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FEELM Tech: Innovative Ceramic Atomizer Technology for Next Pod

Vaping360 Team
January 10, 2020

FEELM Tech: an overview

FEELM Tech is an atomization brand and an independent business unit of Shenzhen Smoore Technology Limited. FEELM is a type of ceramic atomizer, and it’s solely used in closed-system pod vapes. Although FEELM Tech was founded in 2015 and the research and development of their technology started a couple of years later, FEELM Tech’s atomization technology first appeared on the market around 2018.

Operating out of Smoore headquarters in Shenzhen, China, FEELM Tech is expanding and increasing its reach with their Chinese factories fulfilling orders. Astoundingly, FEELM Tech owns more than 900 patents in the US, Europe and worldwide. In just a few short years, the sales volume of closed-system pods with FEELM has surpassed 1 Billion.

The FEELM brand employs 360 experts—scientists, PhDs, and researchers—in materials and atomization fields. After making breakthroughs in materials science, hydromechanics and other areas, the FEELM atomizer was created. The technology of FEELM is designed to revolutionize the hit of an e-cig. FEELM is a black ceramic conductor in the form of a rectangular cup that instantaneously vaporizes liquid with a puff. No need to take primer puffs or take extra-long drags. The porous ceramic absorbs e-liquid and feeds it down onto a S-shaped heating element embedded into the bottom of the ceramic cup. Above the ceramic cup is a rubber gasket that helps to keep the atomizer leak-resistant; a feature that users will appreciate.

Products with FEELM inside


The RELX is a great lightweight vape with a 350 mAh battery that lasts for about 250 puffs. The pods use FEELM technology and are pre-filled with 2 mL of e-liquid. RELX offers a plethora of flavors in 3% and 5% nicotine strength to cater for most vapers and smokers trying to do the switch.

Hexa V2

Hexa V2

The Hexa V2 is a lightweight pod vape that uses FEELM technology. It also features hybrid nicotine to achieve a balance between throat hit and satisfaction. They currently offer five flavors in 10 mg or 20 mg nic. The Hexa utilizes pre-filled pods that click in, and the battery is designed to get you through the day.

Alt. Pod

Alt. Pod

The VAPO Alt. is one of the latest pod kits to feature FEELM technology. It provides a restricted draw like a cigarette with flavor and vapor production that’s pleasurable for the user but without much smell. The device comes in various colors and the pods hold 2 mL. Four flavors options in 4% nicotine as well as 0%.


YOOZ prefilled vape pod system carries FEELM technology inside in an ultraportable design. The device carries a 350 mAh with super-fast charging; going from depleted to charged in 30 mins. A full charge should last an entire day. It features magnetized pods and comes in three flavors and 5% nic salt.



The VFOLK Pro is a pod vape for beginners that utilizes patented FEELM coil tech to provide consistent vaporization and eliminate leakage. It is similar to the JUUL, but it houses 1.2 mL magnetic pods filled with 5% nicotine salt. The pods are currently offered in seven flavors and the device features a 350 mAh battery.

The benefits of FEELM technology

A few years ago, when closed-system pod vapes became popular, a few issues plagued many of the devices. Leaking, burnt hits due to insufficient wicking, and poor flavor. Ceramic atomizers have been touted by many to be a superior wicking technology, but very few of them included ceramic wicking. Many of the early pod vapes used traditional vape atomizers, consisting of a cotton or silica wick plus a small coil. Although the reception of early pod vapes were positive, performance issues continually encroached on those positive feelings. The size and convenience factor of pod vapes are what brought in vapers, but the poor performance also turned many away.

FEELM Tech sought to change all that. By seeking to alleviate persistent issues of outdated wicking and heating elements, FEELM Tech capitalized on an ever-growing need for better atomization. FEELM Tech touts their wicking technology as being devoid of dry or burnt hits, leak-free, and finely tuned to produce optimal flavor of any kind—but FEELM works exceptionally well with tobacco flavors. Furthermore, with the parallel rise in popularity of nicotine salts along with closed-system pod vapes, the FEELM atomizer is designed to deliver a satisfying nicotine hit that smokers and vapers crave. It’s about as close as you can get to the hit of a cigarette.

The source of this enhanced performance is said to lie in the metal film of a FEELM atomizer. That film is advertised as being able to intelligently apply appropriate temperature to the heating element without burning, while providing a greater surface area for optimal vaporization of e-juice—down to nanoparticles. The FEELM atomizer can reach 220 Celsius (428 F) in just 0.3 seconds, which creates a more desirable puff with less stress on the atomizer from having to take long hits.

The FEELM wicking and heating element design are unique, and easy to spot once you see it. It’s a little porous block of black ceramic, along with an S-shaped heating element that replaces the traditional heating coil and wick in most pod vapes. Like all atomizers in in pod vapes, the atomizer will be at the bottom of the pod. When you see a pod that has FEELM inside, there should be no question about what atomizer is being used.

What is FEELM inside and who uses it?

As is the case with many innovations in vaping, or in any industry, FEELM wicking technology was copied, but without the strict standards and practices of the original brand that patented the innovation. In response to dealing with unscrupulous companies that tried to profit from another brand’s work, FEELM enacted “FEELM inside,” which allows the brands and end-users to verify the authenticity of the atomizer. FEELM inside is a brand technology authentication program launched in 2019. This is a specific logo mark that will appear printed on the outside of the pods. That will let the user know that the atomizer that looks like FEELM is actually FEELM! In the near future, each closed-system pod vape that uses FEELM technology will be easy to identify. The FEELM inside logo is now registered as a worldwide trademark that makes it much harder for other companies to confuse the consumer.

There are over 20 brands on the market that use FEELM, and soon all will show the official branding. Those that currently have the official mark of authenticity are brands like NJOY, RELX, HEXA, VFOLK, Dot pod, Alphapod, VAPO, and Haka. Depending on where you live, some of those brands may be very popular. As it is, FEELM has a wide reach with brands that cater to different parts of the globe. Brands like NJOY are known worldwide, where others like RELX are huge in Asia, and HEXA is most known in Europe. Any confusion about other brands using true FEELM atomizers will be cleared up soon with the official stamp that clearly states: FEELM inside.

FEELM: plans for the future

FEELM is designed strictly for closed-system pod vapes. With closed systems, any brand using FEELM Inside can ensure the e-juice used in their pods is ideally suited for FEELM. That means that the viscosity of the liquid pre-loaded in the pod should work consistently and reliably for the consumer. In contrast, open systems allow the user to control the liquid that goes into a device. FEELM is not designed to vaporize thick and over-sweetened liquids, so by keeping their atomization tech inside of closed systems, the user is meant to be able to experience the technology as it was intended.

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3 years ago

Hello. I’m asking about Feelm tech if they will doing some atomizator, small MTL RBA, for MTL Vaping, for using on (EG. DNA 250 C extc.) Vaping box? Thank you.

1 year ago

NJOY seems to have stopped using FEELM inside, or at least the pods dont carry that branding as of earlier this year. The new pods without the FEELM inside branding leak like crazy around the halfway mark.

Jim McDonald
Jim McDonald
1 year ago
Reply to  randy

I doubt if they’ve changed, which would require an amended PMTA and a new authorization from the FDA.