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February 1, 2016

Aspire Cleito Review

Aspire Cleito Intro

Today we review the Aspire Cleito sub ohm tank. The Cleito is an affordable sub ohm tank that costs around $19. It features two Kanthal Clapton coils (0.2 and 0.4ohm). The tank is made up of extremely few parts and is very lightweight. The coils are a completely new design and are not compatible with any of the older Aspire sub ohm tanks.

We see how the Aspire Cleito vapes below:

Aspire Cleito Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Aspire Cleito Tank
  • 1 x Replacement Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 1 x Vape Band
  • 4 x Rubber Cuff (Yellow
  • Black
  • Blue
  • Red)
  • 1 x 0.4 ohm Clapton Coil
  • 1 x 0.2 ohm Clapton Coil


  • Price: $16.99 – $22.95
  • Wattage Range: 55-70W (0.2ohm) 40-60 (0.4ohm)
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.2ohm and 0.4ohm Clapton Kanthal
  • Wicking material: Organic Japanese Cotton
  • RBA: Coming soon!
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the Cleito 0.4ohm Coil

Aspire Cleito 0.4 Clapton Coil
Aspire Cleito 0.4 Clapton Coil

The 0.4ohm Clapton Cleito coil was my favourite of the two that came with the kit. I was getting burnt hits above 55W, so I’d recommend staying below that. My preferred range was between 40-45W. The flavor and clouds were fantastic!

Vaping the Cleito 0.2ohm Coil

Aspire Cleito 0.4/0.2 Clapton Coils
Aspire Cleito 0.4/0.2 Clapton Coils

The 0.2ohm vaped well at around 60-65W. For my personal preference the 0.2ohm coil wasn’t for me. It got a lot hotter (like real hot) than the 0.4ohm coil and I preferred the flavor on the 0.4ohm coil at a lower wattage. The ramp up time on the 0.2ohm coil head was also considerably longer than on the 0.4ohm coil.


Lightweight and Short

Aspire Cleito on Modvapa MK2 Mod
Aspire Cleito on Modvapa MK2 Mod

The Aspire Cleito is an extremely lightweight sub ohm tank and measures 22mm in diameter. It is also quite short and a lot shorter than the previous Aspire sub ohm tanks.

Fantastic Flavor

The flavor on the 0.4ohm Clapton kanthal coil head was fantastic. Given this tank costs a fraction of of what the other top tanks cost, we were very surprised (in a good way)! Honestly, the flavor is up there with tanks like the Crown, Herakles Plus and Rafale – wow!


This Cleito tank can be secured for around $17.99 – $22.95 online. This makes it around half the cost of some other sub ohm tanks. You still get a spare Pyrex glass, as well as two Kanthal coils with the Cleito kit. The tank whilst feeling very light and simply put together, doesn’t necessarily feel cheaply made. Coil replacements cost around $20 for 5 pieces which isn’t as cheap as other coils, but isn’t too bad. I cannot comment on the coil longevity yet, but if you have any experience with having used them over a longer period, please do contribute in the comments section. Your feedback is always much appreciated!

Big Airflow & Massive Clouds

Aspire Cleito Airflow
Aspire Cleito Airflow

The air flow on the Aspire Cleito is pretty massive. It is airier than on the Herakles Plus for instance and is one of the widest air flows we have come across. This combined with those Clapton coils, ensures MASSIVE clouds! If you enjoy clouds and flavor, you won’t be disappointed by the Aspire Cleito.

Easy Top Fill

Aspire Cleito Top Fill
Aspire Cleito Top Fill

The top fill is extremely easy to use and there is plenty of space for re-filling.


Top Cap Heat

The Cleito gets pretty hot, especially on the 0.2ohm Clapton coil at higher wattages. The top cap, as it’s directly connected to the coil, gets very hot, so be sure to use one of the silicon “chuffs” provided by Aspire that come in different colors.

Can’t Replace Coils without Emptying the Tank

The coils are at the same time also the chimney of the Cleito tank. Whilst this keeps the number of parts in the tank down to a minimum, it does mean that you need to empty the tank out before changing a coil.

