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September 8, 2015

Sense Cyclone Sub Ohm Tank Review

Sense Cyclone Intro

Today we review the Sense Cyclone a high wattage sub ohm tank by Sense the makers of the Herakles and Hydra.

The Sense Cyclone uses completely different coils to the Herakles so these cannot be interchanged. The Cyclone comes with a 0.6ohm Kanthal (installed) and a spare 0.2ohm stainless steel coil. You can also purchase 0.15ohm Ni200 coils separately, for temperature control vaping. The 0.6ohm Kanthal coils are capable of 150W and this time are supposedly actually vapeable at that wattage.

According to Sense, the Cyclone is a mythical creation created by the Mayan gods and is extremely powerful. So powerful and “charming” in fact, that it “may” have been the reason the Dinosaurs became extinct! No one can stop it! (Adapted from the Cyclone packaging).

We take a look below to see if the Cyclone is really as “powerful and charming” as Sense say it is!

Sense Cyclone Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1x Sense Cyclone
  • 1x Spare Pyrex Glass
  • 1x 0.6 ohm  (Kanthal) Coil
  • 1x 0.2 316L (Stainless Steel) Coil


  • Price: $39.99
  • Wattage Range: 50-150W
  • Tank Capacity: 5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.6ohm Kanthal (50-150W)
  • 0.2ohm Stainless Steel (50-100W) & 0.2ohm Ni200 Coil
  • Wicking material: 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • RBA: No RBA
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.6ohm Kanthal Coil (50-150W)

Sense Cyclone Ni200 Coil, 0.6 Ohm, 316L Coil next to a 0.6 Herakles Coil
Sense Cyclone Ni200 Coil, 0.6 Ohm, 316L Coil next to a 0.6 Herakles Coil

We vaped the 0.6ohm coil on our SMOK X-Cube II and used our Funky Monkey e-juice by Fa-Q (75% VG).

​50W – Good vapor, but little flavor.

70W – Massive vapor, but flavor is muted.

90W – The vapor is a bit warmer now at 90W, but again not getting much on the flavor front. The tank is also getting really warm when chain vaping it.

100W – Flavor is a bit better now, but again still not great. The vapor is still very much vapeable, unlike a lot of the previous sub ohm tanks at this wattage.

We could not go any higher than 110W due to the Voltage limit on the xCube II.

Vaping the 0.2ohm Stainless Steel 316L Coil

50W – Decent vapor little flavor.

60W – Good vapor, and the flavor is starting to come through a bit.

70W – This coil isn’t chucking out as much vapor as the 0.6ohm coil head. The tank itself is getting rather hot, but the vapor is still vapeable. The flavor is ok, but not great.

80W – The tank is again getting very hot and the flavor is decent, maybe marginally better than on the Kanthal coil, althought it was difficult to tell on the Kanthal because of the spitback. However, I still feel the flavor is somewhat subdued on not quite like like those Herakles coils.

90W – The vapor is still not hot and only luke warm. The clouds are huge and the flavor is again not bad, but not crazy good.

100W – These coils can really vape at 100W with no issues. The vapor production is as big as you would expect. The vapor production is warm and gets hotter on longer inhales, but isn’t unvapeable by any means. However, the bottom of the tank does get exceedingly hot, so be careful when touching it! The flavor seems to be peaking on this coil at 100W and it was considerably better at his wattage.

The 0.2ohm stainless steel coil head does what it says on the tin and can vape well at 100W. Again why would you need to vape at 100W? I don’t know, but if you want to then this is a good coil to do so on.

Vaping the 0.2ohm Ni200 Coil

Please note to those not familiar with Ni200 coils, that they need to be vaped on a temperature control box mod like the Cloupor GT, DNA 200s or the SMOK X-Cube II.

The 0.2ohm vaped best for us around 260 degrees Celsius (500 Fahrenheit). The temperature control vape was solid on the Ni200 coils. However, I didn’t think the flavor was quite as good as the SMOK TCT Ni200 coils or the Freemax Starre Pro Ni200 for instance.


Top Fill

Sense Cyclone Top Fill and Anti Spitback Blades
Sense Cyclone Top Fill and Anti Spitback Blades

The top fill system on the Sense Cyclone works a bit like the system on the Aspire Triton. You have to twist the tank into a filling position and then once finished with filling you then turn it back to vaping mode. It is extremely important that you follow the instructions and do this properly, otherwise you will have some massive leaking!

