 2ml capacity
  • Side top fill design
  • 2 post deck
  • Juice flow control

Notable Remarks



I really like the design of the Crius RTA. It looks sleek as well as looking pretty cool and funky. I like the branding on the chimney section of the device too. I prefer that to branding on the exterior of tanks. I also love the combination of stainless steel and glass, utilising the glass drip tip to break up the SS parts of the device.

Using the OBS Crius

OBS Crius Deck
OBS Crius Deck

This tank is so so easy to use! I love the 2 post deck, making it super easy to centre your coils and making dual coils so easy to install. I always have a problem with 4 post designs and leads getting in the way when installing dual coils but with this it’s a breeze.

I also really like the amount of space on the deck, don’t get me wrong it’s nothing crazy but when comparing it to something like the goblin mini, it’s a hell of a lot easier to build on.

Another thing I’m really impressed with is the top fill, with it being a side top fill it’s so easy to fill up, easier than regular top fill devices. You simply slide the top cap up which exposes a nice big fill hole, squeeze your juice in and shut it down again. Super simple, very effective!

Juice Flow Control

OBS Crius RTA Taken Apart
OBS Crius RTA Taken Apart

I really like the idea of juice flow control, not only does it allow you to vape all kinds of juices from high PG to high VG by controlling the amount of wick exposed but it also completely stops any leaking which is huge in my opinion.

There’s nothing I hate more than coming to a tank after leaving it overnight and seeing my desk, or sometimes even my mod, completely soaked in juice. But with the Crius RTA you simply close off the juice flow and your leaking will come to an end.


Airflow on the OBS Crius is awesome too! Plenty enough for those mouth to lung inhales and with the right build you can definitely pull off a direct lung inhale. Granted it’s not as much as some of the RDA’s out there but then again this is a tank.



OBS Crius Topfill
OBS Crius Topfill

I genuinely could not find anything that I didn’t like about this device. It’s got a great build deck, plenty of airflow, easy top filling system, juice flow control. What more do you want?

The flavour off this tank is also fantastic! Definitely up there as one of the better RTA’s I’ve used in terms of flavour. Cloud production may not be insane but it’s definitely there! You wont have any trouble blowing out some plumes with the right build in this tank.


There are only 2 things I’d really improve on this device and that is give it some bigger post holes, and a velocity style deck. I do believe they are releasing a version with the velocity style deck which will allow for even easier builds and maybe some vertical coils and even quad coil builds!

I hope the post holes are slightly larger too as you would struggle to fit claptons or any other crazy wires in this tank. But apart from those 2 tiny changes there really isn’t anything wrong with this tank.

Update (21.01.2016): I believe the V2 and V3 versions of the Crius now have larger post holes, as well as a velocity style deck, so kudos to OBS for listening to the community and making those changes so quickly.


I’m going to keep this short and sweet. If you haven’t already got an OBS Crius, go get one! It’s as simple as that. This tank is a must have for any RTA users out there and will only enhance your collection and vaping experience! If you have the patience to wait for the velocity style deck then hold out, but otherwise go and pick up one of these incredible RTA’s. If you don’t, you’re seriously missing out!

Sam is a UK Based reviewer currently studying applied sports science at university. Vaping for over 2 years and with a passion to keep vaping alive his enthusiasm and desire to help others get the best experience comes across in his reviews. A sport loving aspiring athlete with a particular interest in Pole Vaulting.

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I purchased my first OBS Crius and put in the coils. I like my wattage between .4 and .6. To say this product is easy to build is an understatement. My first use was very enjoyable. Easy to build, easy to wick the first time! I am so impressed with the atomizer I purchased two more but in black. Looks sleek. Then I saw on GearBest the OBS Plus 5.8 ml. It comes with the dual post deck which is stock but I ordered the c4 deck because I like a challenge. There is a flash sale so this was a bonus as the price couldn’t be beat. This atomizer is now my favorite. I love the idea of rebuilding my coils and wick as this keeps costs down and you can experiment with different coils to see which is best. By the way I love this web site. Gives great info and tips.
If you are a novice at building decks then this is the one to get a practice on. The dual deck will soon make you an expert at building coils and wicking. Vape on all.


I saw this tank on JacVapour’s site. They sell it also comes with b-tilt box mod. They have v2 or v3 I don’t know realy but the capacity is 4,5ml I’m sure ’cause I asked their service about it and upcoming eu vaping legislations. Nice review.


Yes the V2 and V3 have the velocity style deck and increased capacity. They are both very good RTA’s as well a the V1 we reviewed. In all honesty I wouldn’t worry about the EU regs as far as tank size, nobody will check that your tank only holds 2ml of ejuice so they are with a buy imo.

Thanks for the feedback!