Can’t Use Your Own Drip-Tip

You can kind of use your own 510 drip tip on the Cleito, but it doesn’t fit well and just looks really weird. We would recommend sticking with the installed Aspire delrin drip-tip.

Tank Capacity Only 3.5ml

Aspire Cleito Aesthetics
Aspire Cleito Aesthetics

The Aspire Cleito Clapton coils eat e-juice and produce huge clouds. This means the 3.5ml tank will not last you very long! The top fill is however easy to use, which makes re-filling a doddle.


If you are looking for a cheap sub ohm tank, that chucks clouds and has fantastic flavor (up there with the Uwell Crown and Herakles Plus), then buy the Aspire Cleito! It won’t disappoint you and is an absolute beast of tank for just $19.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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If your tank is “leaking” it means your coil isn’t in tight enough or not threaded in correctly. Simply remove the coil, clean the threads, and put it back in (tightly). Take the glass off to do so to assure you can really get a good hold and screw it in tight. Due to how the cap unscrews directly from the coil, if that coil isn’t screwed in very tight to the tank, then you’ll gradually loosen it as you screw and unscrew the cap to refill (without even noticing). Issue solved.


I have two cleito aspire tanks. I see some people stating they have leaking problems. I too had this at first but I found that making sure the coil is not overtightened is one problem and the other is for some reason, if you close the air vent while filling, this helps too. It doesnt prevent all leaks but it does keep it to a minimum.


Complete and utter JUNK! Tank design: horrible… coil design: horrible. This is the worst setup I’ve ever used. Coils burn out, taste like crap, tank leaks, falls apart. Total GARBAGE.


I have 2 of these and love them. I use a smok x cube 2 at about 65w with the 0.2ohm coils. Drinks juice but i upgraded to glass to the 5ml bowl so works a bit better. It does get very hot but once you know this you tend to know when not to touch it with your lip. (Would like to see it a bit cooler tho)
I had the atlantis v2 and this is so much better. 100% recommend this.


my cuboid mini tank mysteriously broke in my pocket while shoveling snow last week, and since im broke and supporting my mother financially i needed a cheap and quick fix. The local vape shop had it for $21 and change after tax, and the town they are in has sky high rent so everything in the town is over-priced. I was only expecting to use it as a temp until i got something better. but that was only because i assumed that because of the price it would not be that good, but i freakin love it. yea having to refill it 2-3 times a day, and emptying it before i change the coil are not ideal, but the flavor, airflow, and cloud size are off the charts. im sticking with this for a while.


my current tank. 10/10 when I tried it for the first time i had to run and buy it at the same day. my previous and first subtank ever was the best of its time in 2014 the Kangertech Subtank Mini.

the flavor: I said to myself “I was really missing all this flavor for a long time”
the vapor: man, you’ll know what will come ahead when just put your mouth on that beautiful delrin tip. You can feel the air. I resemble the airiness to the Spirometery test tube.

this will be my all time best tank yet.


I find the 0.4 coil @ 45W provides the best flavour and the smoothest largest clouds. I tried the replacement 0.2 coil @ 60-65W and it got really hot and the coil didn’t last as long as the 0.2. I also had a leak issue when I first stared using the Aspire Cleito. But once I replaced the coils and cleaned everything out with water and quetips. I gently but securely sealed all components and I had a perfect hit every time with the 0.2 coil. If any one experiences the leak just make sure the components are installed correctly. Not too tight because you will break the rubber seals. There is a perfect tightness after using this for a couple weeks you will find and you wont get leaks. Its a great piece I love it. I plan on going and buying a 5 set of 0.2 coils as I just replaced the 0.4 one and it was burnt (black residue on coils). I was vaping it way too hard at 65W for too long.


My mistake I meant the 0.4 coils are my preferred coil NOT the 0.2.


I’ve had a clieto from day 1. Never ,ever had any issues,not 1.
I also use smok tfv4 and a sigelei ares and I have to say the clieto is my go to tank
On 0.4 coils at 40 watts on kooper or alien mods the flavour is always good,and plenty of cloud
I do use the 5ml fat boy tank as original to small for my needs
But I say again NEVER LEAKED !!!
I believe this is 1 of the best sub ohm tanks ever ???


