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September 19, 2018
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DAVINCI MIQRO Review: A Super Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Dave Kriegel
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DAVINCI has been a strong force in the dry herb vaporizer game for a number of years. They built up a reputation for their Ascent and IQ portable vaporizers. Today we are testing out the MIQRO, a miniature spinoff of the IQ. The Explorer Edition comes with a case, sleeve, extra 18350, carrying tube and grinder.

The MIQRO is 33% smaller than the IQ. It runs on replaceable 18350s and utilizes a fully zirconium ceramic vapor path for super-pure flavor. I have experience with quite a few dry herb devices so I am interested to see how the MIQRO compares to them. Let’s have a look and find out.

Colors: black, silver, blue, red, purple
Price: $199


DAVINCI MIQRO Specs and Features

Notable Remarks

Build quality and design

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The MIQRO is really tiny. It's shorter in height and a little bit chunkier than the PAX 3. It has a brushed metal look and feels very comfy in the hand. It's about 20 grams heavier than the PAX and seems to be very well constructed. Both sides have hinged doors that magnetically click into place.

The herb chamber is housed on the bottom of the device. It's made of zirconium ceramic, just like the rest of the vapor path. The MIQRO is designed for micro-dosing with small amounts of herb. The bowl holds approximately up to 0.5 grams. It can be adjusted using a tiny "pearl" which is threaded to the inside of the chamber door, reducing the size of the chamber by half. Since it is a conduction oven, this feature helps maintain surface area when using smaller amounts of herb, making it ideal for shorter solo sessions.

The other side houses the removable 18350 cell which is accessible by a small latch. I had some issues with the battery door staying shut but got it to close with some minor finagling. You can always charge the MIQRO via micro USB, but it's nice to have the ability to swap cells too.

There is also a small tool cleverly housed inside which allows you to remove the zirconium vapor path. This makes cleaning and maintaining the device much easier. The kit also includes cleaning tools and alcohol swabs. The Explorer Edition includes extra goodies, like a really nice carrying pouch and a glove to protect the device from getting banged around.


Packing the bowl of the MIQRO

After testing a few different methods of packing, I find that the MIQRO works best with a pretty tight pack. I wasn't getting the vapor production I was hoping for until I packed it tighter than I would normally with other vapes. Don't overpack it, but make sure it is nice and tight. You can fit up to about 0.4-0.5 grams, but if you use less, then make sure to adjust the pearl accordingly.

Ease of use

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The interface is simple: five clicks to turn it on and arrows to select your heat setting. You can choose from four pre-set "Smart Paths", which gradually increase during your session. Or you can just hold the power button to adjust your custom temperature range using “Precision Mode.” There are small LED lights to indicate your temperature or heat path setting. It also displays your battery life status. There is also a Boost Mode and a standby mode that can be selected to cool down the device.

Overall, the MIQRO is extremely easy to use. The herb chamber loads with ease and the interface is very intuitive. I like how you can use the Smart Paths or enter your own custom temperatures — it's nice to have the custom temp option, even though I prefer using the Smart Paths.

The LED interface took some time for me to get used to because the numbers and letters scroll by quickly. Precision mode is not for me. They nailed it with the pre-set temperatures, but it's still nice to be able to dial in your temperature without using a Bluetooth app.

Heat-up times of the MIQRO

Smart Path 1 (350°) ~ 30 seconds
Smart Path 2 (370°) ~ 40 seconds
Smart Path 3 (390°) ~ 45 seconds
Smart Path 4 (410°) ~ 55 seconds

The MIQRO heats up fast. It takes just under a minute on the highest setting, or 45 seconds on Smart Path 3. Once you select your heat setting, the LED lights flash until it reaches the desired temperature. It also vibrates, a feature many vapers have grown accustomed to. The device gets pretty warm after a session or two on the 3rd and 4th settings, which is understandable due to its small size, but it never gets too hot. You can get away with two consecutive sessions, but after that, it needs a few minutes to cool down.

MIQRO Sessions

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My first few sessions were a bit of a bummer. I didn't pack enough material to get the convection going. The flavor was on point, and actually very impressive, but it wasn't hitting hard enough. Once I went with a tighter pack, it was more enjoyable. I was able to use it on the 3rd heat setting and it was perfect for me. After a slight learning curve, I was getting excellent flavor with smooth and noticeable effects.

On the two lower heat paths, you can get away with two, even three sessions with one pack. It doesn't ever scorch the herb; it always comes out a golden-brown color with a fairly even consistency. On the two higher settings, I was able to get two sessions using one pack, with a little bit of stirring in between. I find that the extended mouthpiece works best with these hotter settings. The tool hidden inside the device can also be used to pack your herbs, or you can use a regular dab tool. Make sure to pack it tight.

It's nice having an extra battery, which you can chuck in your carrying tube. They charge up pretty quickly and give you about 3-4 sessions each. You can always have the next battery charging up during use (you can charge 18350s on most regular 18650 chargers.)


Cleaning and maintenance

The MIQRO is very easy to maintain. The vapor path and mouthpiece are both removable for easy cleaning. You can soak them in alcohol, rinse and dry them off. DAVINCI obviously put a lot of thought into long-term maintenance. The herb chamber is made of a shiny ceramic material, that doesn't attract a lot of residue. I have been using it for about a week now, and the chamber is still smooth and white. As long as you clean out the herb after using it, you shouldn't have to worry about it gunking up on you.



  • Compact design
  • Replaceable battery
  • Clean flavor
  • Pure zirconium vapor path
  • Easy to clean
  • Intuitive interface
  • Heats up quickly
  • No Bluetooth required
  • Adjustable chamber size



  • A bit heavier than the PAX
  • Limited sessions per battery
  • LEDs aren't so easy to read


All in all, the MIQRO is a nice value. For the price, the Explorer Edition gives you the most for your money. You can tell DAVINCI put a lot of thought into every aspect of this kit down to the packaging. You get a nice carrying case, a grinder coin, an extra battery, and a tube to hold it along with your dry herb.

The device produces excellent flavor and a nice stream of vapor if you pack it properly. It's also easy to maintain, so that's another plus. You can dial in exact temperatures using Precision Mode or just use the pre-set Smart Paths. The battery life for the 18350 is pretty short, but having two goes a long way.

Overall, I was satisfied with the DAVINCI MIQRO. It has a few advantages over most dry herb vapes in its price range: The all-ceramic vapor path, ultra-portable body and easy to use intuitive interface. It might not become my go-to device, but I will be using it when I need a super discreet dry herb vaporizer.


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