How to re-fill the Sense Cyclone without leaking:

  • Turn the tank upside down before refilling
  • Then turn the tank into re-fill mode
  • Then turn back upright and remove the lid
  • Re-fill the tank
  • Screw on the top lid firmly
  • Set the tank back into vaping mode and you are good to go

I think it’s crucial to follow these steps otherwise you will get some leakage. We didn’t follow these steps precisely the first few times and were subjected to huge leaks through the air flow holes. Hopefully you won’t get any leaking by following those steps.

5ml Tank Capacity

The Sense Cyclone comes with a decent 5ml capacity. This thing at high wattages does chuck a lot of clouds, so you will get through that 5ml pretty quickly. Fortunately the Cyclonehas top fill.

Air Flow

Sense Cyclone
Sense Cyclone

The Sense Cyclone has both a bottom air flow and additional air flow in the drip tip. This means you can adjust both to the setting you enjoy. I recommend having the top air flow partly open when vaping at higher wattages to help keep the drip tip cool.

This Tank really can Vape at 150W!

The 0.6ohm coil heads can vape at 150W with no issues. The vapor isn’t too scorching hot that you can’t vape it. In this respect the Cyclone really does what it says it can do. The tank does however get really hot when chain vaping at this wattage, so be careful with that. A lot of sub ohm tanks have claimed to be able to vape at really high wattages, but haven’t really been able to deliver. The Sense Cyclone really can and you can also vape the 0.2ohm stainless steel coils well at 100W.

Please be careful to use the right box mods and batteries if you are going to be vaping this tank at 150W!


Coils Not as Good as the Herakles Coils in Terms of Flavor

Sense Cyclone next to a Herakles
Sense Cyclone next to a Herakles

I didn’t think any of the Cyclone coils we tried quite lived up to the Herakles coils in terms of flavor. It was sometimes hard to tell how good the flavor was due to some spit back, but that was our underlying feeling with the coils when it came to flavor. They aren’t bad for flavor, but I would say slightly muted when compared to the original Herakles coils which in my opinion were superb.


​I am not sure what Sense have done with the Cyclone quite makes sense! To me the Cyclone feels overly complicated, which results in it not quite working as well as it should. The top re-filling system should be something which makes life easier, but instead it is quite a complicated procedure to do without getting leaks. I think this ruins the whole point of having a top fill.

Leaking and Gurgling

Like I said above, make sure to follow the instructions carefully on how to re-fill the Sense Cyclone. We did and even so, we still had some little leaking issues. For instance, we got some minor leaking out the top of the drip tip air flow. We also got some leakages through the bottom of the coil into the bottom well.

There was also a sense of gurgling when vaping and it felt like there was e-juice where it shouldn’t be. This was confirmed when exhaling on the tank when the e-liquid shot out of the air flow slots!

Spit Back

Sense Cyclone Anti Spitback Blades
Sense Cyclone Anti Spitback Blades

​We got a lot of spit back from the 0.6ohm Kanthal coils in particular and there was considerable gurgling. We tried two tanks and re-filling the tanks many times following the instructions and it came to the same result. There are little metal leaves in the chimney to prevent spit back and there is little room for any e-liquid to get through. I can’t understand how it was even possible for spit back to happen, but it did.


The gurgling and the tiny metal leaves in the chimney to stop spit back, made for a quite a loud vape.

Is 150W Necessary?

​This isn’t a criticism of the Cyclone itself, but more the thinking behind high wattage vaping. Do we really need to be vaping at 150W?! I am quite happy to vape at 30W and don’t see the whole appeal of this 100W + vaping. This is just my personal opinion and if you disagree, be sure to let me know why, in the comments below.


Who is this tank for? Probably not for me, but if you want to vape at over 100W on a sub ohm tank, then the Cyclone is worth trying. However, if you are not interested in those sort of wattage levels, then I would recommend sticking with the Herakles or other sub ohm tanks. This is also no sub ohm tank for anyone new to sub ohm vaping.

