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Linx Vapor Blaze Onyx Review: With Sweet Little Budder Cups!

Jeremy Mann
November 1, 2019

What is it?

The Linx Vapor Blaze is a quality built, well-stocked kit featuring a 510-threaded battery and two concentrate atomizers, along with other useful accessories and extras. The 900 mAh Blaze pen has four selectable temperature settings, and with a coil-less quartz and a ceramic plate atomizer, you have choices out of the box!

In addition to the Blaze review, I’m also going to take a look at the new accessory for this kit called Budder Cups. The cups are a set of eight small glass inserts for easy micro-dosing, pre-loading, and keeping your quartz atomizer clean and free of direct contact with your extract.

Kit Price: $135.99
Budder Cups price: $14.99 (for a set of 8)
Colors: Stainless steel and black (Onyx)

Out of the box

Linx Vapor doesn’t disappoint with its extras, accessories, or packaging. Inside the box, you’ll find the instruction manual and a hinged hard-shell black carrying case that houses the kit and accessories that fit in their own foam-lined section.

This is not some cheap zipper-style case to house generic vape pens. It flips open with the press of a button and closes with a satisfying snap. It’s thin enough to easily fit in your back pocket.

Inside the carrying case you’ll find:

  • Linx Blaze vape pen (900 mAh)
  • Ace Atomizer (coil-less quartz)
  • Zero Atomizer (recessed ceramic heating plate)
  • Magnetic mouthpiece
  • Concentrate tool
  • Micro-USB charge cord

Budder Cups (sold separately):

The Budder Cups come in a little blue and white cardboard box with two buttons on the side that lock it in place for safe travel. Inside this box is where you’ll find eight little glass cups for micro-dosing or pre-loading budder. Each cup has a little rubber stopper that shields debris from getting in your pre-load. Between the rubber stoppers and the little box, the user-friendliness of the Budder Cups is high. These little details make this accessory pocketable, protected, and handy as hell! If you want to vape concentrate on the go with no muss or fuss, this accessory is a godsend.

The rundown

The Blaze stands 105 mm tall by 19 mm in diameter. It weighs 76 grams with the coil-less quartz Ace Atomizer and 72 grams with the ceramic-plate Zero Atomizer. The battery has 900 mAh, which is decent at best. It has pass-thru charging, but it takes over two hours to charge.

Both atomizers have the same airflow. It’s tight but smooth. It doesn’t whistle and it hasn’t clogged in over 2 grams of concentrate (1 gram of brittle shatter and 1 gram of powder CBD isolate). That said, I do tend to be a clean freak with my devices. It’s rare that I’m going to let a bunch of reclaim hang around to muck with performance.

Blaze vape pen

The device is operated by a single fire button and five clicks turn it on. And because it has a 510 connection, other atomizers will work on it. But the specific power output is not stated. So always start low and decide from there. I’m not that patient to be scrolling through each temp while extracting every last bit of flavor. I don’t care that much. I’ve tried scrolling through each temp, but I prefer to aim high and get there quickly.

The temps correspond to an LED over the fire button. Click three times to toggle through:

  • Low (blue)
  • Medium (yellow)
  • Medium-high (orange)
  • High (red)

I received the Onyx version of the Blaze for this review. I like the look of it. Its dark brushed finish and small size make it discreet. It’s well made, although there is a little bit of button rattle. Also, it has an automatic shut-off off that kicks in after five minutes of inactivity. That’s kinda short, but if you click the fire button once in that five minutes, it’ll get reset. The LED above the fire button will flash a white light when it’s going off. The automatic shut-off isn’t mentioned in the instruction manual, nor is the specific temperature or voltage of the individual heat settings.

Ace Atomizer

This is my favorite of the two atomizers. It only requires a rice-grain size amount of concentrate (or a tad more). But I’ve only been able to use a brittle shatter and powder CBD isolate, so take some of this with a grain of salt. The waxier concentrates will act differently in some situations.

The flavor is maybe not as good as the Zero, but it heats quickly and brings on the effects in a jiffy. The vapor production is decent, but I wouldn’t use the term “clouds,” in any way, to describe it.