Thank you on excquisit schnell answer. I hope I hope they don’t look but you know the germans are al about regulations and precision. OBS is my next step from ego style vape pen. Thanks to you and vaping360 we beginners have good guidance.


No problem! Haha very true. The germans are very efficient! I’m sure it’ll be fine, I haven’t heard of Vape Police just yet 😉 if you are after a good tank to fit EU regulations the Sense Herakles V2 is a damn awesome tank (I know we haven’t reviewed it but through personal experience, it’s one of my favourite tanks! Plus you don’t need to worry about building coils.)

We do out best to help everyone in their vaping journey!


I bought myself tools and kanthal a1 just waiting for JOC pads. I think I’ll give a try to Crius. Don’t want to depend on vendors and their coils. Ohm meter there too.


Nice job! I remember when sub ohm tanks first came out, I had been building a while, and frankly their coils were rubbish. Thankfully manufacturers coils are getting better! Good on you for wanting to start building! Do you have an RDA? Might I suggest investing in one first as they are much easier to build and wick than an RTA.


Well I’m an Alice in wonderland in terms of RDAs. All I’ve understood that you immerse your coils in juce and that they bring hell of a flavour. Probably are a juice guzzler like Dodge Durango V12. But please do tell.


Okay I’ll try keep this short. Quick difference between RTA’s and RDA’s

RTA’s have a smaller build deck which means your coils have to be smaller and less room to fit them in so it can be harder to insert your coils. Also they are harder to wick, if the wicking is wrong you will either get constant burnt hits, or constant leaking! They obviously hold more juice but they don’t do as well on flavour or clouds. Also the builds you run have to be quite well made and made for purpose (due to less airflow you can’t just keep cranking up the wattage, the builds will get too hot.)

RDA’s have larger build decks so it’s easier to insert your coils, wicking is a lot easier and as long as you keep dripping you won’t suffer a burnt hit. If you over drip they can still leak however so ‘paint’ your coils in juice. Don’t hold as much juice as RTA’s but some have a substantial juice well. You can run pretty much any build in an RDA as the airflow is always greater so you can just increase wattage if you need to!

Essentially RDA’s are easier to ‘get right’ than an RTA but once you know how to build well if you get an RTA ‘right’ you will have a fantastic vape experience with the convenience of a tank!

All in all I’d suggest starting with an RDA as opposed to an RTA. A few to look at are the Velocity, Geekvape Tsunami, Aeolus Lite, Mutation X V4S

Hope this helps!


Thanks. It really does help. I see RDAs as home enjoy version. So maybe I give a try to Tsunami. Anyway on my work I’ll use my nice pen ’cause clouds I don’t need a Nebel Werfer(fog maker)there. I wanted more freedom and taste which BDC from Kanger…well hit and miss. Both versions V1 and V2. With silca or JOC. I’ll try to rebuild one. Saw some scottish roll technique on net seems like a way to wick RTAs. Thank you very much on help Sam wish you good health and good vaping.



Please do a review on Griffin Tank. Thanks a lot! Keep up the good work!



I think we have a review of the Griffin coming up soon so keep your eyes peeled!

jumpdfuckupmax .

Alright! Waiting for that one…. Thanks man!


Would recommend the stainless OBS Crius for purchase. I have recently returned 2 of the black tanks, due to aggravating juice leaks in the seam area between the lower base & air flow rings. Re-wicking / cotton placement adjustments did not remedy. This was quite disappointing. A colleague of mine uses the stainless one & has had no leak problems.


Hi James, FYI, I own 6 of the various types of OBS Crius black ones and one stainless steel one. i prefer the black ones. I have not had a leak of any kind. Make sure you put enough wick in and you should not have a leaking problem. Maybe you just received two
which had bad seams.

Jeroen van den Bosch

It’s an awesome RTA… especially the v3 with the velocity deck. Great flavor massive clouds ???


I have to know though, Aromamizer, or the OBS?


Hey dude I have both, Aromamizer 6ml and Crius V3.

I use the Crius on a Reuleaux RX200.

I personally prefer the Aromamizer as it’s bigger, easier to build on (more space around the deck) and has adjustable 510 pin, also I just prefer it, the build seems more solid, although it is bottom fill but I don’t mind as 6ml lasts me almost a day anyway.

Crius V3 does not have an adjutstable 510 pin, it’s smaller (4.2ml), it’s a bit more cramped to build on, but it’s a bit better for flavour and has top fill and a bit of a different look & colours. Also it has a very wide drip/mouth tip, I prefer the medium Aromamizer one (small thing easily fixed).

If I could reverse my OBS purchase and get another Aromamizer instead I would do that, they are that good (and priced accordingly).

In fact if no new better RDA/RDTA comes out soon, I probably will be getting a second Aromamizer anyway.

Alex Kendell

Hard one, but I would go for the Aromamizer.

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