I felt the tank itself was slightly overcomplicated and the flavor was slightly muted. However, the Cyclone does do what it says it can do and vapes well at 100-150W (once the leaking subsides). Because of the constant gurgling and leaking, I can’t really recommend this sub ohm tank and it seems as though it wasn’t just my Cyclone that had these issues (from reading other reviews it seems to be a recurring theme).

If you have tried the Sense Cyclone I would be really interested to hear your thoughts below!

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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I have had the sense cyclone for about 4 days now. I got it for christmas. I have had serious leaking issues when refilling. But after reading your instructions I had had no problems, only the wet gurgling vape but no excess juice blows out (I used to solve the problem by exhaling and mopping up the vape juice). Maybe the trick is to turn it upside down and wait for ALL of the juice to flow into the top of the tank, then switching to refill mode and also closing all airflow.


worst f’in tank ever. I cant believe it even exists. the person who created this hunk of shit should be castrated for charging $24.95 for basically opening up the package and flushing down the toilet. I urge people NOT to buy sense cyclone products. total hiway robbery


I got mine about 3 weeks ago also purchased the rba. It’s ok I think the kanthol coil is garbage. I do however like the stainless steel coil in temp mode on my istick 100w tc. OK flavor, overall decent tank, the rba has better flavor than the kanthol coil in my opinion.


I’m using the cyclone with the Eleaf istick 50W at full power at .3ohms. Flavor is so so. Tank gets hot and seems to use up liquid pretty quickly. I have also used this tank with my temp controlled Istick 60 again at full power (60watts) at 400 degrees. Better flavor but it drains the battery way too fast. Not a great tank for chain vaping. Also I find this tank delivers a very wet vape especially right after filling, even when filled correctly. Overall not bad, but not great.


I just picked up this tank this past Friday and so far it’s worked great for me, I used it on my kangertech KBOX200 to test out the high wattage and I really enjoy the flavour it provides above 100w, I’ve only had the leaking issue once but quickly discover that by just closing the middle airflow while filling fixes it no problem. I also picked up a pack of the 316l .2 ohm coils and quickly found they don’t perform well over 100w, still provides great flavour and a decent cloud at that wattage but disappointed it maxes out at 100w, any higher and it just runs dry too quick, other than that, all in all I love this tank and am happy with my purchase. How ever I’ll be sticking to the .6 ohm coils seeing as I quite enjoy high wattage vaping personally.


jist bought my cyclone 2 days ago and its already giving me problems leaking all over the place it spit out liquid and burnt me . its gurgling more than anything i cant even use it without getting liquid in my mouth i bought it for 20% off and now idk if ill be able to return and get something else so upset all the vapes i had before are broken and im just losing all this money smh


This tank is awful. My TFV4 runs circles around in terms of flavor & practicality. I think 30-40% of the hits I take off this thing have spit back. I’ve tried both coils (not temp control tho) & they’re mediocre at best. I watched YouTube videos & tried everything but it’s always leaky & crappy. I would not recommend this tank. 150 Watts? Maybe on a car battery but neither my Sigelei nor my Xcube 2 pushes enough voltage to run at that level. Please don’t buy this when there are such better tanks available.

Charles Robert Gathers Sr.

This tank has a RBA you need to edit that. Just bought this tank and the RBA kit for it.

Alex Kendell

Thanks for the heads up, I will change it!


I picked up this tank last week at a half-price sale. I’ve been getting leakage too, but in my case it’s been mostly user error. Just one time, I forgot to turn the dial back to “vape” after filling it, and quickly lost a whole tank of juice that made a nasty, dripping mess on my hand, the battery case, and my desktop. So I learned that one the hard way. Since then, I’ve discovered that it’s easy to turn that dial partway off “vape” inadvertently, when you think you’re turning some other part of the tank, and then it starts to leak if you don’t notice in time. Now I’m keeping a close eye on it, and the leakage has decreased to a tolerable level, just a few drops now and then. (My Aspire Nautilus tanks leak a bit too sometimes, so I guess it’s just one of the joys.)

For some reason, the thing goes a bit haywire for several minutes after filling. Drawing on it doesn’t seem to heat the coil properly at first, so a big, uninhibited pull on gets me a big CRACKLE and a several drops of cold juice. Then bit by bit the even heat returns, but sputtering up the chimney continues with little vapour production until it finally settles down.