You can’t tighten the coil up To much because of o ring rip. Great tank had it for a year so far I run .4 ohm at 60w and my coil last me about a months I could probably push it to 5 weeks. Longer if I turned it down. Mine has never leaked.


Leaks like a sieve! I love this tank except for the damn puddle around it all the time.
Also – why none of the reviewers actually talk about leaking issues?


Love flavor in the cleito, hate the leaks. I do all the tips of cleaning,checking seals, keeping vents closed , keeping the band on when not in use… sometimes you get 2 days with no leaks and you want to cheer thinking its fixed…but then you are in your car..slide the band away from the vents, open them and about to enjoy a wonderful vape when…all of a sudden…yup..ur vents are full of juice and its starting to drip out onto your vape… lovely…

i think my 2 cleito are possessed and hate me! Lol… im going to avoid all tanks that have air vents on the bottom from now on =/.. im sick of the mess…. fine for a table vape but on the go…hell no… heeeell no!


Can i use the clieto tank on the kangertech mini?

Yvonne Loiselle Hyatt

I’m somewhat new to the Vape scene but I got my Cleito a few weeks ago when I dropped my Kangertech rig and shattered my tank. I was on a trip so had to pick up a new tank asap 😉 I got the Cleito. I’ve not had to change my coil for two weeks. The cotton is still a pretty white and my vape is strong. I only vape on 25w so that may be why… Just wanted to share… Namaste


I love this tank, get a nice hit and big plumes but does anyone else have an issue with getting vape liquid spitting up through the coil into your mouth when you inhale on it?!, and if so is there a fix?…I’m still using it with the original 0.4 Ohm coil on about 35w as over 40w is too hot.


Just a heads up for anyone that wants this tank, beaum vape do an add on tank for £9.00 which is like $14 or something. It increases the tank size to 5ml which makes it much more usable for daily use as I ate through the tank size.


I’ve had my Cleito for a couple months now, and my experiences align with those in this review. I had played the field until I finally settled on the TFV4 with SMOK’s TF-T8 coils. I thought the cloud production & flavor of that combination couldn’t be beat by any other tank. Then a friend let me hit his Cleito & it was all over. Repeated A-B comparisons between the Cleito (with the .4 ohm coil) and the TFV4 (with a variety of different coils) using the same %100 VG e-juice, showed me that the Cleito is capable of cloud production comparable to the TFV4, and flavor that is SUPERIOR to the TFV4! I still intend to check out the new TFV8… but it’s gonna hafta work to beat the Cleito. Aspire’s simple design and comparatively low cost probably result in a lot of people putting it back and selecting a different tank to buy, based on the assumption that a more expensive or more complex looking unit must be “better”. Too bad for them! A number of others have spoken about leaking. I’ve had issues with the TFV4 leaking (usually fixed simply by re-seating the coil)… but my Cleito has never spilled a drop. I usually run my TFV4 between 85 – 120 watts. I’ve run the Cleito up & down the wattage range, but I get the results I want right at a mere 45 watts! I tried the .2 ohm coil that came with the tank. It was just “alright”. I couldn’t wait to get back to my .4 ohm! Replacement coils for the TFV4 usually cost about $5 – $7 and last a month or more. Coils for the Cleito are about 4bux each, and last a consistent 2 weeks (for me). Something that both tanks share in common, is that they both drink the e-juice at a pretty high rate of speed, but that’s the price you pay if you want good cloud production and really good flavor. I bought the 5ml replacement tank for mine (kinda funny… it looks like an old-school gumball machine!). The only complaints that I have are that, when attempting to replace the top after refilling the e-juice… I occasionally have issues with the lid trying to cross`thread. It’s easily avoided if you simply pay attention when putting it back on. Also… I REALLY wish I could use my own drip tip like I can with the TFV4 (I’ve gotta look into some options for that). It doesn’t matter if you have an unlimited budget, or are having to pinch pennies… if you want awesome clouds & great flavor… do yourself a favor & pick up an Aspire Cleito!


I like the 0.2 coil. As it says above the ramp up time is slow. If you use it with the smok X cube 2 mod you can change the settings to the desired ramp up. I.e min,soft,norm,hard,max. At 65watts and set on norm it’s quite good.


