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July 21, 2021
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Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 (L200) Kit Review: Test Results Are In

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Anthony Victor
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Geekvape Aegis L200

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Product intro and specs

The Geekvape Aegis Legend 2 (or L200) kit is the latest kit from long-time popular manufacturer Geekvape. By now most vapers know who they are as they’ve made some great products over the years. Too many to list here, but they’re a very solid and reliable company overall. The L200 is the latest in a long line of Aegis products that started with the original Legend—one of the first, if not the first IP67 water and shock-resistant vape mod.

Since then, they have had many products in that line, with the most recent being the Aegis Legend and Aegis X mods and the line of Aegis pods. The L200 has a lot of similarities to the original Legend, but it is now IP68 rated for extra durability. It’s a 200-watt rated mod with a dual-18650 battery configuration and comes in a kit with the Z sub ohm tank.

Price: $73.95 (at Direct Vapor)

Colors: Silver with grey leather, Grey with green leather, Black with brown leather, and more.


  • Dimensions: 90.5 mm x 58.5 mm x 30.6 mm
  • Battery: dual-18650 (not included)
  • Output: 5-200 watts
  • Output voltage: Max 12 volts
  • Output current: Max 45 amps
  • Resistance range: 0.1-3 ohms
  • Screen: 1.08-inch TFT color display
  • Charging port: Type-C port
  • Low voltage warning: 3.2V ± 0.1 volts
  • PCBA Temperature alarm: 80℃
  • Longest vaping time: 10 sec
  • Stand-by current: up to 10uA
  • Operating temperature: 0-45℃
  • Storage temperature: - 20-60℃
  • Relative humidity: 45%RH-75%RH

Kit contents

First impressions

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Off the bat, I’ve reviewed pretty much every mod in the Aegis line. The Aegis, Aegis X, Aegis Solo, Aegis Mini, and Aegis Legend… you name it, I've reviewed it. They are great mods. The L200 is extremely similar to the original Aegis Legend, except a little smaller and lighter. It has the USB port in a different spot and has a handy lock switch on the side which is a nice new feature. Some may say that Geekvape didn’t change much from a design perspective, but I see it as a good thing. If it’s not broken, don’t fix it.

Like the rest of the Aegis line, the L200 looks classy and tactical, feels great, is easy to use, and just works. I got exactly what I expected when I heard I'd be getting another Aegis sent to me. It makes me happy that they didn’t try to reinvent the wheel and ruin it in the process.

Build quality and design

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Anyone who has used an Aegis should know what to expect here. They’ve been around for years. The L200 does a great job of being like its predecessors. It’s nicely built and feels solid, not cheap or flimsy—there’s some heft to it for sure. The fire button is a rectangle on the front of the mod with a slight taper on the top like most of the others. Below the screen are the up and down buttons.

There are two main differences here. First, there is a switch on the left side of the mod, which you can slide up and down to completely lock the mod without having to turn it off. That really comes in handy for safety. The other difference is that the charging is now USB-C and located above the screen, underneath the rubber plug. It really blends into the mod. Nobody would know there is a USB port under it just by looking at it, which makes it really look sleek.

The L200 features a large 1.08-inch color screen that’s easy to read. It’s clear, bright, and looks great. It’s not a small mod, but it’s smaller than the Legend and pretty small for a rugged dual-18650 mod. The 510 pin is great and gave me no issues with any atomizer. However, the included tank, which is a little over 24 mm in diameter at the base, does overhang the platform of the mod which is slightly over 22 mm (even though the widest part of the mod is around 26 mm). That annoyed me a little. Usually included tanks tend to match and fit mods well, but this tank looks a little too big for the mod. The tank has already been on the market for a while, so I can understand them wanting to use the one they already had, instead of scaling it down to match the mod better.

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There are seven available color options. I have the silver with grey leather, which looks like a mixture of various greys and silvers. The outside frame is a matte silver while the inside accent around the leather is a shiny silver. The leather itself is grey and then the silicon at the top and bottom is also another shade of grey. It’s the fifty shades of grey mod, but it does match well and looks nice. The leather looks and feels great as usual with Aegis mods.

Branding on the mod is kept very nice and simple. The metal frame in matching colors on both sides has Geekvape engraved into it, and a small Geekvape logo on the USB cover. The battery door is the latch system on the bottom just like it was in the original Legend. It worked great with no issues and I had no problem getting batteries in and out. Overall, it’s a great-looking and well-built mod. There is no button rattle at all either.

As far as being IP68, it should come as no surprise that it passed easily as usual. No issues leaving it underwater for 30 minutes and no issues dropping it. But like the others, the screen itself and the buttons can be weak points for cracking or breaking. I would like to see them give more protection to the buttons and screen in future products, but I am very happy with its durability.

Features and functions

The L200 mod has all the features we’ve seen on the Aegis mods over the past years. Nothing new, but everything you will need. You have Power mode (watts), Temp control mode for Ni200, Ti, SS and TCR, Bypass, and VPC (power curve mode). Nothing fancy or overbearing, but all the needed features we expect to have in a regulated mod are here.

Using the Geekvape L200

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As far as the menu goes, It’s the same as the original. Here is a quick rundown of the usage.

  • Five clicks of the fire button to turn on and off.
  • Three clicks to enter menu mode.
  • Use up and down in menu mode to cycle through modes (press fire to accept.)
  • After selecting a mode, you can use up and down to adjust within the mode (press fire to accept.)
  • Hold fire to exit menu mode.
  • Fire and up or fire and down will adjust the screen brightness.
  • The switch on the side locks the mod so it can't fire or be adjusted.
  • Overall, very simple and easy to use with a good menu. I personally love the ease of use of their menu systems.

