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Hellvape Anglo RDA Preview: Focus on Flavor

Spyros Papamichail
March 10, 2018

Hellvape Anglo RDA intro

Hellvape is back with a new flavor-chasing RDA. Following on the heels of the Dead Rabbit and the Dead Rabbit SQ, Hellvape is taking this one in a new direction. The Anglo RDA, which seems to take its name from the angled airflow system it employs, is going to be designed by Dukun Vape, an Indonesian vape gear promoter.

Price: $36.00-$40.00
Colors: Stainless

Hellvape Anglo RDA features

  • Full 316SS 24 mm diameter and 29 mm beauty ring
  • Face to face dual clamps
  • Adjustable bottom diagonal restricted airflow
  • Single or dual coil configuration
  • Gold plated positive and bottom feeder pin for squonking
  • One-piece dome-shaped top cap for top-notch flavor
  • Heat resistant 810 PEI tip

RDA Confidential


Not much is known about the Hellvape Anglo RDA other than the feature list provided by Hellvape and a couple of pics that surfaced recently. What I can say so far is the Anglo has an impressive-looking design, almost like it’s a high-end RDA. And the deck looks to be all about flavor-chasing with its side-fed airflow that comes in from under the coil(s).

The Anlgo also appears to be an easy build. Wires are trapped by two horizontal clamp-style posts secured by protruding flat head screws. And the deck is large enough for exotic coils in single or dual configuration using thin or thick wire. Another nice feature is that Hellvape added coiling-rod cutouts on the deck so builds can be perfectly placed every time.

The Anglo RDA has a high-end look, but will be going for around $40.

One feature that we don’t see every day is a removable 24 mm airflow ring which can be replaced by a 29 mm airflow/beauty ring. I don’t think I have ever seen a beauty ring of this diameter before but I bet it will be appreciated by vapers who enjoy using larger mods.

The date of release has not been announced yet, but the RDA has been made available for pre-order on some vendors’ websites for around $40. Even though there is limited information on the project, the high-end design of the Anglo along with its affordable price tag make Hellvape’s follow-up to the Dead Rabbit series seem like a very promising RDA.

What do you think? Will Anglo RDA be a worthy successor to the Dead Rabbit? Let us know in the comment section.

My first attempt at vaping came back in 2009 on some of the first cigalikes to ever reach Europe. A couple of attempts -- and vaping tech generations later -- I managed to quit smoking in 2016, and have since then developed somewhat of an obsession with all things vaping. When I am not consuming vape reviews I am either tinkering my NBA fantasy teams or playing board games with friends.
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