Hmm.. I’ve not had any leaking issues.


I brought these to go with my istick pico a couple of months ago. I changed my coil from the 4ohm to the 2ohm today and find I get more cloud on the 4 but a nicer flavour on the 2. I find the drip tip to be quite small but my brother has a friend who makes drip tips that fit the top of the Cleito so I have changed the one provided to one that he handmade and it’s now perfect!


How can I clean the bottom air flow? Its spits alot.


try terlon tape on the threads of your atomizer/coil worked for me on my old kangerteck topbox mini


If youre still having this issue, try to roll up a bit of tissue then push the gunk together then use a cotton bud to clear out the excess. Had this issue aswell


I find the tank creates a vacuum in the tank so the liquid can’t be absorbed by the coil. the solution is to open the top cap to allow air in while vaping. before i started doing this after 3 or 4 vapes the the coil had no liquid and was just burning the wool. Am i doing something wrong? I am using the liquids recommended by the store i bought it from. can someone with more knowledge about this help me out. thank you. p.s. i have been told befpre to blow into the top cap to put air into it but this creates a mess with the air vents at the bottom. Thank you in advance.

Ashley Bodendorf

Very disappointed with this tank. It leaks everywhere. And a LOT. I’ve tried everything and changed out everything. It still leaks. Would NEVER recommend.


The secret to this thing is to NOT let juice sit in the tank for an extended period. If you let juice sit in this overnight, it will leak and will sputter. Max VG helps, but too thick a blend will make for burn hits if you chain vape. I think the problem is too much exposed cotton on the chimney.


I would have to agree. I use a Qtip to clean the top, inside part of the chimney after filling (b/c otherwise it leaks), and have noticed recently that what comes out is DARK brown – if not black. I always keep my tank full so as not to burn the cotton, but have noticed it gets really bad after I’ve gone on a chain vape spree.


I soak my attys after every tank, now.


Just got my first vape mod, I’ve used a kangatech before but a friend of mine had just bought a new model and gave me his old one with a new coil in. It’s the 0.4 and after reading some info I think I’m getting the hang of it but I’m struggling with the intensity and the burn from the vape. I have it on 40.0w and 0mg juice but I can’t inhale like I did with my kangatech or I’d collapse a lung. Any help hints or tips would be great!


you’re gonna get used to it.


same here, i used to use 6mg juice with my Cubis tank at 25w and got MAJOR clouds and had no problem with my throat. However, I got the Cleito, went down to 3mg juice(70vg/30pg) and i can barely puff on it for 2 seconds before Im choking, using the recommended wattage range and the .4ohm coils. Not happy with it so far.


I have tried the regular .4 ohm coils @ 40watts, and the ss316 TC coils also .4 ohm. @ 40-55 watts. Both are WAY too harsh even for 3mg juice. Not sure what other variables can be messed with to make this better. Even BELOW the recommended wattage is too harsh.


I’d honestly say this tank should be # 1. I don’t experience as much leak issues with this tank as I do with the crown.
Have you updated your top sub ohm tank lists ?


It needs a screen added to the atomizers

Alex Kendell

Not yet, we will do so this week or the week after.


Cool, I’ve had two crown tanks. And priming of those coils is terrible , takes at least half a tank to get that awful flavour out. But of course all tanks are subjective to user. I do enjoy these blogs and reviews tho ! Keep it up

Alex Kendell

Tried the crown 2?


No I haven’t. Unfortunately I don’t want to either.


Should I use until level of juice in tanks is below top of intakes on the coil?


I vape on it till the bottom is almost dry. Just pay attention to the slots they will look wet still. I have never had any dry hits doing this. I usually puff till its almost empty tho If I plan on changing up the flavour


I agree with Matt C. as far as leaking goes. I’ve had the cleito for about 2 months & I had so many problems with leaks. I think it is defects with the coil.? I just put in my 4th(maybe 5th) coil & for the 1st time it isn’t leaking. I would get jealous when out with friends & they freely put their e-cig in their pocket, I couldn’t cuz it will leak. I made sure it was clean, coil was in tight, top cap is on, ect. I was about to trash it. Then I changed coil-again-no leaks,wow, wtf? So it has 2b the coils. Perhaps 4 times in a row I wasn’t getting coil in all the way? I wouldn’t think so.? Just make sure coil is in tight, u have to hold the tank, making sure u don’t just hold the area where air holes are, as they spin & coil won’t be tight.? Good luck vapers!


