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Freemax Fireluke Mesh Review: Worth the Hype?

Anthony Victor
March 22, 2018

Freemax Fireluke Mesh intro

When it comes to tanks, Freemax makes underrated atomizers. I have three them which I am very pleased with in terms of performance and build quality. The first two I got were the Starre Pure and the OG Fireluke, which to me are every bit as good as — if not better than — the more popular Uwell Crown III.

The third of my Freemax tanks is the new Fireluke Mesh Tank. It’s a striking 24 mm subohm tank that uses mesh coils. It comes in three different finishes: steel, carbon fiber, and resin — each in a variety of colors. The steel version has a unique knurled design that matches the metal casing of the coil head.

Price: ~ $30

Colors: Steel: Black, Gold, Rainbow, Silver, Blue, Gunmetal; Carbon Fiber: Black, Blue, Purple, Silver; Resin: Black, Blue, Purple, Red (Pink)

Freemax Fireluke Mesh specs and features

Kit Content

  • 1 x FreeMax Fireluke Mesh Sub Ohm Tank
  • 2 x 0.15 Ω Mesh Coil
  • 1 x Extra Pyrex Glass Tank
  • 1 x Bag of Spare Parts
  • 1 x User Manual


  • Size: 24 mm (D) x 46.5 mm (L)
  • Material: 316L Stainless Steel + Pyrex Glass
  • Stylish Knurled Surface to replicate the appearance of MESH Wire.
  • Thread: Gold Plated 510 connection
  • Diameter: 24 mm
  • Juice Capacity: 3 mL Max Capacity
  • Fill: Threaded Top Fill
  • Airflow: Dual Bottom Adjustable Airflow
  • 810 Drip Tip

Notable remarks


Freemax Fireluke mesh tank

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank is one of the best-looking tanks I’ve ever seen. Granted, looks don’t affect performance one bit, but I love the way this tank is designed. I received the Gold Steel and the Purple Resin versions. The steel version has a textured checkerboard pattern – just like the old school Gus Lord mechanical mod. It sort of looks like a piece of mesh, matching the theme of the tank. And the coil heads feature the same mesh checkerboard design and also match the color of the actual device.

Note: I don’t currently see these colored coil heads for sale yet, so after you finish with the included coils you might be stuck with the stainless-steel ones until they are available.

Each tank comes complete with a matching 810 drip tip. I’m a fan of the resin version, and can see resin tanks becoming a trend in 2018. The purple version looks fantastic. It doesn’t have that checkerboard design, but the resin itself looks beautiful and also comes with a matching resin 810 tip and stainless steel coils. I have yet to see the carbon fiber edition up close.

Features and functions

Freemax Fireluke mesh tank

The Freemax Fireluke Mesh uses a short-profile 810 drip tip so you can use other Goon-style tips with it. The tank has bottom airflow with two large air slots that are easy to adjust. It’s nice and smooth, but at also not too loose. And I’m happy that Freemax decided to use a stopper instead of allowing the ring to spin freely.

The Mesh uses two massive top-fill ports that can be accessed by unscrewing the top top. These ports take up about 95 percent of the top-fill portion, so there’s plenty of room to fill with any kind of bottle. You can even pour juice straight in from a glass dropper bottle without using the dropper! It disassembles easily into four parts: top cap, fill cap, glass, and bottom base.

But the tank must be empty before replacing the coil head. The coil itself screws into the base and holds the tank together when you screw it into the fill cap. The o-rings are great as well. The tank is listed as 24 mm in diameter, but I measured it closer to 24.5 mm (approximately the size of the SMOK Big Baby Beast), which should still be fine for most newer mods. Many mods now can handle at least a 25 mm atomizer without overhang.

Coil performance

Freemax Fireluke mesh tank

Now to the important stuff. How does it vape? There is only one coil option currently available for the Freemax Fireluke Mesh and that is a 0.15-ohm Kanthal mesh coil with organic cotton. It has a lot — and I mean A LOT — of cotton, so make sure you prime it correctly. Put a few drops directly on the coil first. Then put it in the tank. Fill up the tank, then wait 15-20 minutes to let it saturate. Be sure to first take a few puffs without firing the tank. Start at low wattage first, around 50 watts, then work your way up. I find it best at 65-70 watts, but usable anywhere between 50-75 watts.

Overall, I found the flavor and vapor production to be excellent. It’s one of the best, if not the best, sub ohm tanks that works well at fewer than 70 watts. This is most likely due to its mesh coil heads, which provide a lot more surface area than a regular coil. That has a positive impact on flavor. It also works really well on mods with a non-adjustable, direct-output single battery, or parallel mods like the DPRO 133, Teslacigs 3, or a stick mod like the SMOK Stick V8 or Vaptio C-II.