Once it’s working properly, heating the .6-ohm coil with 70 watts creates a satisfying yet cool cloud with pretty good flavour. I’m following the instructions to go up gradually from 50, so that’s as far as I’ve gone so far.


The ring that you turn to set fill up mode from fire mode and vice versa, has broke! it just keeps on spinning around and around! The worst “drop” that happened was a tip over on my table. And, I recall the ring already being broken before it tipped over… Wtf man….. I paid like $60-70 bucks for this and it only lasted like new for about 3 months. Besides the ring being broken, it is/was a great tank for me. Maybe that is because my only previous tank was a iSub 20-35w lol… Now that tank sucks, but it still works with no issues though lol… For it’s wattage, it has a better flavor and cloud at 35w than my Sense Cyclone gives. But overall. it’s pretty weak.


Got mine yesterday, filled it 3 times since, Coils take a while to break in, flavor isn’t as good as the TFV4, but cloud production is good. Followed the filling instructions and have had no real leaking issues. The coil floods after filling, all you have to do to fix that is exhale with all airflows open and wipe up what comes out. Yeah, it’s a pain in the butt, but I had worse leaking with the TFV4, not to mention the construction is, in general, better.


Funny. I saw one of the earliest reviews on youtube about this tank and he got hate from the fanboys saying how awesome this tank is and that he sucked as a reviewer. Now as more and more people try this tank they can confirm his earlier findings. This tank sucks. It leaks. All the big time reviewers do now is pitch sales for devices. That’s it. They no longer give honest reviews just pitch products for vendors. Sad how the sheep will follow. Comment on their videos and they either delete your comment or have the chronies bash you for speaking the truth. Follow the smaller reviewers for the truth.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the comment Tommy. We make sure to leave all the comments on our reviews and none of them get deleted. The feedback from others is often the most important part of our site, as some vapers have completely different experiences with a product, so its always good to hear how others get on.


Yeah, I’ve noticed the same about many YouTube “reviewers”. And indeed this tank absolutely sucks; the amount of leaking alone is reason enough to not get this tank. On top of leaking, there is quite a bit of spit back, the flavor is not that great, clouds only at high watts… And did I mention how much it leaks? This tank is a waste of money, would not recommend.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for your thoughts Joseph. Shame its a leaker. I here Sense have a new Herakles coming out, so lets hope that one doesn’t leak.


The tank is crazy look but the leaking is horrible I burnt myself twice due to it. But once I got to the 2.5 ml leave it was really good at 90w with the kanthel coil. I would really recommend this tank though.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for your comment Alex.

Patrick James Dihdohnuh

Also, if anyone wants the tank off my hands, i’d take 15 bucks for it and all ya gotta do is pay the shipping. I dislike it that much.

Patrick James Dihdohnuh

Maybe its just me, but I do not really like this tank that much. The vape seemed harsh to me in my throat especially compared to the Crown tank by Uwell. I bought the Cyclone because it was a choice in a packaged deal with the Sigelei 150w on Wake and Vape. Over the last few days, I’ve tried using it many times and compared to the Crown, it just doesn’t stack up. I tried both the .6 and .2 coils and it just was not what I wanted. Also, it leaked a bit even after following the instructions for refilling. The top fill design is nice but the Crown’s set up is better (four slits on the Crown as compared to two on the Cyclone.) Although the Cyclone has a 5ml capacity, that’s about the only thing that liked better about the Cyclone. The flavor is also much better on the Crown than on the Cyclone and the clouds are pretty close even though the Crown runs at a lower wattage.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the info Patrick.


At first I wasn’t impressed due to flavor blandness but I realized the ejuice I couldn’t vape because it was to sweet or flavorful are perfect for this tank and turn those juices into adv’s for me now. Also the vapor production is really pretty good. I recommend it to vapors who have a shelf full of ejuice that’s just a little too intense because this will allow you to vape them right up. Also I’m not sure what the deal is but mine doesn’t spit back at any wattage or leak ever, I actually been running it on a mech with .2 coils and it’s been great. Also works great with the sigelei at 50 to 150 watts. Maybe I just got a good one. I am sorry to any one having issues and retract my recommendation based on others experiences but it has been flawless for me. The heracles is a terrific tank though in all catagories imo.