Love the tank despite a few niggling issues the biggest being that I’m experiencing some frustrating “vapor-lock” where the coil isn’t drawing juice from the tank.

I’m vaping the 0.4 coil and the flavour and clouds are great for the first couple of days then I seem to experience consistent problems with dry-hits. For anyone else experiencing this problem there are a few quick fixes but I’m still trying to figure out a more long-term solution.

I unscrew the top fill and you’ll see air bubbles coming from the cotton windows on the coil when you unscrew to a certain point. I try to keep it at that point from then on.

I’ve replaced a coil thinking it may have just been a dud but my co-worker experienced the same thing as I did on the 0.2 AND the 0.4. Coil is great for a day or two after the break-in period and then it starts locking up.

I always try to make sure that the seals on the top fill and the glass are clean of juice and re-seat it and that can resolve it as well.

With the air holes closed I’ll take a few dry draws AND puffs to break the vacuum which seem to work temporarily as well. Still waiting for a more long-term solution. I’ve emailed Aspire and they say to dry puff/pull to break the lock but they wouldn’t say whether or not it’s a faulty batch of coils or a design issue with the tank itself.

From what I’ve read online (and this comment thread) not many people seem to be having the issue so I hope it was just a bad batch of initial coils and my shop is waiting on another shipment of 0.4’s at the moment so I’m keen to give them a crack.

Aside from this issue though when the tank works it’s phenomenal. Best flavour from a sub-ohm tank I’ve had and the clouds are definitely up there with the Crown and the TFV-4.

Hopefully if anyone has had the same issues as me reading this, it may help.

For what it’s worth, I haven’t experienced any leaking issues through the airflow/in general.


if you get the coil with a small rectangle below the image of the “do not put in wheeliebin” on the side of the coil then it is a good one, the defective coils do not have that rectangle below the image of the bin with a cross through it.


Thanks for the info!


Does anyone have problems with this tank “spitting?” Very unpleasant and burning my mouth. Suggestions? Am I running it too hot (16-18 watts) or could it be a defective coil?

Clayton Hammett

That is to low of a wattage for a .4 ohm coil. It says on the coil 40 to 60 watts. I run mine on 40 watts and haven’t had any problems. It has the best flavor of any coil I’ve used to date

Alex Kendell

Basically spit-back happens if you leave your mod/tank lying around. The coil then starts to flood and the first few hits will give you spit back. Mots of the time it is enough to just take 4-8 long hits and the spit-back should be gone.


I’ve been using the Cleito for 2 months and after the first month I got to love it. I hated its wide drip tip, but placed my Cubis glass driptip and it works and looks awesome!

Question: I’ve been reading that the .4ohm coil (which I prefer) is meant to be used from 40-60W (as printed and stated on the coil), but that’s too hot for me. I like to keep it between 25-35W. Is there going to be a problem? I’m on my second coil (first lasted a month!! :o).

Clayton Hammett

Running it on a lower wattage will take some life out of the coil. On my first use I used 3mg of nicotine with my favorite flavor and It choked me. So I just cut it in half and its great. Just the right warmth on my kangertec 75 watt K-Box


I have a istick 50w with aspire cleito tank at the moment I vape about 45watts what voltage should I set my Istick at


Odd some say you’re getting leaks. This is my first aspire tank that doesn’t leak. I have to say, outside of dripping, this tank, flavor wise is as good as it gets. Love it.

Alex Kendell

Yeah, I have seen quite a few comments saying that the Cleito leaks. I have never had such an issue with the three that we have. Maybe it is just luck? I am not sure.


I bought 1 tank to try it out when it hit 2 weeks on the stock coil (.4 ohm) and still performed great I ordered my wife 1. We have had them for a couple months and no issues at all best tank I have used so far and I have literally used everything on the market seeing as how I managed 2 vapor stores. This tank is comparable to dripping me dark horse without the hassle with dripping.