I found the coil life to be well above average. I’ve been vaping on the same coil for over two weeks now and it’s showing no signs of slowing down at all. These coils will surely last much longer than most typical sub ohm coil heads, once again due to the unique mesh coil system.


  • Good build quality
  • Smooth and clean threads
  • Nice aesthetics
  • Large fill ports
  • No Leaks
  • Wide variety of color options
  • Different finish options
  • Excellent flavor and vapor production
  • Long-lasting coil heads
  • Includes matching 810 resin drip tip


  • Tank must be empty to replace coil heads
  • No RBA deck available
  • “Red Resin” looks pinkish
  • Coils not currently for sale in matching colors


I’m very impressed with the Fireluke Mesh tank. It’s designed and constructed quite nicely. With so many options for resin, metal or carbon fiber, there should be a look suitable for every appropriate mod out there. And among sub ohm tanks, it’s hard to beat this one without using a lot more wattage. The tank is easy to fill and I had no leaks or condensation. It just works really well and is quickly becoming one of my favorite sub ohm tanks.

How do you feel about mesh coils? Will this be the new trend? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

I started doing reviews at the end of 2016 bringing a unique amount of data and fair points that has made them grow in popularity. I’m an avid temp control vaper but will vape pretty much any style of vaping. My goal is to bring as much good, fair, and unbiased information to the forefront as I can to aid vapers in making informed decisions to get the best vape for their style. I enjoy helping people really get the most out of their vape and finding their “aha” moment when it all clicks into place.
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Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann
6 years ago

Just got mine and it’s been a massive failure. My coil is shorted and glowing red while trying to take a hit. To say the least, my first draw was unpleasant. I recognized the smell but a second too late. I may try another coil, but I honestly have no desire to mess with the mesh anymore. I really wanted to experience the great things I heard about this.

I primed the coil. Waited 20 minutes. Began at 40 watts and got the horrific taste of an electrical shorted coil! I am livid!

Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann
6 years ago
Reply to  Jeremy Mann

Kinda weird responding to my own post, but I finally got up the nerve to try the other coil. This one works well! It’s still not the flavor I was expecting, but these kinds of things will always be relegated to subjectivity. What I can say for sure is this: if the coil works without shorts, it’s a good tank! I can rip it like mad and get no dry or burned hits.

Anthony Victor
Anthony Victor
6 years ago
Reply to  Jeremy Mann

Yeah like any premade tank there always runs the risk of getting a bum coil or 2. Sadly coil QC across the board isn’t where it should be.

Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann
6 years ago
Reply to  Anthony Victor

To me, a bum coil is one that leaks, maybe the flavor is off, or maybe it doens’t make a connection. But a short on mesh? Never had a bum coil like that! LOL

Anyway… it is performing a lot better though. I have a creamy dessert flavor in mine now, and I think I may try a fruit or candy juice next since it seems better for me with bright flavors.

Clinton Mullins
Clinton Mullins
6 years ago

I can highly recommend the Fireluke Mesh tank. The mesh coils included with this tank are superb and produce a very saturated and flavorful vape. I would classify this as the best sub-ohm vape tank for flavor, at the recommended wattage range, that I have ever tried and I have many. I determined for my self several years ago the I would not buy more tanks that require purchasing coils. I decided I would stick with RTA’s etc where I could use my own coils that I make myself. This Fireluke mesh tank has changed this, as after deciding to… Read more »

Anthony Victor
Anthony Victor
6 years ago

glad you like it 🙂

Travis Labelle
Travis Labelle
6 years ago

Can anyone confirm the fireluke mesh is the same exact tank as the fireluke mini? Are the coils interchangeable?.
I own the fireluke mesh, it’s a decent tank as far as subohm goes but I’d like a bubble glass for extra juice capacity.
If fireluke mini is the same tank maybe I can find alternatives.

Or maybe all the fireluke coils are interchangeable??


4 years ago
Reply to  Travis Labelle

I do not know if the fireluke mesh and mini are the same. However if you like the great flavor mesh provides but want more capacity check out the Freemax Mesh Pro! Not the fireluke mesh but the Mesh Pro. It is basically a bigger and better version of the former. I have both and can’t recommend the Pro enough. I only got the Fireluke to fit on a more discreet mod as the Pro is quite a beast.

Richard A Dailey
Richard A Dailey
2 years ago

I prefer the X2 over this one. Perhaps I didn’t wick it properly. With the X2 I get way way more flavor and they last longer than any coil I’ve tried regardless of brand and I’ve tried so many it’s redicilous. I only got the X1 because they were out of stock at my local shop and I’m very disappointed. I am going to try again though after reading your post to see if I can do better with wicking it, also I’m not used to the higher wattage so maybe if I crank it up I will get more… Read more »

1 year ago

If you are cool with living with a paper towel.. I would say 20% of the time it’s a smooth process. Full holes are just stupid based on average juice bottles. Tough to fill and I still buy them cuz I like the hit for sure but super annoying.