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Aspire Nautilus Mini
May 9, 2015
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Aspire Nautilus Mini Review

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Chris Kendell
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Aspire Nautilus Mini

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Aspire Nautilus Intro

In this article we review the Nautilus Mini by Aspire, the little brother of the larger Aspire Nautilus. The Nautilus Mini is a mouth to lung style clearomizer and is often touted as the best clearomizer for beginners and those who like a mouth to lung vape. A mouth to lung vape, for those who don’t know what that is, is the same style of draw and inhale you would take on a normal cigarette. Many say the Aspire Nautilus mini is the best mouth to lung style clearomizer on the market. We take a look to see if this is the case!

This Aspire Nautilus Mini was kindly provided to us by for reviewing purposes. Do check out their site which has a huge range of products at fantastic prices.

Aspire Nautilus Specs and Features

Notable Remarks

How We Vape the Aspire Nautilus Mini and Tips

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We vape the Nautilus Mini around 8-11W using a 100%VG e-liquid from Virgin Vapors (Razzmatazz) at 6mg Nicotine. If you want more of a throat hit like you are used too on a normal cigarette we would recommend using a higher nicotine level. We have been lowering ours gradually so hence we only use 6mg.

When putting the Aspire Nautilus Mini back together, I would recommend not screwing it on too tightly, as otherwise it is tricky to unscrew again!

I would suggest using the Aspire Nautilus Mini on an iStick 30W or similar mini box mod, as this will give you a lot of flexibility going forward. You will be able to use other tanks on these box mods, without having to purchase a new battery device.


New BVC Coils

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The new BVC coils are much improved over the older ones. You get two 1.8ohm coils with the kit and you can also purchase a lower 1.6ohm coil as well.

The new Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC coils last longer, provide much better flavor and much more vapor making for a considerable more satisfying vape. It is not exactly sub ohm vaping but the flavour is definitely on par. The coils also wick fantastically well and really fast. You can even vape a 100% VG e-liquid on these coils without any issues whatsoever! I highly recommend Virgin Vapors organic 100% VG e-liquid range – Razzmatazz is absolutely delicious!

These BVC coils really are fantastic and make for a wonderful all day mouth to lung vape. Any beginner vaper should straightaway look at using these coils and the nautilus mini.


More Vapor and Flavor

I just mentioned it above that these new BVC coils just kill it on flavor and you get a lot more vapor. This gives you a much for satisfying vape and as a beginner you will be less likely to go back to normal cigarettes.

The flavor obviously isn’t up there with something like a sub ohm clearomizer or an RDA or RTA, but in terms of a mouth to lung style vape, it is probably the best around.

Good Build Quality

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As with all Aspire tanks, the build quality on the Aspire Nautilus Mini is fantastic. It is made from stainless steel and the coils will last you a good amount of time before having to change them. Replacement coils also are pretty cheap at around $20 for a pack of 5 BVC coils. We didn’t have any leaking issues or anything and the tank was easy to take apart.

Good Air Flow

The Aspire Nautilus Mini features 4 different air flow settings allowing you to find the perfect draw. We vape ours on the widest air flow setting and it makes for a great mouth to lung draw. Beginners might want something with a slightly tighter draw, so would recommend one of the tighter settings.

Air Flow Holes in MM

  • Widest: 1.8mm
  • Wide: 1.4mm
  • Medium: 1.1mm
  • Small: 0.9mm

    Smaller Size than the Full Sized Aspire Nautilus

    I like the smaller size on the Aspire Nautilus Mini. It does mean that the tank capacity is only 2ml, but for mouth to lung vaping this should still last you a good period of time. If you think you need more e-juice capacity I would recommend the full sized Nautilus and its 5ml tank.


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    This isn’t a big deal, as this comes down to personal choice and ultimately you want a tank that vapes well. However, I just don’t really like the aesthetics on the Aspire Nautilus Mini. The massive Aspire logo as well as the shape of the tank, just doesn’t really appeal to me. Despite this I would still definitely vape it, as it is just too good!

    Pyrex Glass TPyrex Glass Tankk

    The Pyrex tank is very sturdy, however there is a lot of exposure of the Pyrex meaning if you drop your Aspire Nautilus Mini, it will most likely smash and crack the tank. A solution to this is firstly try not to drop it and secondly if you are prone to accidents, I would recommend getting the Aspire Nautilus Mini T-Window Replacement Tank or the Aspire Nautilus Lattice Style Replacement Tank. These have a steel casing around the Pyrex tank to protect it.


    The Aspire Nautilus Mini is the best mouth to lung style clearomizer we have yet to come across. It just beats the likes of the Kanger Aerotank Mini or the Aspire K1. The flavor, vapor, air flow and the new BVC coils are just amazing on this tank. If you are a beginner I would 100% recommend this tank alongside an iStick 30W device. Even if you aren’t a beginner this clearomizer still makes for a fantastic all day vape. My brother still uses this tank as his go to all day vape as he enjoys a mouth to lung style draw.

    In our opinion it is no wonder everyone so highly recommends the Aspire Nautilus Mini, and we think it is the best mouth to lung style clearomizer on the market!

    We hoped our Aspire Nautilus Mini review was informative and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below!

    Aspire Nautilus Mini

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