Kurt TheBeard Arilotta

Tip issues, order a custom tip. Inquire on FB relentlessmods


Where can you get that drip tip

Kurt TheBeard Arilotta

I make them myself.


Oh right can’t you buy them


$30 wasted!! (tank and coils)
Problems I had with this tank:
-Leaks, leaks, leaks! Every time I turned around it leaked. Checked coils, and even replaced.
-Gets too hot! Burn your lips if you like taking a long draw.
-Crap drip tip. What was Aspire thinking when they designed it???
-Empyting out the tank when replacing coils.
-Flavorless! Reminds me of the horizon v8 tanks; all air, no flavor!
My advice to you; stay away from these tanks! Theres better tanks out there around the price range.


The wife got this for me. I was using jomotanks. They were horrible. I have had no problems after 3 weeks with the installed coil. No flavor or cloud problems. Runs like day 1. 🙂


I bought this tank with the replacement tank that takes it to 5ml and while it does suck juice kinda fast the flavor from it is amazing so I bought my gf one too and she loves it

I am waiting for my cleito to arrive. The vape shop i frequent has been selling these tank replacement for the uwell crown. They work very well and are much more durable than glass. If you select the bubble replacement it doubles the capacity plus you can get a matching drip tip aswell. Once i get my tank and replacement “glass” i will come back and give my impression. 7ml capacity on the cleito without making it any taller. Winner in my book.


This thing is a piece of Junk. I don’t know what is oozing back into the tank from the coil but it leaves sediment at the bottom of the tank. Two puffs and this thing is hitting like the rubber seal is melting into your mouth. Save your money and get something that works…


Man is there anywhere on the entire internet that sells 0.2 ohm coils for the Aspire Cleito to ireland


Cleito works well good taste and big clouds gets time to get use to heat gets real hot been having issues on leakage juice on top of mod would recommend clapton coils though


I’ve been using the .4 ohm coil for about two weeks now and it’s still giving very good flavor but the constant dripping out of the airflow drives me nuts. The seals on the coil are fine, it only happens twice during a full tank but always leaks after a top off and then again later on. It keeps me from using it as much as I’d like.
How does everyone fill this? Do you close airflow before taking the top off? Aspire told me to do that and also tighten the top cap in three segments, taking a non power drag in between each tightening. This has helped a little but not soled it as this morning I tipped it up to take a hit and got one nice drop on a clean shirt…very frustrating as I want to like it but this is bumming me out. Any tips out there would be appreciated. I’ve checked everything I can think of except putting a new coil in.


I bought 2 of them and they both leak around the airflow.I contacted aspire and got the run around from them and have since decided that aspire is simply junk with poor customer service.


Mines never leaked and I’ve had it since the day it came out. Your obviously not doing something properly, don’t knock a good product because of ignorance and srupidity


Dont call him stupid. This tank is a fucking nightmare. It leaks like crazy. I use 70%VG juice, I have tried 3 of these tanks. After refilling, you need blow excess juice out the air holes and shake it out of the centrepost; ive never had to do that with another tank (ive been vaping 6 years). Even then it will have a few drips out of the bottom airhole and down the mod. If you arent getting any leaks you are either lying, or use like 100% VG juice and can somehow defeat the laws of physics in regards to depressurisation when you are refilling.


Do you see that nice little orange ring around the coils?!?! If you crank them down to tight they rip! Its real obvious you have no clue how to properly use the tank properly at all! If you have depressurisation issues when filling your tank you obviously dont have the lower end of the tank snug tight, seriously just take it down to a vape shop and have them do ut for you and show you how to properly operate and install coils since you’re not smart enough to do it yourself. This tank ranked and still rabks as the top best 5 tanks to buy and use and never have issues so its not the tank its you thats the problem lol

Daniel Abn Berry

Same problem here. I experience leaking in the same area, especially, after re-filling. But only for a short time…?