  • Full-ceramic bucket with a flat plate
  • Deeper and wider than the Zero Atomizer
  • 9 mm (wide) x 8 mm (deep)
  • More durable than the Zero
  • Heats up quickly; quicker effects
  • Good flavor
  • Easy to clean, though keeping it pristine looking is more challenging than the Zero

Zero Atomizer

With the same small load size of shatter and CBD isolate I used in the Ace, the flavor is better in the Zero but it doesn’t heat as quickly–and the effects are a bit slower to build. I like this atomizer because I’m a bit obsessed with getting things clean and that’s easiest with quartz, but it’s more geared toward flavor chasing and micro dosing. The vapor is also less with the Zero.

  • Coil-less quartz bucket sitting over a stove-top heating element
  • Less load space than the Ace
  • Longer heat times
  • 7.6 mm (wide) x 8 mm (deep)
  • Slower effects
  • Better flavor
  • More fragile and susceptible to cracks if dropped
  • Easy cleaning; can keep pristine with a little diligence
  • Works with the Budder Cups

Budder Cups

Although the Budder Cups make the effects a bit less immediate, they’re still super convenient. They work with the Zero Atomizer, making it perform similarly to the Ace, but with several added bonuses and only a couple downsides.

  • 8 come in a set
  • Perfect for micro-dosing
  • Pre-load made easy and clean
  • Keeps your ceramic clean
  • Good flavor
  • Heating takes longer due to passing through the ceramic and glass
  • Effects take a tiny bit longer than without the cups

The convenience factor is high with the Budder Cups. Just pre-load with a small amount of a concentrate and drop it in the bucket when ready to vape. There’s a small amount of wiggle room when placed inside the Zero, but once the mouthpiece is screwed on, it’ll be set in place.

How to clean

Simple stuff here. Got Q-tips and isopropyl? You’re all set. I use the strong stuff. I buy 99% iso on ebay and use it to clean the atomizers frequently. I clean after a day of use. I like my atomizes to stay ready to go.

To clean the attys, hold them over a napkin and burn off reclaim in the red setting while wiping away any drops coming out. Then simply wipe inside with an iso-soaked Q-tip. Let air dry or fire at low to ensure no iso is left. Linx Vapor specifically recommends partially submerging the Zero atomizer in iso for a couple hours, but I haven’t needed to do anything like that. I clean both atomizers the same way and it takes about a minute of my time.

Pros / Cons

  • Great build quality
  • Stealthy size
  • Quality carrying case
  • Two atomizers included
  • Good flavor with both atomizers
  • Easy to clean
  • Glass mouthpieces
  • Nice unobstructed airflow
  • Selectable pre-set temps
  • Pass-thru
  • Budder Cups are convenient and mess-free
  • Slight button rattle
  • Long battery charge
  • Low vapor production


The Blaze has been on my desk within my reach for three weeks. I’ve had no hiccups or frustrating moments with it. It does what it’s supposed to do, and does it well. Of course, this isn’t going to replace an actual dab rig. It’s not supposed to. The Blaze isn’t for getting plastered. That’s not to say you can’t go too far with it, especially if you use it continually. But it’s more geared toward enjoying short sessions with your concentrates, getting lifted, and maintaining.

And if you like it even less intense, the Budder Cups can give you that much more control of the effects by allowing for efficient vaporization of tiny amounts.

The Blaze and Budder Cups altogether is a great value for the money. I got no weird tastes like some OEM Alibaba products on the market, even though some of them are priced the same or higher than the Blaze. So If you’re going to drop $100+ on a vape pen kit, spend it wisely. As long as you’re not expecting to blow huge clouds and get a party high, the Linx Blaze is probably a good fit for you. It’s a great fit for me.


I'm a freelance reviewer here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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3 years ago

Linx sez the cups work with the Zero, not the Ace.

1 year ago

Biggest piece of garbage I have bought. Product failure out of box and Linx completely denies any responsibility then cuts off communication. Buyer beware.

4 years ago

Are you serious?
Please at least be honest. The Ace Zero with the budder cups is a messy mess is you put too much concentrates. The top filter along with the mouthpiece that closes it will be socaked with oil.

They should’ve left more space in between the mouthpiece and the budder cups.