    Power mode performance

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    Testing on this mod was done with Sony VCT5A Batteries. They list all three max outputs in the manual, which is great. They list watts at 200, volts at 12, and amps at 45.

    During my testing, the max achieved wattage was 196, so excellent rating at 200 watts. The amp limit I got was 42 amps with a 0.1-ohm coil, so good rating with the 45 as well. Anything around 40 is good these days in a dual battery mod. The volt limit I got was 8.52 so there is a boost circuit, which is great to have in a dual battery mod. It’s possible I could get a little more with a high-ohm coil, but I wish I would have gotten more volts out of the 0.65-ohm coil. Still, with the boost circuit, volts should never be an issue. Overall, really good performance like I've come to expect from the Aegis line of mods.

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    The mod adjusts in 0.5-watt increments which is nice and much better than 0.1-watt increments. It scrolls fast and it does round-robin as well. During my testing, the mod did a great job of not getting hot. As far as accuracy goes, it does tend to fire a little low at lower resistances. However, at the higher resistances like my 0.6, it does hit a little high—which is pretty typical for many mods. Overall, a good performer as expected. You can see the full test results above.

    I have not seen a charge rate listed for this mod at all. It uses a USB-C port and does support internal charging. Like all external battery mods, I recommend not charging internally if it can be avoided. With that said, I did test it and got a max charge rate of 1.65 A. It also does support passthrough vaping. I’m not sure what they will list it at, but 1.65 is really good by today's standards. Anything 1.5 or better from a dual-battery mod is good with me.

    Temperature control performance

    Using SS316L wire in SS mode (TCR for SS mode is 105) I tested four builds:

    • One simple round single coil
    • One simple round dual coil
    • One fancy wire single coil build
    • One fancy wire dual coil build
    • The power is fully adjustable in TC mode as well, with the full 200-watt limit. As far as the performance goes, the Aegis line originally wasn’t very good at TC, then they were good on the ones after the Legend. Then if I remember correctly, another one was good but had a weird low wattage limit. So overall it’s been up and down. The Nova was really good for TC too. The performance I got here is similar to the Nova.

      It’s better in SS mode, even though technically it’s not the correct TCR for SS316. It works great and is pretty accurate. A little on the strong side, so at around 430F you get a nice warm vape with plenty of room to adjust. Overall, it's a good mod for temp control usage.

      Z tank rundown

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      Ok, so let's do a quick rundown of the tank. The tank included in the kit is the Geekvape Z sub ohm tank, the same one included in the Obelisk kit, and it uses the Z coil system. It’s a pretty basic tank and nothing new. It’s slightly over 24 mm in diameter at the base, which, as I mentioned earlier, slightly hangs over the top of the mod which has a 22 mm platform. It features top airflow to minimize the possibility of leaking, with a 5 mL capacity and a quarter-twist top cap to remove it for filling. The coils are plug and play and the drip tip is a standard Delrin 810 tip.

      The coil system is your standard plug-n-play coil system. To replace them, you unscrew the base from the pod tank and then pop them out. You can't do it with a full tank, but it can be done with about a 50% full tank if you are careful and do it sideways. Probably better to fill when it’s empty though. However, the coil is hard to grip so you're best off using the included tool I got with mine, a flat head screwdriver, or a similar tool to pop it out. I wish it were easier to replace on the go without the need for a tool.

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      The quarter twist fill is excellent and my favorite fill method, but you’ll often wind up taking the airflow control ring off with the top cap, since the top cap is pretty thin. Not a big deal as it drops right back on once it’s aligned right, but I would have liked the top cap to have more surface area to grip when you twist it off so that didn’t happen. There are two large fill holes with no flappers so it’s really easy to fill.

      There are four coil options in total:

      • Geekvape Z0.4 coil rated 50-60 watts
      • Geekvape Z0.2 coil rated 70-80 watts
      • Geekvape Z0.25 dual coil rated 45-57 watts
      • Geekvape Z0.15 coil rated 80-90 watts
      • The two included were the Z0.2 and Z0.25. Starting with the Z0.2 coil, I found it best around 70 watts. The flavor started off poor but broke in after a tank to be just ok. It only lasted about 55 mL, which is low by today's standards. Overall, not a very good coil in my opinion.

        Then with the Z0.25, I found it best around 50 watts. Flavor was a little better than the Z0.4 coil, but still nothing special. Coil life was the same, at around 55 mL. Overall, both coils aren't bad, but also not up to today's standards. In the same sense, you can only expect so much from an included tank in a kit when most typically range from bad to “just ok”.

        Pros / Cons


        • Good build quality
        • Nice silicon coating and leather backing
        • Large clear and bright color screen
        • Sliding lock is a nice feature
        • IP68 rated (rugged and water-resistant)
        • Easy to use menu
        • Great power mode performance
        • Good TC performance
        • Watt curve mode
        • Accurately rated for watts and amps
        • Features a boost circuit
        • Fast charge rate (1.65A)


        • Most atomizers will overhang a bit (22 mm platform)
        • 12-volt limit may only be accessible at over 1.0 ohm
        • Included tank is just ok
        • Coils are subpar by today's standards
        • Replacing coils requires a tool



        Overall, and like the rest of the Aegis mods, I just can't really find anything bad about the L200. It’s one of the best lines as far as mods go, and if you haven’t had one before, now would be the time. The L200 isn’t anything ground-breaking, but it’s still an excellent mod that anyone would be happy with.

        As far as the tank goes, it’s not that great. But to be fair, most tanks included in kits really aren’t. So, as is the case with most kits, you’d be better off just getting the mod and buying a separate tank. If you are in the market for a new mod, give this one a look for sure.

        Let me know how you feel about the L200 in the comments below!

        Geekvape Aegis L200

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