I found almost every time I filled the tank, I got some leaking out the airflow holes. Turns out that just a little bit of juice on the outside of the e-juice filler tip (or from my “careless” filling) was somehow making it’s way into the coil chimney. Since that discovery, I’ve been more careful with filling (making sure the filler tip is clean and as far into the tank as possible), and I wipe the inside and outside of top threads before screwing the cap back on. This has helped a lot, but I’ll still get the occasional leak. When that happens, I open the airflow holes all the way, wrap a paper towel around them, and lightly blow through the coil. That usually gets all the excess juice out, and after cleaning it up, it stops leaking. It is kind of a pain to deal with every time I fill, but I’ve kinda gotten used to the process. 😉


i’ve had the same problem with my old topbox mini by kangertech solved it by putting a tiny bit of teflon tape on the threads of my atomizer thank god my Cleito doesn’t leak knock on wood lol


Just got this tank last week and I love it! I immediately pulled off the drip tip it came with and put on my own. Yeah, you can see the rubber seal a little bit but it’s hardly a big deal and doesn’t look ‘weird’. I paid $30 at a B&M that always overcharges but it was a vape emergency so it had to be done. Including a picture and while it isn’t the best it shows the drip tip.


Cleito 120 is best and seems like the coil last longer.


I noticed you are using an istick 60. I just bought the aspire tank to use with my I stick. I have to vacate a lot higher now and I’ve noticed the battery draining a lot quicker obviously because of the higher voltage but literally it drains the hell out of my battery have you noticed that ?


I only used my iStick 60w with my cleito for like a week until my iStick 100w arrived, so my experience was brief. Thankfully so because it sucked pretty hard. I was keeping the 60w plugged in any time I possibly could and yet it was always blinking and warning me it was done. I have had better results with the Eleaf iStick 100w (get the one with firmware you can upgrade) and I also ordered an Eleaf iPower 80w, which I often combine with my cleito. That box .mod has a 5000mAh battery and it still drains it faster than I would have thought possible. It’s much better than the other two I mentioned here though.
Also, it goes thru a lot of juice but I only use menthol which i was told tends to be a thinner liquid. I was told to try adding something a bit thicker and I settled on this spearmint that doesn’t make me want to puke… anyway, it may help a little bit but not as much as the chick at the b&m talked about. It’s still a billion times better than smoking do it’s cool If I use too much ejuice. I actually just bought a ijoy reaper for$5.00 and it’s the best tank I have.

Matt C (JDMster)

Great review Chris *ThumbsUP* I just picked up my Cleito today in stainless unfortunately 🙁 I wanted black, but my local vape shop only had stainless, and i was to impatient to wait for black ones to come in lol. I love this little guy, it produces nice clouds and great flavor. Right now I am using max VG Bannoli Cannoli flavor, and Smok Xcube2, vaping at 60watts hard setting, using .4ohm coil. This little tank is exactly what i needed and happy i found it 🙂


Whats the best mod for this tank? I had it on a kanga subox mini but it seems to have died and Im hankering to get a replacement. What your recommendation?


Slap that tank onto the Aspire Pegasus. It looks like it was meant to be there. I have the stainless finish Cleito on a slate Pegasus and it looks awesome. The Pegasus is about as close to idiot-proof as you can get. The mod takes a single 18650, the screen flips automatically and it will jump into temp control/wattage mode without having to mess with some funky menu. It’s compact and the adjustment dial(yes, it’s a knob that you twist) makes changing your power or temp a breeze. Did I mention that there is an optional charging dock?

Alex Kendell

I can highly recommend the Innokin Coolfire IV Plus, such a great mod for the Cleito. Especially with the black on black version!!


Don’t know wear to begin really, but I’ve had the Cleito for over a month now and I love it, but for some reason lately with my last 2 coils I’ve replaced are tasting like rubber bands and just performing so poorly. Any ideas?

Alex Kendell

Have you been saturating the coils before use?


I just purchased the Aspire Cleito and was wondering if there is top that can be purchased that screws into the top, making the top smaller but still allow the product to produce well?

Alex Kendell

Hey Donna, are you talking about the drip tip or the top cap?

Brandon Mullins Thothamon

I’ve been using the Cleito for over a month now and absolutely love it! 10 x better than the TFV4 I had previously. I couldn’t agree more with this review on all fronts. I would like to see Aspire make this in a larger capacity tank tho. Same set up, just a bit taller perhaps?