Chris Kendell

Glad its working for you Joe, maybe they had some quality issues, as it seems one or two are loving it, but lots of others are having issues.


I love the tank, if you follow the instructions and use the recommended wattage it’s perfect. I love that no matter what the vape never gets hot. If you use the .6 kanthal which do have leakage at first, after they break in it gets away after a few massive draws. I don’t see why everyone is complaining so much about it. The .2 stainless works wonders at 80 with amazing flavor. Close the top airflow for even more flavor. I love the tank a lot and sense did a good job imo. I bet we will see a build deck and even better coils later. Like the v2 kanger subtank coils.

Chris Kendell

Seems to be a bit hit and miss Stephen. It wasn’t great for me to be honest, but glad it is working for you.


I got a lot of spitback @ 60w on an mvp3 pro so I pushed the cyclone blades down a bit with a small philips head to reduce the gaps between each blade…now it seems a LOT better and vapor production is even thicker…we’ll see if it stays that way!

Alex Kendell

Thanks, I will try that. How did that effect the airflow?


Seemed to be fine since it produced better vapor, and now it’s at least usable!

Alex Kendell

Okay thanks! Enjoy.


This is by far worst tank I’ve ever tried. I didn’t even make it out the shop before I had spit back problems and leaking problems. Complete trash of a tank

Alex Kendell

Thanks for the feedback Nick!


This tank is a failure IMHO…. Pops and spits like an animal. The fill chamber just does NOT work… I don’t…get…it…


Thank you for your review and guide I got this tank yesterday under false pretenses of it being the best thing since sliced bread…upon following the rather vague instructions I was introduced to massive leaks and gurgling over long periods. After following your instructions. I finally was able to fill it and not lose half of the tank and get juice everywhere. It still leaks a bit but so far I’m not impressed even vaping at higher watts I can’t tell much of a difference in flavor. I probably am going to return it for a heracles. Thanks for the tips though makes my life much easier.

Alex Kendell

So sorry to hear that Kyle, we had the issues even after following the instructions. Good luck!


I just got mine a few days ago and it’s a spitter! I don’t know how it got through all those fan blades but I sure managed to get enough scalding hot juice to burn my mouth and tongue. I will try to empty and refill using the method described because I didn’t turn it upside down while switching from vape to fill mode. So far I am not that impressed with this tank. It can vape at 150w but it sure is easy to get leakage and at those temps it can be dangerous. I own a crown and a couple of smok tfv4 sub ohm tanks and they are both top fills. I don’t get any of these leaking/spitting issues with either of them.


I have to say that the sense cyclone is hard to use with a few major drawbacks. Mine just came in today and I got some sever leakage which landed on my finger burning it badly. So what is the solution for a topfill tank? Hopefully my newly purchased sense hydra will work, however it doesn’t hold that much fluid. Any suggestions on how to use the sense cyclone without burning myself? Which way do you turn it to open for vaping and which way to close to turn? I still can’t figure this out. Thanks!

Kevin Flood Luberger

There’s pictures right on it for fill / vape. The droplet pic is for filling and the vaping picture is what you turn it to in order to vape.


The hydra is rather disappointing, unless you want a small tank for either low wattage vaping with muted flavor or a gurgling, spitting good flavor while vaping with the NI200 coils

Alex Kendell

Oh okay, we really liked the Hydra and we did not have any issues so far. Thanks for the info!

Chris Kendell

It is overcomplicated imo. You need to turn the tank so that the mark is above the little “droplet” to fill. When done turn it back to the vaping sign.That should help, but even then I got some leaking and gurgling from it. Hope you have more luck than me!


Thanks!!! So far so good.


How did you go all the way to 150W on the smok box since it only goes to 8v. That will not allow you to go all the way to 150w at that voltage on a .6 coil.


Funny, I’m running at 7.5 volts, 150 watts on a sigelei 150. Xcube II does 160w.


I’d be interested in this to. 150w at .6 is almost 9.5 volts, the xcube will only push 8……so by 110w they were maxxed out and shouldn’t have seen a change to 150w? Only thing i can find to run it at that voltage is the tesla 200. I will say this is a very leaky tank, at least with the .6 coils.

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