They make a bubble glass for it now. Expands it to 5ml’s

Matt C (JDMster)

I couldn’t agree more with you on the Cleito being better than the TFV4 imo. I don’t mind the 3.5ml size tank tho, and love how it’s as small as it is, cheers 🙂

Alex Kendell

I actually quite like the 3.5ml capacity, I think it may look a bit chunky if it was taller.


I love this tank, but getting alot of leaking around the airflow. Help!


Mate just to let you know a solution that has worked for me. Once the top is unscrewed and ready to be filled, close the air flows. Then fill the tank screw the top back on whilst the airflow is still closed. Once this is done turn the tank upside down and then open the airflow and place the tank on the mod. This will prevent any leaking, the leaks are caused through suction and a vacuum being created. Since Iv done this it hasn’t leaked once. Might just work for you too.


Thank you ,i don’t know how you figured that out ,it has worked every time absolutely no leaking ,problem o solved.


Use the vape bands on the area that the tank meets the metal.

Brandon Mullins Thothamon

Double check to see if your coil is seated properly. When you change it, use a cotton swab or a piece of tissue and make sure Theirs no juice hiding in the bottom before you install a new coil.


Another thing to check are the threads on the replacement coil. A recent pack of coils I purchased weren’t threading all the way down flush, so the gaskets weren’t making a tight seal. A light application of fine grit sandpaper on the bottom coil threads did the trick.


Thanks. Done all that. Ok for a day or two then leaks again. I just strip it down and clean it every day.

Matt C (JDMster)

I find sometimes it is just the coil being defective. Sometimes you just need to throw a new one in, to see if that fixes the issue? This happened to my TFV4 and woke up in the morning to see a full 5ml leaked out. I checked the coil and it was screwed in place fine, and just chucked the coil and installed a new one, which fixed the issue. I know it has been 15 days since you posted, but did you end up getting the leaking figured out?


Hi Matt,

Next time you clean, or replace the coil, check and see if all the seals are in good shape.
Also if you like a tight draw, it could be that you’re applying too much vacuum and sucking excess liquid into the inner chamber.
Finally, make sure your liquid is a high VG mix, firstly it’s better for sub ohm vaping, and secondly it’s thickness prevents it from over saturating the coil.
Hope this helps with your leaking.



Agree with Nathan these tips really help to get less leaking maybe stop it completely .. but i like to add another tip : never make strong moving to your tank or turn it upside down strongly and for a long time while juice is full or shake the tank hard as it helps to get the juice in the inner chamber . other tip always close the airflow when u r not using the tank


I just changed out the .4 coil to try the .2 after about 3-4 weeks with no flavor change. This is an impressive tank, I love it on my joytech cuboid


Hey guys, We have this for about 2 weeks now, Both color, I’d agree 0.4 ohms is way better, flavors, cloud is there! doesnt take to long to break in, and we still on same coil since Monday feb 1st, the coils/cotton not even dark yet, Flavors still the SAME!! We r impressed with this tank for this price!


Can you reccomend a batterry for this tank? something fairly inexpensive and usb rechargealbe would be great!


A battery for the tank? Donyou mean a mod that would work well? Because tanks don’t ise batteries.

Alex Kendell

We were using the Coolfire IV Plus for the Cleito review, it was a perfect match, especially with the black on black.

Here is our review on it:


Completely agree with your review, bought one last week. The specifications say 5ml, pretty sure its a typo since you got it right further down.

Chris Kendell

Thanks Ken, good spot it was a typo. I have amended it now. Great little tank!


Can I ask when you would refill the tank as the cotton holes are quite long. I’ve burnt a few coils out really quickly. If ya refill when it reaches top of cotton ya only get to use half a tank before filling.




I vape this tank down to practically nothing and have had no problems with dry hits or burnt-out coils. My coils have also lasted for weeks at a time. I vape it on my Tesla Two unregulated mod so I can’t really comment on wattage settings.


Hi mate.

Thanks for the reply. I’m sticking to the minimum 40 watts atm which is the minimum recommended on the 0.4 coil. Doing well so far. I’ll see how long I can last on one coil.


Has anyone had an issue with the coil going bad in about a week or less? I just purchase a cleito and i moistened the cotton, etc. at my local shop, however in less than a week I started to get what taste like dry hits.

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